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  2. wind_apparent

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Aardvark was having issues.... but they seem resolved now. Slingers will be back. Think Ben was coming in hot with some things he learned on the big boat, and with something to prove, and slingers was terrible of the dial up. The tech is super interesting, but the actual racing is kinda set it and forget it. Just like last year.
  3. mcmurdo

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Not sure which Kootenay lodge CL was at, but I live in the middle of heli-ski country. Used to be at our house, if you were asleep at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, you weren't asleep at 8:31. One pleasant phone conversation with the lodge manager, and the flight path got changed, even though the most direct route was right over our house. Don't even hear the choppers any more. Backcountry ski lodges employ a lot of people around here, and they tend to be pretty conscious of their impact. The biggest concern is probably the mountain caribou around Revelstoke, and they do a lot of mitigation around that. Yes, I've been hiking alone on some gorgeous mountain ridge and had a heli-hiking group dropped off nearby, but a conversation with the guide and you know which ridges to avoid on what days. And yes, they burn a lot of dinosaur juice. Probably not as much as some of the other industries in the Kootenays. All in all, not more than a minor irritant. Oh... and I tele. (Sorry about that.)
  4. phill_nz

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    so it looks like ben is learning from ernesto and larry on how to run a successful campaign ... buy the best from wherever you can get them for whatever it costs
  5. animeproblem

    Random PicThread

    I always loved the slow growling pick slide at the end of that song.
  6. Jeff F

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale
  7. Boybland

    Youth America's Cup

    If it was say once a day yeah maybe... hence why a lot of people I disagree with a not on ignore. But when every thread is filled with the same quite deliberately untrue and only posted for point of winding people up comments, well there seems very little point reading the same shit for a thousandth time when it was still shit after the previous 999 times.
  8. terrafirma

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    It wasn't easy to watch. Commentator was a dickhead. Telemetry glitches. A real pity. If it's like this all the time it will fail as an event. Well done Ben but he hijacked 2 of the best from Team Japan and there were that many mistakes being made it was easy to come from behind if you were close enough. Australia look like they were having brain fades or some sort of problem it was hard to tell. Feel sorry for Nathan he has lost 2 of his best and had to replace them with inexperienced guys.
  9. zenmasterfred

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Holy Chainplate failure Bat Man! Pretty darned lucky they didn't come up through the deck and bring some it with them. I'm sure it will buff right out though.
  10. jack_sparrow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    THREE MEN have been arrested in Strabane, Northern Ireland, for storming a church funeral service armed with knives and a hatchet. Note: Strabane is one of the poorest parts of NI having the most incidents like this than anywhere else outside Derry and housing a disident Republican element opposed to the GFA which is seen as cementing British rule over the North. And you think things can get a bit weird in NI ....and this is just the tweet replies. - Viking funeral surely - Lumberjack funeral and the mourners were on their lunch break.......Your honour....... - The deceased’s last words we’re “come on lads, let’s bury the hatchet” - All perfectly normal funeral accessories - They all look new. Bought for the occasion? - Some hardware shop was robbed recently you mean - We’re all those carried by only three people? Anyone carrying should have been arrested - Tree surgeons - It was the We love Kindling Club - You'd be feeling a bit silly when you're there with a wee Stanley blade and everyone else has an axe or machete!
  11. Pewit

    Weta anarchy

    I think shrink wrap is going to be too soft. If you don’t want to use T-rings, would it help to run the Dyneema through a stainless steel tube inserted through the mast or a protective cover used for bike or car cables? Feed the Dyneema though and then braid a loop either side for the stays.
  12. 2019 worlds! Charter Boats A limited number of charter boats will be available for this event. The charter boats will be supplied on a launching trolley as a hull with self-bailer, padded hiking strap, spars (composite 2018 worlds! Charter Boats A limited number of charter boats will be made available for charter through the ILCA entry system. The charter boats will be supplied on a launching trolley as a hull with self-bailer, padded hiking strap, spars (mast top section, appropriate bottom section and a boom), GRP centreboard and rudder in car
  13. Sugarscoop

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Boats had different head sails on. The last start seemed to be a computer glitch as the graphics said everyone was about a second behind yet every boat got a penalty. What a nightmare to watch.
  14. phill_nz

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    what wing is ainsley using it doesnt become a real one design till san fran .. thats when all the gear will be the same will = should

    Raw water strainer, repair or replace?

    I would take some time and clean up see if there is any wear or corrosion under the scale. If not re gasket make some new bolts and get another 20 years. The plastic ones can get brittle on the cap and threads. Just use 316 SS all thread with nylock nuts and put adheasive heat shrink on the threads between the flanges. If you want to get super fancy and your dimm are very accurate use acorn nuts and red loctite.
  16. rhpaw

    R2AK 2020

    That's a Santa Cruz 27. With those drives we could do 3 knots fairly easy, but she is pretty light. My drives were wilderness system with stock props.
  17. El Boracho

    Raw water strainer, repair or replace?

    I’ve had both. The plastic strainer I have now works just fine.
  18. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2020

    Very tight racing. This is what it's all about.
  19. There you go again caring about children, when you should be focused on the parent's money. Commie.
  20. terrafirma

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Slinger wants to throw his helmet in the Drink..!
  21. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2020

    Great racing today. Looking forward to tomorrow. Tough to be AUS today.
  22. terrafirma

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    A hatrick for Ben..!
  23. smackdaddy

    SailGP 2020

    GBR, ESP, USA...
  24. terrafirma

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Slinger is having a shocker.!
  25. But Bruce Bochy proved melon-heads could overcome their disability!
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