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  2. Marcjsmith

    boy do i hate pvc

    most people don't own a compressor strong enough to push the water out of the pipes. If youve got one great. if it not strong enough or does not have enough volume, then you'll find out next spring..
  3. mikewof

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    It was definitely hot-dogging, he was unlucky enough to have it captured on video. Was that near L'enfant?
  4. LeoV

    Minitransat 2019

    Confuses me to, I thought it started with AIS signal being send only. But since 2012 it is allowed (transpond and recieve) as long as the AIS has no mapping. And transponder is even obligatory. At least that is what I gather from the rules books and meeting reports from CM. For A/B races you must have a PLB too. More useful if other boats have AIS receive too. Last time I visited a Mini race is 2011, should do it again to catch up.
  5. mikewof

    boy do i hate pvc

    My backflow doesn't have a union connection and I don't want to deal with putting one in at the moment, and the air fitting is on the wrong side of the ball valve. But I found a better way, I just used some NPT fittings and connected into the drain screw. I should have never hired someone to do it in previous years, all I purchased was my own ignorance.
  6. JonRowe

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    The pretty standard "thin V" shape on its side whilst rigging it isn't it? You can see foam blocks chocking it off the coach roof

    Random PicThread

    Hobot, you are an absolute bloody legend. I last saw this beautiful little yacht in Nelson, New Zealand in about 1963 when I was 10- 11 years old and I have searched far and wide for a photo of her since then. She was exceptionally fast for her size (only 20ft or so in length) and raced very successfully in Nelson for a number of years. She was built, owned and sailed by the legendary Jorgensen Brothers who were shipwrights. Your photo was taken at Clyde Quay in Wellington, across Cook Strait from Nelson, in 1962 . She was immaculately presented at all times and instilled in me a love of small wooden yachts that I hold to this day. I have often wondered what might have happened to Saga and if she is still afloat. Any Nelsonians have any memories of Saga and the Jorgensens?
  8. Fiji Bitter

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    Tragic that there was a casualty, but well done by all the rescue services. Thank you all !
  9. Mozzy Sails


    Fog clearing. Wind forecast to come in early afternoon and 10-15 knots, so should be perfect. Weather really has been awful since they launched, all or nothing everyday. I don't think they'll be sweating the lack of sailing thus far from a sailing team point of view, they'll get plenty in Italy. Plus, a lot of logistics of how they sail it, and modification from that perspective are easier to make last minute on the new build. I think the main concern will be validating the simulator for the larger boat before they hit send on the big design choices for RB2, which basically have to be locked in now.... the rest of this week looks pretty up and down too so, not ideal.
  10. Gissie


    Getting it up must have been worth a video.
  11. hoom

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    So is that actually a slot through the deck at the end of the cockpit? That guy does appear to have his lower leg in a hole rather than awkwardly placed if that was a traveller. I'm not entirely sure I see the point in having a boom inside the hull like that Sure no boom in the airflow, weight a bit lower & they go fast enough you don't really need to ease more than a few degrees but it surely can't give the kind of camber control the TNZ version has?
  12. samc99us

    3D Printing Anarchy

    +1 to Fusion360. The built-in CAM package is pretty impressive software, standalone its close to a $10k package so really quite good value. In terms of printing, I went in-house with an Ender3. The latest release of Cura 4.3 has solved most of my printing woes and for under $250 for machine/software/filament the machine can easily pay for itself after a few prints. For larger parts going outside makes some sense.
  13. Foilman

    Sail Georgian Bay? Sign this.

    This is simply about making money for Trans Canada Energy (formerly Trans Canada Pipelines) with the proposed pumped storage facility. Not adding any net new energy to the grid. There are pumped storage facilities that make sense with much less environmental cost, such as the closed loop systems where they use a worked out quarry as the lower holding pond, and pump it up to a pond above. Using the bay in an open loop system is pretty ugly in terms of potential harm.
  14. More Cowbell2

    NFL 2019

    The rule covering hands to the face will now mean hands on the shoulder pads. And no, that was not pass interference. I was doing my nails and did not see the play.
  15. babylon

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    Where can I find such a crew? I have been searching on several crew finder sites but couldn't find anything. I often read about this but it feels like some secret society to me I can't find a way in and don't know where to start.
  16. phillysailor

    Time to impeach?

    He filed the complaint. Yes he did. The government then chooses how to respond to discovery of fraud, waste or improper/unethical behavior according to the results of an investigation. The whistleblower is guaranteed certain protections, and one of them is anonymity if desired, and freedom from persecution or retaliation. It would seem that these rules offend you, or you disagree with how their application impacts your heroes. Once again, you are concerned only with your emotional reaction to recent events, and would prefer to ignore or replace our nation’s laws with what suits you. It’s amusing; you seem convinced America should be working harder to please you.
  17. QBF

    Land Speed Record Anarchy

    Here is a Land Speed vehicle I've not heard of before... Mercedes-Benz T80 Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, powered by the DB 603 aero engine and developing 3,000 hp: The T 80 was to become the world’s fastest car on four wheels and reach a speed of 373 mph on the motorway near Dessau in early 1940. However, the outbreak of World War II prevented the car from being completed, and the T 80 never hit the road. * Cylinders V12 * Displacement 2717 cu in * Output 3000 PS (2206 kW) (planed) * At engine speed 3200/min * Top speed 373 mph (planed)
  18. Dark Cloud

    Australian Sailing

    They say sporty, that the book is sort of ok, it's always the fuckers fucking up the interpretation of the original fuckery that fucks it all up for the rest of us and their deluded brainwashed sheeps <edit> but seriously funny post, still chuckling </edit>
  19. Sol Rosenberg

    Time to impeach?

    Yoo Hoo
  20. Sol Rosenberg


    “I’m not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up.”
  21. Sol Rosenberg

    Two Rudy associates arrested

    “Rudy’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up.”
  22. Boink

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    They certainly have as clean as a cockpit from an aero/endplate as anyone. The central spine is as wide as possible and the we just need to see the boom arrangement in anger to see if it has value.
  23. chinabald

    NFL 2019

    I don’t usually blame refs. But that was terrible. Several bad calls to extend GB drives. Yeah the Lions need to score touchdowns and less field goals. Never the less the refs were bad and that was a big part of this loss.
  24. dacapo

    Happy Indigenous Peoples Day weekend

    Every regatta day ;-)
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