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  2. Olsonist


    Your boy Shitstain is at 39% approval.
  3. Dog


    The election machines were flawed, faithless electors, 25th Amendment, emoluments clause, Russia hoax, Mueller, obstruction,'s fucking endless, from one failed initiative to the next and sooner or later the electorate will realize that the Democrats have something other than their best interests in mind. For god's sake govern, fix the fucking border or something. Then put up a better candidate.
  4. jb5

    Sir Francis vs. Dame Ellen

    I think they are both awesome. They are not comparable in my view, but their achievements are amazing both on and off of the water.
  5. Sol Rosenberg


    Have you read the Mueller report?
  6. Left Shift

    Sir Francis vs. Dame Ellen
  7. alphafb552

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    To be honest, getting paid 10,000 $ to haul it off to landfill might just be a profitable offer, surely?
  8. Ishmael


  9. Forourselves

    Team UK

    FFS, we all know they won't be as stable as the AC72, no one ever said they would be! No one ever said the AC75 will be as stable as the AC72, you're the only complaining about the AC75 not being as stable as the AC72, when everyone else already knows that that is the case. Who cares? the AC72's will never be seen again, so move on.
  10. 12 metre

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Hurricane did very well on the beat to Sisters and rounded pretty close to Dominatrix and other faster boats. They sailed more towards the mainland coast IIRC. Hurricane seemed to lose it on the return leg, staying closer to the Island shore on stbd than the majority of the fleet and gybed later towards Atkinson. They were certainly the most Southerly boat. Looked like they sailed quite a few more additional miles than the rest of the fleet that looked like they had a nice port lift sailing towards Bowen. The top boats looked like they just sailed on port all the way down to about Bowen then had a few gybes before the finish. On the other hand, the Farr 30 threw in a lot of gybes, but did stay fairly close to he middle. It seemed like Ross pretty much straight lined it and really legged out on the Farr while they were doing all their gybes. From the tracker it looked like he was the better part of 10 miles ahead at that point. The Farr gained quite a bit back coming into the Pt Atkinson crapshoot and only finished 1/2 hour or so behind.
  11. jerseyguy

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    Is a case of Grey Poupon sufficient for the Mac on White Hawk?
  12. Left Shift


  13. Left Shift


    No one really is in the same dash to the bottom as tRump. The second tier from the bottom - Nixon, Buchanan, Hoover and Grant - all had worthwhile accomplishments to somewhat offset their moral and political failure.
  14. Movable Ballast


    It's shit like this that will get Trump re-elected.
  15. phillysailor


    From a political perspective, I’d agree with you and say hold off until the time is right.
  16. Fastrak

    Spi Ouest IRC Double

    And the final result in a light airs regatta .... 1st the well sailed JPK 1080 "LS Resa" followed by the new Sun Fast 3300 "Sapristi" and then the new J99 "Grassi Bateaux". A good showing for the Sun Fast 3300's first races in light airs where many detractors doubted this little fat girl would work. With 50 boats on the start line, short-handed IRC racing is the biggest growth sector of IRC racing at the moment.
  17. phillysailor


    Sigh. My point is that the right blames Trump’s electoral success on the left. They blame the left for the Mueller investigation and Trump’s problems with the press. They blame “faulty intelligence” for invading Iraq and they refuse to take responsibility for trickle down economics and the ballooning deficit, and don’t even acknowledge the myriad problems climate change is causing, even though the DOD has recognized it as a seriously destabilizing force in the coming decades. You, jzk, can try to pin the blame of Trump being re-elected on anything or anyone from apples to Zippy the Pinhead, but the GOP eventually has to start recognizing its fuckups, and return to the hard work of good governance. This means being a willing a cooperative partner in a democracy, not A hodgepodge of conservative wimps, rent-seeking plutocrats, Trump sycophants and “religious” racists. It means taking responsibility, collectively, for their decisions and not kicking the can down the road or blaming their electoral SNAFUs on the junior representatives from NYC & Minnesota.
  18. Dog


    Political... There may be some independant thinkers who somehow still have not realized that the Democrat's priority is to get Trump. I predict the same result as the Republicans got.
  19. It’s this type of stupid, loudmouth thinking that ruins threads like this. So Dan, what is the exact profit you would decree a sailboat builder get to make? Do you want to write it down here and then tell every builder what is reasonable, and what is not? Maybe everyone should ask you how to do everything, because you seem to know exactly how to do it. Imagine you are running a small sailboat manufacturing business already and would just open up your books to show everyone how it’s done? I hate LP was much as the next sailor, but this sort of uneducated, stupid nonsense just pollutes the internet and sucks out the oxygen in what could be an interesting conversation. Things cost what they cost, this isn’t communism. You’re probably the same guy at boat shows who goes ‘where are the fleets?’ and then walks off the stand after finding out there aren’t 75 boats racing two blocks from his house, on his preferred night of the week, with free equipment provided by the manufacturer ‘in the name of growing the sport’ Thanks for sharing your inane opinions on the matter. We’re all dumber for having heard it. If Lasers were free, you’d still find something to bitch about, so please just stop bitching publicly. It’s just annoying for everyone who isn’t quite as smart as you.
  20. Israel Hands

    Brexit, WTF

    I think this is true as far as what the rest of the world thinks. The 14% are probably Fox News watchers, and their global equivalent. You Brexiteers are locked in the same kind of polarized mindframe that led to calamities like WWI. We need to export Trump, Bannon, and the whole lot over to your side. They'll organize hats for you.
  21. Fakenews


    Well the death by 1000 cuts begins. Don McGahn has been subpoenaed.
  22. phillysailor


    I’m curious. Do you say this from a legal or political perspective?
  23. phillysailor


    He, and future presidents, would be on notice that you lie to prosecutors and obstruct justice at your peril. If it was just about fellatio, I’d say we could just blow it off.
  24. Sean

    Impeachment Poll
  25. Parma

    3DI (Raw) and roller furler storage longevity

    I see what you're saying but wouldn't that only apply if the "underlying object" was a hard & solid piece? If the sail is being coiled around itself won't it just crumple the underlying membrane, which is the sail, sufficiently to preclude any possibility of deforming the successive layers of the sail? In other words the fact that the sail itself is malleable creates an equilibrium of stress that equals zero? Especially considering that the max draft of the sail loads onto the sail unevenly as it is furled, further spreading any loading pattern over the entirety of the sail? I think that although 3di can be bent it is made to not stretch. Enquiring minds need to know!
  26. jzk


    Make up your mind. You wanted me to take responsibility, so I did. Do you have more than one personality?
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