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  2. mikewof

    Reparations for Slavery

    Why should the church even have that ability? So the church does the marriages and the government does the likely ensuing divorce? The Church didn't invent marriage, they co-opted marriage. Fuck 'em. Marriage used to be two people (or three, or twenty) just shacking up, tenting up or caving up, and then they did their best. If they made promises to each other, they did so because that's what they wanted to do. Why should The Church have any legal standing in marriage? Why voluntarily give any religious institution any access over real life? The domain of religion is spiritual, after-life, faith, and anything in the non-physical domain. And then The Church does these marriages, so where is The Church in the divorce? Fucking useless religions are nowhere to be found when they are actually needed. The government should rubber stamp civil unions or marriages or whatever they are called for the single purpose of making sure that the property is divided 50/50 in the divorce. Or 20/20/20/20/20 for the marriage between five people. Religion has proven that it's useless in the sanctity of divorce, therefore they should have no legal standing in marriage. If religion is needed to get an entry pass to heaven or an entry pass to hell or a ticket to reincarnate into a housecat, then that is their domain ... anything faith-based. But nothing that carries legal, enforceable weight.
  3. Bent Sailor

    I still call Australia home

    You admit to being wrong. That you think your opinion is of no substance is lamentable, but I won't argue.
  4. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Do you trust Barr?

    still hasn't read the report, still lying. that's what they pay your for isn't it comradE?
  5. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

    Self awareness is not your strong point, is it?
  6. Sail4beer

    Volantis of Yealm

    Sorry about the lack of news. The owner is back from his vacation but hasn’t gotten back to me yet and I am up to my eyeballs in boat work for others. Plus, my old shop property was just sold and I need to move several big boats and a tractor trailer full of teak and tools by May 1st. My brother and I talk daily about a timeframe and schedule to get up there, assess all the work to be done to get the bottoms and topsides into shape and painted before launch. The dirty work of gutting and cleaning the interior can happen on the trip down with a small generator and my tools.
  7. Where were you tomorrow between 11:45 AM and noon?
  8. olaf hart

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    I wonder if half throttle is half watts, I plan to use a clamp meter on my poor mans setup to see what the motor uses at different settings. interestingly, I almost get the same speeds with a 34 lb trolling motor on a similar sized dinghy with a 20 Ah battery, although not the same duration, but the battery seems to last a lot longer than it should, hence checking the amps.
  9. Shortforbob

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    This will be my 5th or 6th trip to Venice...I don't need to see the Doges palace and usually avoid St Marks. It's a cliche but the best way to see venice is to get lost in it's quieter sestieri very early in the morning. Done the Gondola thing years ago. Kids can get a Traghetto if they must .Trick is to get up at sunrise and take the first Vaporetto from st Lucia along the GC..walk back . Dorsoduro and Canareggio are much quieter can always find a quiet canal in Venice. Then I'm going to Athens
  10. It's sunny here. Too nice to waste on whitewash.
  11. What are you using the bowline for? I've gotten in the habit of tying bunt line hitches to attach my jib sheets to the jib. They're a PITA to untie, but the sure as heck don't let go.
  12. Thanks, I am doing well, just very busy. Hope all is well with you too. I agree about Fox. Elections are a game of inches. Even if 99% of Fox viewers would never consider a Dem candidate, you show up for that remaining 1% because that is what determines the outcome of elections. I like Sanders much better than Trump, and would vote for him in a matchup with Trump. There is nothing about him that would prevent me voting for him, whereas I did have issues with Hillary. With that being said, I think he gets maybe half the picture. I think Andrew Yang largely gets the other half. Yang is the only one who seems to understand the fundamental changes to the economic environment which are driving much of the challenges we have. New product success, and therefor business success, is fundamentally probabilistic. That was always true but the nature of the shifts towards less capital intensive business models which also coincides with increasing numbers of winner take all (most) industries has lead to this being magnified in a very dramatic way. That then brings us to a situation which is nothing like what we have had in the past. Ideally we would want a system that rewards founders or owners for their effort and risk taking, but not for the randomness that results in massive success in a winner take all system. If you could clone Mark Zuckerberg 9 times (God help us), and give each of the clones the seed money to start a business, we would not see 10 Facebooks, but one Facebook and 9 failures. So building on that, I would like to see a model where we reward founders like Mark Z for the 10% of success they contribute to, while accruing the 90% of success that came from randomness to society as a whole. Treat the success from randomness the same way we treat the randomness of living in a state with oil reserves. It is a small shift in perspective with massive implications. If we could take the stuff Sanders gets right and merge it with the stuff Yang gets right, we would be pretty close to my ideal candidate.
  13. Ease the sheet.

    I still call Australia home

  14. proOC

    J/105 Companionway trim

    Do it yourself or someone local. Use marine grade plywood, make sure it is treated. We have replaced our headliner due to an old drip that soaked the interior part of the liner. We thinks a boatyard skimped on the fix. Match the vinyl covering...
  15. Here’s a preview of the press conference:
  16. bplipschitz

    Has anyone bought Boat Instruments lately?

    Poke around on (I think) Gear Anarchy, there's a long thread with a couple of guys doing all DIY with Raspberry Pi controllers and such. If you're handy with 'puters, that might be the way to go.
  17. snubber

    Boat repair kit

    Get a toilet bowl wax seal/doughnut at the hardware store and keep it in a ziplock bag. They are mushable/malleable/moldable and allegedly works great for temporarily sealing cracks and leaks. Yes, it's waxy and might impede later epxoy adhesion. Acetone should clean up the residue. It's for emergency repairs, not deliberate Gougeon emulation. I kept one in a bag on my boat for a few years but the Texas heat turned it into a soft serve greasy turd, so I tossed it. Rochester heat won't be an issue. Snubs
  18. Whatever that date is, I suspect that before that, dental implants and heart transplants were out of reach for even the wealthiest people.
  19. Can you educate us on the definition of a yacht? Are you really Bent just wanting to play some word games?
  20. Innocent Bystander

    Notre Dame is burning to the ground

    Maybe have Disney build a "Venice for cruise ships and tour buses" somewhere else where the water is shallow and a bit fetid. Maybe near the ship breaking beaches in Bhatiari. Most of those tourists wouldn't know the difference. As a bonus, perhaps a cruise ship or a dozen could be grounded and dismantled on the spot.
  21. @DDW Thanks for the write-up. Is the blue "full charge" indicator the only indicator? Nothing for software error codes like the Torqueedo? The "self-discharge" feature sounds just like my DJI drone- it's done to preserve the battery service life (but I'm sure you knew that). This sounds like a lithium powered trolling motor- built tough and simple.
  22. hermetic

    Trail Cameras Again

    tom - what do you use to pull pics from the sd card?
  23. yl75

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    Moonwave batteries are BMW i3 batteries adapted by torqeedo. So they are not LFP but some form of li ion. It would be also nice to have some data from the ita catamaran which has been launched with ocean volt sail drive and servoprop variable pitch propeller (they claim a 300% gain for hydrogeneration)
  24. Schnappi

    Mooring Whip

    We have mooring whips for an 18 foot powerboat on a small lake. They work great. Boat rides comfortably at the dock. Easy on/off. I'd think they'd be perfect for a FS.
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