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  2. I forgot to note that the guns are required to be locked as well. I guess my question has already been answered: I haven't seen too many other complaints about how lax NYC gun laws are. How are you supposed to get a gun home if it is not allowed to be anywhere else?
  3. I am approaching retirement and thinking of a boat to enjoy that time in. I have only sailed mono's apart from a few fangs in 2 up off the beach style cats and the odd resort sunset cruise. My partner has some mobility issues so a cat has many advantages. I have done some market research and the first obvious thing is Cats are expensive by comparison. We are in the sub $150k bracket. I get the original extra cost due to the construction costs but even old cruising cats think they are still expensive. I did the glass work on a Prout Snow goose in the late 70's and I still find them for sale above $100k. I guess I'm looking for advise as to what to look for, what makes a good local cruising cat. Where we will be, mooring is not an issue so the size is not a problem. One thing I constantly see is steering positions perched up on a chair with limited visibility and a leap of faith to attend to any "strings". Opinions on outboards v inboards would be most welcome. Can a Cat be maneuvered on one motor is another item, I have seen many of these. I have my own ideas but I really would like some input from someone who has done it, it's a bit of a quantum shift.
  4. Importunate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    Mass Shooting In Kentucky Not much is known about this incident but we do know the number four and that means that TeamD knows which guns need banning and confiscating in response, so TnP of DOING SOMETHING.
  5. Importunate Tom

    Number of School Shootings Decreased

    AP Ruins A Good Scare Story
  6. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    You must have have overlooked where I said she repeated that statement to the EU. That is not one country but 28 countries incl the UK, not one. Why should American households give a toss? That probably says it all about many in middle America and as currently reinforced and portrayed to the rest of the world by their incumbent President. Is that a good thing? Many in the world think not. PS. Many in New York City on St Patrick's Day seem to get it though and yes that is Mary Lou up front.
  7. Importunate Tom

    Assange has been arrested

    Pretty funny rant and would be relevant if my longstanding complaints had been about my right to know. But I'm not on the FISA court and my complaints have been about spooks who overstepped their authority and lied to the FISA court about it. You know, the traitors who are still in our employ and who don't seem to bother you one bit.
  8. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Geek the New IRA and things like smuggling smokes is only the tip of the ice berg. Crime with various labels are dressing their operations up as things like anti drug campaigners knee capping dealers (who are not their dealers making money for the cause) under the guise that British law enforcement is not up to the task and visa versa for Loyalists. The list goes on. I actually feel for both the majors Sinn Fein and to a lesser extent the DUP as it is doing neither cause any good and there is little they can do about it. Stupid fuckers like Rees Mogg and Co should be made to dress up as a Trial Border Post in NI for the weekend matching his ideas. He would go home with more holes than Sponge Bob.
  9. Gissie

    Brexit, WTF

    It may not be running along political lines but it most certainly is political. To then threaten trade problems if they do something she disagrees with is shoving her nose straight into another country’s political decision making. Seems the Americans still believe they have the right to do this while screaming the house down if a few trolls do anything to them. As for bringing in into American households, why should they give a toss or even think it should involve them.
  10. It's kinda cute that us westerners can invade and decimate so many places but still expect to be able to cruise where ever we like with seeming gay abandon. Just maybe cruising around to dangerous places in a yacht that cost more than the entire village economy gives some sort of insight into what it's like for them?
  11. Maybe those countries hadn't yet realised they were being screwed.
  12. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    ^^^°Mate only one trouble with that is your short a few rolls of " Wayne Now Serving No" tape and that LED display only has 2 digits. :-)
  13. Shortforbob

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    This one's going to bite your bum bigly
  14. Today
  15. Laser1

    Brexit, WTF

    Ah, you're waiting for a reply ....................... join the queue mate. Fyi I have ticket nbr. 1
  16. Shortforbob

    Mex. Army disarms US troops

    well said.
  17. phillysailor

    Mex. Army disarms US troops

    Unsurprising. An opinion opposed to the use of federal troops within our country to enforce domestic laws is expressed by a citizen, and there are suddenly righties labeling that person an undesirable and unAmerican. Nothing could be more American than being aware of your rights and demanding they be respected. Trumpaloos should learn this lest they find themselves aiding the degradation of the Constitutionally protected rights. The troops were not in uniform, were armed, were south of the border wall but north of the Rio grande in an area where the border line is fluid... the Mexican troops though they were/had been in Mexico. It was a nuanced situation and the Posse Comitatas Act definitely prohibits Federal trips from assisting the search & seizure & apprehension within our borders unless made legal by law or situation. The armed incursion of Federal troops in civilian garb into Mexico would have been... interesting. Good thing cooler heads prevailed. But this sort of thing is now more likely given that the Defense Department is looking to help out the Border patrol with surveillance, to free CPB up for enforcement duties. Since Trump has declared an emergency, however, he can suspend the Posse Comitatas Act and use armed federal troops in this matter. Yes, he is free to violate a basic American law and tradition. He can next demand that locals on the border give up their land to the US government and insist they house federal troops with or without compensation. He can impose martial law and prevent assembly, free speech and due process along the border as well. Cause it’s “an emergency.” But along come the Trump lovers to say that @Clove Hitch is unAmerican for pointing out the violation of the spirit of American law and a clear violation of our traditions. Some citizens are losing fundamental rights thanks to the border “emergency”, and the Joker applauds Trump and insults those defending our rights.
  18. Pelle

    ORC For Dummies

    The difference between ORCi and ORCclub is how the input to the rating software is generated. For ORCi this is always by measuring the actual boat except that you can use an existing offset file (do make sure that it is the right one though...using the wrong or an incorrect offset file is more common than people like to think). The ORCclub input is simplified, may be owner declared and the "missing" data (mostly stability and freeboard measurement but can also involve other things even the hull file) is then estimated by the rating office issuing the certificate. Most often this is taken from sisterships and a good rating officer can generate consistent club certificates for "his" fleet but club certs from different rating offices are sometimes a bit "off". If one looks at the ORC-fleets here in northern Europe the consensus seems to be moderation. The norm (for sub 40') is a normal C/R with 105% jibs and smallish symmetrical spinnakers. Larger/faster boats that generate more apparent wind have moderately sized assys on sprits. The better boats work very hard on unrated performance gains like bottom finish, optimizing foils, removing unnecessary stuff, weight concentration etc. Codes smaller than 75% has a rating hit but my opinion is that is a reasonable reflection of the performance increase gained.
  19. Ease the sheet.

    Since we know the Russians are here

    An intrusion into voter roles? No evidence on what effect that intrusion caused? I can see a possible connection to a hacking of the election.......
  20. Fiji Bitter

    Vinyl Antifouling Paint

    Thanks guys, for pointing out this serious drawback of silicone antifouling. Was reading up on Hempel's Silic One just this morning, and had better forget about it, or something like this might happen. Yes, he is very fucking dead !
  21. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    Geek this is a quick and dirty that indicates housing not consumer goods and services is London's killer so the difference you mention in purchasing capacity of the £ across the different regions doesn't appear as acute as you say. As for dissolving the Union on that basis I'm glad you have Wayne the credit for that :-) Note: There is much more recent raw data but it lags in having graphs in pic form however the story hasn't changed a lot. CONSUMER GOODS & SERVICES The latest regional stats published by the Office for National Statistics for 2016 were published this time last year and don't appear to underpin your concerns. There are 10 main categories that the basket of goods and services is split down into, for example, food and non-alcoholic beverages. At the lowest level, the basket consisted of 539 items, which were comparable across all regions. Comparability across regions was ensured by having tightly-defined specifications for each of the items in the basket or ensure the same level of quality were being priced in each of the regions. The graph below provides a comparison of a region’s price level relative to the national average price level equals 100. - In 2016, prices in London were on average 7.0% higher compared with the UK average price level. - The relative price level of Northern Ireland was the lowest of all the UK regions, having prices that were on average 2.3% lower than the UK as a whole. - Overall, RRCPLs for England (excluding London) and Scotland, of 98.7 and 100.4 respectively, are close to the UK average, while Wales is 1.5% below the UK average. Scotland has the second highest price levels at total level relative to the UK average. - There is little difference in prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages across the different regions, while categories relating to service industries such as restaurants and hotels showed greater price dispersion in 2016. - There is little price dispersion from the UK average for food and non-alcoholic beverages, with the price level for all regions close to the UK average (ranging from 97.6 for England (excluding London) to 102.2 for London). A high proportion of items within this division were affected by the dominance of large retailers who displayed consistency in their pricing across regions. - Greater price dispersion exists in the divisions that include an element of services, including restaurants and hotels, recreation and culture, and miscellaneous goods and services. This reflects the variance in labour expenses in the regions, which make up a large proportion of the total costs in the services industry and also the variability in the cost of renting or leasing outlets across the regions. HOUSING Housing is where your concerns about regional price differences are more relevant however hardly new for most western countries. Using simply First Time Buyers (FTB) as a guide UK Housing Market Data The following graph shows for UK first time buyers, the average house price is 5.1 times average earnings. In London, house prices are 9.2 times average earnings, whereas, in the north, house prices are only 3.4 times average earnings. CONCLUSION Having regard for London having higher wages and employment continuity, the average person is arguably better off in terms of capacity to pay for Consumer Goods & Services that are only 7% higher in London than the national average and compared to other regions. On the other hand this is offset by having a disproportionately lesser affordability for FTB housing around 40% lower than the national average. However this lesser affordability is offset by housing price increases in London being far greater than regional areas hence experiencing potentially a far greater increase in equity for the owner. It is assumed Rental accommodation affordability would be similar to FTB housing on a regional comparitive basis.
  22. People will only be able to bargain for their real worth when everyone has a guaranteed baseline security net. Food, housing, health and education. People need disposable income to prosper.
  23. Shortforbob

    Since we know the Russians are here

    not really..You wouldn't be the only R flipped within these walls in the last two years. It's true though, as some people here are starting to see past the fairy dust since need to hit em with a hammer.
  24. Shortforbob

    Mex. Army disarms US troops

    Dunno, ask an Iraqi, or a nth Vietnamese Grandma, or and afghan bride.
  25. An interesting comparison: a man with very silly hair and a man with very silly underwear. Both are teetotallers, and as we all know, you can't trust a man who doesn't drink. (Unless he used to drink but had to stop because he drank too much too often too early in the day.)
  26. Zonker

    Boat repair kit

    Yeah I forgot MEKP has a lifespan. It lasts much longer at cooler storage temps so don't leave it in a hot car for months.
  27. We did San Blas - Providencia - Guanaja too (1998). Even then the area around the Media Luna Keys were to be avoided. Lots of incidents sort of like that.
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