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  2. Based on your contributions to the joke thread I think you and Trump have a lot in common. You must be so proud.
  3. i am not sure if your boat you are describing is a wing deck Val 1 ? if so yes the leading edge is quite low and will scoop a lot of water over and into the cockpit. most of the vals are heavier than Dick intended hence they sit lower and are wet. the best thing for that is a fixed dodger if you can make it work around the winch and clutch layout. the newick design dagger foil is a low lift/ low drag foil and the plans should be available from Pat Newick as Dick had them drawn up and able to be purchased seperately the same as his wing mast plans. Dick said his foils were equal to the power of one reef in main, which would be about right, of course the faster you go the more lift they generate. at 18-20 knots the leeward float is barely pushed into the water but the great benefit is how stable the boat is in a seaway which in turn creates a more stable wind flow over the sails. we also liked to put them down in sloppy drifter conditions when racing for same reason which you cant do with high lift foils as they just create drag. the Newick foils dont really start producing lift until 12-14 knots depending on which yacht used on. some of Dicks boats he did a redraw and filled in the bows as you describe, the 36 ft Tricia was updated like that. i sailed on a particularly light, fast version built by Robert Russel called "woundup" here in NZ a very impressive boat, a much superior performer to her sister "mokihi" one of the original tricias which was an impressive boat in her own right.
  4. badlatitude

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Demented would work too.
  5. Jim in Halifax

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Riddle me this you foul weather types: why the preference for a stern deployed series drogue over a bow rigged para-anchor holding the boat hove-to à la Pardey? I own a para-anchor that I have never deployed in anger. I assume tripping it to bring it back on board is a big hassle but I wouldn't fancy having all that drogue in close proximity to rudder,prop and wind vane either. Is it preference? Flavour of the week? Or are para-anchors passé? In other news, the diesel leak on Nereida is worrisome. Not sure if her solar panels can keep up with power demand of electric autopilot without help from diesel generation? Not to mention all her comms equipment. She depends heavily on 'modern' systems; too many compound failures could spell the end of the attempt.
  6. badlatitude

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    James Woods, Secretary of Defense.
  7. KnotAClew

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Huge congratulations to Drew and all of the crew on Rushour. A great effort well rewarded by 1st OMR and 1st PHS. To finish 2nd on line honours to the well sailed Mod 70 Beau Geste in a tough squally race is a fantastic result. Well done to all of the entrants, the gusty conditions and big seas meant that there was lots going on and most suffered at least minor damage of some sort. As often happens in these sort of conditions with boats hitting high speeds there were plenty of cases of rudder damage to varying extents. The live coverage of the start was excellent and as always the trackers meant that everyone could sit in comfort and watch the various tussles and battles unfold. Great atmosphere at the start and finish. Well done to the MYCQ organisers - this is a big event to run and a small handful of volunteers do all the work.
  8. basketcase

    Happy Easter

    happy zombie Jesus' birthday
  9. If you think that I am mentally retarded, then present some proof, and that will help me get some social services that I currently do not enjoy.... It is your Christian duty to help those of us who are mentally disabled, and in need of your assistance.
  10. Fakenews

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Dean Cain Department of Energy John Voight Department of Veteran Affairs
  11. Mrleft8

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Acting cabinet.... Gary Bussey as Atty. Gen. Pamela Anderson as Sexretary of state. Clint Eastwood as sec. of Defense. Peewee Herman As sec. of HHS. OJ Simpson as sec. of Ed. .......
  12. Svanen

    Double-Handed/ Single-Handed Ocean Racing

    ^^^ This ^^^ Whatever the activity, plenty of people will always tell you that you are too young and inexperienced ... until very suddenly those same people start telling you that you are too old! The ‘sweet spot’ between those two conditions appears to be a period of approximately two months, somewhere in your late thirties. That’s way too short to accomplish all the important things in life, so: don’t listen to such negativity! Take advice only from well-informed, experienced people who are willing to tell you what steps you must take to prepare yourself and your equipment. Pay no attention to the fools who simply say “don’t try” (see below)!).
  13. Bent Sailor

    I am waiting for an apology from the libtards

    Which has nothing at all to do with what I was saying, but nice attempt to deflect from the point. Perhaps you'd like to compare your use of "the collective left" versus your use of "many on the right", revisit your complaints about projection & broad brush generalisation from others, then reread what I wrote to see if you can address the point of the post.
  14. badlatitude

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    Arguably, the Cabinet is as loony as the Commander in Chief.
  15. Steam Flyer

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    lol good sea lawyering though Actually, it's dumbass sea lawyering. Although it would be nice if the issue of Trump's criminality was indeed over. It would be nicer if it was not an issue due his not being a criminal -DSK
  16. Steam Flyer

    Reparations for Slavery

    Those that are enslaved by the clock generally get reparations in the form of a paycheck -DSK
  17. Steam Flyer

    Reparations for Slavery

    You are independent if you already won a war for your independence. Or did George Washington lose the war, and was he not unanimously elected President before 1815? Just a reminder- they don't have Presidents in Great Britain. -DSK
  18. Fakenews

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    The cabinet has to initiate at which point Trump becomes “fired”. If Trump decided to fight it the two thirds vote applies but he might say WTF and gracefully leave. but the acting cabinet raises an interesting question.
  19. phillysailor

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    The practice & preaching of Islamic Jihad is as corrosive as the practice & preaching of white supremacy. Both should be condemned by groups which benefit from their support. Mosques which tolerate this crap within their walls are as bad as those who support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Matt Shea.
  20. Nice looking boat, I'll take your word for the negative lift as I have yet to experience it or the rammed air effect. The low straight leading edge with the low bow seems to scoop water into the cockpit as it cuts through the waves but perhaps it's just my boat. I agree with you about the extra space (say vs an F31) inside and the stiffness. It is a 1984 conversion so I think that's early. The stated racing weight on the drawing of 1 t seems low but the build process, vacuum bagged airex/glass/think polyester maybe iso, seems beefy and relatively heavy. Guessing more like 1.5t. Which is still less than most of the F31s, I hear, perhaps due to the infusion. I like the angled float daggers, thought about those, do they help keep the leeward float up? This boat has been upmoded (in fits and starts) so it is kind of a V1.5. The main hull had the rockerin the ends flattened and the stem made pretty vertical, supposedly under Mr Newick's supervision but I doubt he had much to do with it. We did something similar with the float bows but left the stern rockers alone. I have been struggling to get the helm balanced as I'd like but really just haven't put in the time.
  21. badlatitude

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    The 25th requires a 2/3rd vote of both chambers, likely will never happen.
  22. Fakenews

    Sri Lanka next on the Hit list

    If the entire cabinet is “acting” can the 25th be invoked?
  23. Navig8tor

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Yep running an entire country 280 characters at a time. SAD
  24. jack_sparrow

    Brexit, WTF

    This about the Brexit Broadcasting Corporation is a bit old, but got me thinking about which country is winning in the relocation stakes. Leo Netherlands must close to #1 ??
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