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  2. Bump-n-Grind

    There I was minding my own business.....

    without lots of scotchbrite.
  3. Ease the sheet.

    Stage 4 lock down-Victoria

    I thought the Germans loved it.......
  4. mikewof

    Battle for Hong Kong

    Hongkongers are going to win. And you're going to start supporting them. I send letters to my congressional representatives demonstrating my support for the people of Hong Kong, and that I support my elected officers and public servants who support the people of Hong Kong. How long would it take you do that? 30 minutes? Are you that busy that you don't have 30 minutes to suppport all those normal Hongkongers who can't afford a chalet in Banff?
  5. mikewof

    Black Lives Matter

    It's at 1,000 signatures. We're doing great, if we see an average of a 20% increase each day we'll hit 100,000 by the end of the month. We have to spread like COVID, but faster, we only have a month to hit 100,000, It took even Mother Nature's most hardcore virus a few months to hit a hundred large. We have to do it in less than a month. Put this in your Facebooks and tell your drinking clubs with the sailing problems to sign. This isn't about politics, it isn't about Trump. We can all get behind this, we just want Black lives to matter so that all lives can truly matter, and it's real and not just a faded sticker on a skateboard ... (by the way, I stole this riff.)
  6. astro

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Don't over analysis it. The Japanese were fucked. No air cover, no supply lines. What about dropping a bomb on civilians in a country that had only one option ... do you not understand. It was a war crime.
  7. Sailbydate

    Team NYYC

    What an amazing looking craft Te Aihe is. She's awesome.
  8. Ease the sheet.

    There I was minding my own business.....

    can't make this shit
  9. Ease the sheet.

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Based on what I know now..... I would have waited. They were about to collapse. Maybe would have let the Russians invade. Let them use up a few 100k soldiers. Then when Japan showed real intentions to surrender, I would have dropped a few nukes, and told the Russians to fuck off or they'd be next. Because, if you are the king of the jungle, you gotta be the king of the jungle.
  10. phill_nz

    Comrade Jacinda Ardern

  11. Cashelmore

    Singlehanding a J46?

    How much breeze can you handle solo? 20? 30? 40? Can you do W/L in 40 knots solo?
  12. SF Woody Sailor

    In TWA how close to the wind can a TP 52 sail effectively?

    In fairness, that was not the point of the 12s or the IACC's. They were intended to provide good match racing which they did. A match race downwind is a lot more tactically interesting in non-planing symmetrical spin boats than in planing asym boats due to the smaller gybing angles and smaller speed differentials. The ultimate proof is the catamarans which are so boring to watch going upwind all the way around the course.
  13. darth reapius

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    That's gotta be a tack.
  14. Concentrate on sailing skills before racing skills.
  15. Ned

    I.C. Down wind question

    Similar experience with the I14. Then one day we were racing instead of holding on and surviving. That was a delightful day.
  16. slap

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Aren't bugs supposed to be high in protein?
  17. Always a bastard when the pictures come out later and the damage don't match the facts found!
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