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  2. Stingray~

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Bullshit, as usual. Thanks to those who responded, yes I’d forgotten the rudder gets canted and the rudder foils can’t articulate. My question remains then wrt the main foils.
  3. Clove Hitch

    What's the point of history?

    Dont forget Sparta and the Peloponnesian war. They defeated Athens bigly. Yet today we read the history of it as described by an Athenian General, Thucydides. As usual, Jeff is Dunning-Krueger poster child.
  4. cmilliken

    What's the point of history?

    That's just really not factually true The easy example is Jesus Christ. Virtually all of his 'history' was written by the people that killed him. The Mongols were pretty dang victorious but almost all of their 'history' was documented by the people whom they subjugated, written in languages they didn't understand, for dependents they'd never know. We know that the 'Boston Massacre' was a sham because AMERICANS ... folks like John Adams.. pointed out at the time that it was a sham pretext. There is truth that history is shaped by the tellers for public consumption, particularly in the modern world. But that shaping isn't always by the victors.
  5. Shootist Jeff

    What's the point of history?

    Wow, where in anything did I say that suggested you got "white makes right" or any of the other shit you just made up??? But the key theme here is "you have an idea....." Therefore, it is just exactly that - your opinion. A couple of facts that you miss is that Hiroshima likely saved Millions of lives. So on that alone, it was the absolutely right call. and the horrible spector of nuclear war that is seared into our conscience likely saved many tens or hundreds of millions more. Had the world not seen first hand what it looked like, the chances were extremely great that the US or Russia would have used a nuke at some point during the cold war. It stayed cold, IMHO, specifically because everyone knew what the "hot" option looked like. As for your Korea, Vietnam and Iraq threads..... I'm in agreement we should never have gone there in the first place. But it bears out what I said earlier. The history is written by the victors. Those last three were NOT us. And history has been pretty harsh on us for those poorly thought out forays. And rightfully so.
  6. jb5

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Yes but the odds are Simon has what it takes to back it up rookie or no. Wouldn't be the first time a rookie won by far.
  7. Point Break

    Random PicThread

    Alcohol + sun + youth + crowd. Started with a couple drunks behind the bleachers trying to forcibly take bathing suits off passing women. Police intervened after some complaints and started to arrest the drunks. Crowd in the bleachers pelted the cops with bottles, cops called more cops and that triggered hundreds rioting overturning and burning police and lifeguard vehicles. Had to call lotsa cops from neighboring cities and the county sheriffs. Took hours to shut it down.
  8. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Who really believes tariffs are good business

    I don't think they did at all - I think they are calling Trumps bluff. They know what most in the US don't know or won't acknowledge: that Trumps a bullshitter, a grandstanding bullshiter, interested only in making spectacle and not interested in resolving anything. Trump would have preferred to run this China trade conflict forever. Unfortunately for Trump the PRC has it's own internal issues that TeamTrump appear to know little about and care even less. And the way Trump has chosen to wage this "trade war" is very useful for the PRC and its rulers. A moronic wannabe authoritarian autocrat that sees no problems with restrictions on freedoms waging a culture war? That's Xi's dream opponent.
  9. jb5

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    Bernard Stamm's boat was mentioned in the interview with Simon and was better than it is given credit for. Maybe not quite as good as the VLVPs of the same generation but not far off. He led the VG at one point before suffering various issues none of which were to do with the boats design. One of the really interesting things about this next VG is the variety of designers represented for a change. Yes I am a Juan K fan.
  10. Shootist Jeff

    What's the point of history?

  11. solarfuel

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Excellent post CapDave. After reading this and watching the video below, i am really leaning toward the 47. The 55/57 sounds like an amazing boat, but given the crew restraints i believe we will be much safer in the mastfoil. Thanks again for the information!
  12. Bus Driver

    Time to unseat Ruth Ginsburg

    Post #18 seems a little early to prove Godwin's Law.
  13. phillysailor

    What's the point of history?

    I'm not as angsty as you suppose. I've got pretty firm ideas on what I think makes for "good" history, and it ain't only viewing Hiroshima with patriotic themes running through my head. In that direction leads a path through Korea, Vietnam & the wars in Iraq. That's a shit sandwich we'd have been much better off avoiding. Those who view these lessons through some myopic "white makes right" and USA! USA! USA! lens are destroying what has made us great. They play right into the hands of the Koch Bros, Trump and the next idiot to be foisted on us by the RWSM/NRA duopoly. They are the deplorables and I'm not sure we'll ever really be rid of them, sad to say. I'm certain America is better off with a healthy dose of self-loathing informing a never-ending mission to improve.
  14. dg_sailingfan

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I think the Italians are in some trouble & hot water as well.
  15. stumblingthunder

    Lottery win: Updating a classic in modern materials & Methods

    Or a Hanse of a different color? - Stumbling
  16. Veeger

    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    What's the largest boat you've ever owned? Do you like to sail? or tinker? That sheer is butt ugly--- you'll be putting lipstick on a pig, there's nothing that can help that. Passersby get all google eyed by wood, varnish, brass and bronze. It's still ugly.
  17. stumblingthunder


    Wasn't this the issue that had the "Flying Squat Nationals" written up in it? Bits and pieces of the content bubble up in my mind, resulting in random smiles! - Stumbling
  18. LionessRacing

    Light air sails

    We have many choices on a yawl, and we usually race without a spinnaker, as on SFBay we can get 20 kts and that calls for a fairly large consistent crew to be safe. The Asym is in a sock, it takes more space, takes longer to set, and doesn't fly as well with the crap up at the top, but a single person can snuff it reliably. We are evaluating using our ancient 180 %LP drifter/light #1 set off of a extendable sprit, (old spinnaker pole, eventually a Selden ) to get 20% of J ahead of furler.
  19. Waynemarlow

    Brexit, WTF

  20. Seriously? More BS from these guys again? Who would be so stupid as to buy a boat from someone lacking basic integrity, nevermind the financial resources to buy an ad...
  21. barfy

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    By new boat do you mean mini moon? Or the B1? None of this auto stuff is going to measure for the match or acws, so it's not going to be in place for long.
  22. Mark K

    In just one week

    Hemingway labeled courage as "grace under pressure". I've never encountered a courageous malignant narcissist. Expect more, and worse.
  23. dg_sailingfan


    Now the Question is: Where will they launch their 1st AC 75 Race Class Yacht? Given what TE said yesterday they now have the Option of either launching in the UK (presumably Portsmouth next month) or move the entire thing to Cagliari and launch in October/November.
  24. Black Sox

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    All good mate Two nations, separated by a common language.
  25. Sol Rosenberg


  26. barfy

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    And that post by SR was after the pinot had worn off and he remembered there was only one rudder on a 75, and tried to walk his post sideways.
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