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  2. lasal

    Dorian Bahamas Relief

    That's something. But PA, really? There's a bunch of blue collar workers there with next to no government support. Come on! Tom gets it. Right Tom? If there's another ship we should do a $20 Buck thing. Sol's van needs the miles and 20 times 20 is another $400. Jeez. Thanks Sol. Good call on the ice and water shield. That's what we use out here in the mountains. Insta roof! Or a roof under your expensive tile roof that won't leak.
  3. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Act of war..Saudi Arbia

    Because I have personal circumstances that form my opinions. I've got friends who's parents are hostage in their own country, who have to be careful HERE who they talk to because they are PNG for having escaped Iran in the early 80s. I dont trust Iranian leadership, especially the Supreme Leader side of it beyond any box that can be used to contain them. You want me to think differently? Cool - give me a reason to. I'll remind you sir, that I have never made a comment that discounts the dockery that the country of Iran has been subjected to for almost a century.
  4. Steam Flyer

    What happens if Trump refuses to step down if he loses

    You're definitely not reading what you're replying to Drunk again, asshole? - DSK
  5. random

    SailGP 2019

    News Flash! 17 September 2019 Team Briefing for FailGP. Chief: "Now listen up, I want you bastards to take it to the edge and then over it. Polls show that the audience knows fuck all about sailing but they understand crashes and white water and shit." Aus Crew: "But WTF are you talking about, we have a million up for grabs here, are you completely insane?" Chief: "Ahhh ... well, it's not going to work like that. The Board has decided that the purse will be shared, but that has to remain confidential. I'm sure some of the other crews here like the idea." Aus Crew: "That's fucking bullshit! This is so fucked I can't begin to describe what a bunch of slimy cunts you are for this stunt, we wouldn't have been here if we knew this." Chief: "Precisely. So what are you going to do about it young fella? Breach your contract and miss the share of the purse? No bonus? Now listen up, here's how the races will go, we just scored a big contract with one of the team's countries and we need them to place well."
  6. justsomeguy!

    Act of war..Saudi Arbia

    It's rare to get to use the word "passed" in this context.

    Team NZ

    As we know, halyard locks are serious business
  8. A guy in the Chesapeake

    What happens if Trump refuses to step down if he loses

    Are you reading what you write? Why WOULD he leave if he wins again? The fuckin libbies HAVE pissed off a large portion of the populace, doesnt the last election sufficiently illustrate that for you? So - instead of trying to understand WHY that is, and figuring out how to counter those feelings with fact and information, you choose to discount those feelings, and disregard the people who hold them. How'd that work for you in 2016? Look ya loveable ass, I'm not saying your wrong to be dismayed at current circumstances, but I dont think the way you're going about changing them is gonna work like ya think.
  9. Cwinsor

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I'll bite. Boreal 52:
  10. Battlecheese

    Act of war..Saudi Arbia

    Why are you always so down on the Iranian leadership? They are but a reflection of who their population supports. If a group perceives they are surrounded by crazy motherfuckers, they will tend to want some crazy motherfuckers of their own. Your attitude is very wide-spread in policing and military circles, but it betrays a deep and fundamental misunderstanding of how populations respond to oppressive external forces.
  11. Grande Mastere Dreade


  12. Forourselves

    Team NZ

    Depends what "special" means. ETNZ is starting slow (whether intentionally or not) LR and INEOS haven't even left the shed yet, while AM are performing maneuvers. Remains to be seen who has the right approach, but ETNZ could, and probably have, designed a boat which is at the very extreme end of boat design, so softly softly may be the best thing for them. INEOS and LR may be spending more time on design while sacrificing early time on the water. AM look to have a "time on the water is the most critical" type of approach. FYI Land Rover BAR were the first team last time to launch a proper test boat, as well as launch their first AC50, so they seemingly had the most time on the water than almost anyone last time...didn't work out too well for them.
  13. Turkey Slapper

    Aust Sailing Australian IRC Championships

    I personally like the idea of unbiased neutral adjudicators being flown in for this regatta and the pre regatta hearing! Strange things have happened at the Royal LFFC of late! Golf claps all round!
  14. phillysailor

    Act of war..Saudi Arbia

    Yet we are the ones strangling the Iranian economy after breaking a multinational treaty which they honored for more than a year longer than we did, and Saudis attacked us on 9/11
  15. Steam Flyer

    What happens if Trump refuses to step down if he loses

    No What people here are projecting is the possibility that when Trump's term of office is up, either because he loses or because he wins and another 4 years go by, he will outright refuse to leave office. Given his past behavior, I believe it's possible. Given the behavior of the Republican Party, I think most Republicans including the leadership will laugh and say "aww you crybaby libby-rulls, watcha gonna do now, huh? Huh?" Is that what you mean by "whinging" - DSK
  16. A guy in the Chesapeake

    What happens if Trump refuses to step down if he loses

    Mike - you're imagining a buncha stuff that simply ain't so. Come back when you have something real to talk about. Til then? STFU.
  17. barfy

    Team NZ

    As I've been saying... ONLY one wheel
  18. Grande Mastere Dreade


    when you get sick of climbing those things.. aL09Gm6_460svvp9.mp4
  19. bhyde

    How Dumb is Trump? This Dumb

    Gavin will take a page from the Trump playbook and simply refuse to comply. That will send it to the courts, and Gavin will simply refuse to comply with any federal court order. Trump and Barr will be long gone, and hopefully replaced by more rational people, before anything could happen. And auto makers won't even consider changing standards based on the petulant whims of Ding-Dong Trump.
  20. Left Shift

    My Christmas Shopping list ( or how to get rid of AGITC)

    I do have to admit I also could handle only one of those 3.
  21. That's just recharge of the accumulator as I recall, I guess they could be changed to bigger pumps ect if everyone complains? End of November to sort it out restrictions,about one more year to freeze updates to the fcs system. According to 34.1 of the Rule I have here.
  22. badlatitude

    Stonewall Lewandowski

    If Trump can go rogue with presidential power, why can't the Congress? We seem to be forging new powers and no one is questioning or trying to limit them.
  23. CaptKeen

    Team NZ

    Sail issues again? Credit DAVID WHITE / STUFF
  24. Sol Rosenberg

    NFL 2019

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