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  2. mikewof

    nhl '19

    Why do you hate the Avs and Sharks? We have had some terrific series between those two. My picks ... Blues over Dallas in 5 games Avs over San Jose in 7 games Canes over Islanders in 6 games Jackets over Bruins in 7 games
  3. On The Hard

    No carb low carb diet

    This book helps A LOT There is a two week process for severely restricting carbs, followed by a period of a less restrictive, low carb diet, followed by a maintenance long term plan. The goal is to get to your natural weight and live like you aren't on a diet. I think it makes total sense. The cool thing was that I used to snack almost every afternoon at work, then cheese and crackers when I got home. Since I've eliminated grains, I'm hardly ever hungry between meals. Breakfast, if I eat it, is scrambled eggs. Usually fast between dinner and lunch. I'm down about 10 pounds in 2 months, waistline is significantly reduced. This is the first program I've been on that I feel like I can live with long term.
  4. r.finn

    New imoca boats

    Aren't moorings a great invention!
  5. bacq2bacq

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    I mis-phrased that, and you are likely right that something as crazy-socialist as that could never squeek through. I should have said "If, instead, the US had enacted legislation for universal health care instead of requiring universal health insurance" dot dot dot. Insurance (for-profit, in a limited-liability corporation) is an evil concept (because it contains falsehoods communicated as truths) and the sooner we are done with it, the better. It's a bit complicated of a position to explain, but relies partly on an understanding of Nassim Taleb's point about risks being different when the probability of outright ruin is non-zero. Shared-risk groups are a fine idea, however. My buddy owns a farm in Mennonite (think ~Amish) territory. The Mennonite farmer tells him "I don't have any insurance on my barn, I have something much better: assurance. I have the assurance that if my barn burns down, the community will get together to help me build another one." In Canada, they still call it "insurance", but really it's more accurate to say we have an assurance of health care up here. Definitely not perfect. But I think less disenfranchising of the little guy than the current US system. And the rich people up here just fly down to the States to a specialist anyway... health systems are always and at least "two-tiered"... until we close the borders on each other, which is the unfrikking-believably-stupid way things seem to be "progressing"...
  6. Sean


    So, no worries then. The old “this too shall pass”. It sounds like you’re inching towards the right side of history though, so there’s that.
  7. mikewof

    What to do with old fiberglass boats?

    Yeah, you're right. The epoxy is a fairly stable hydrocarbon, if you try to catalyze it, I suspect you'll use more energy in the process than you could ever get out of it, and if you crack it, you're going to get some compounds that are more toxic than the resins. The way to "recycle" plastic is to be way more stupid about that we have ever been. Just bury it, then cap the landfill, capture the methane that comes off of it, and use that natural gas to run the landfill. Recycling should include metal, paper and maybe glass, if the glass bottles can be cleaned and reused, but not crushed and remelted. The rest of the stuff, even including compost, belongs in capped landfills, never open landfills. When organic stuff like banana peels are left to rot in compost, they release their load of CO2 rather than methane, which is better than leaving organic material in an uncapped landfill, because methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. But when organic matter decays in a capped landfill, and the methane is captured, that actually offers a net improvement over composting it because the produced methane offsets the need for conventional natural gas. In the old days, capping landfills was hard, but now they can use string-reinforced plastic as the cap with a skim of soil to protect from UV and ozone damage. It's a relatively affordable setup.
  8. Whiskey.T

    Gunboat 68

    I agree completely with you (and @mpenman above). I had a boat with saildrives and no skegs, and lines, crab pot cables, etc, would always find their way to the propellers. With skegs this has not happened in almost a decade. The skegs protect the saildrives and rudders from rocks or other immutable objects --that's a given-- but they also deflect other objects that can ruin your day (lines, nets, etc.).
  9. fucket

    J Class Weight limits

    I agree that it's ridiculous to leave crew on the dock, but that's more in the sense of you being / having a shit skipper who can't manage to do math and figure out who you can fit within the established rules of the particular sport that you play. You need weight limits because more weight is a strict advantage in all but the lightest of breeze and no limits quickly turns into a penalty for boats that don't pack their rails full of football player-sized ballast.
  10. woahboy

    Keel bolt maintenance.

    Thank goodness my keel is encapsulated.
  11. Movable Ballast


    None really. America is stronger than any one president.
  12. EarthBM

    Gunboat 68

    Curved boards need to be inserted from the bottom. With significant positive buoyancy (I’m guessing comparable to weight, so 400-600 pounds) there is almost no way.
  13. Sean

    Hillary chimes in

    That may all be true, but next to Trump, she looks like Mother Teresa.
  14. Raz'r

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    Unfortunately true
  15. Raz'r

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    I will continue to point out policies that are discriminatory and hurt the people of the country. It’s not my fault that many policies of the Right fall into that category. And yes, some from the left, like rent control, do, as well. i also do not identify with the right or the left, given 20 years ago I was a Republican and that now, I find most of the Dem candidates for Prez lackluster at best. Of course, I’d vote for a turnip over Trump. So I guess that makes me a never-Trumper.
  16. What makes you think World Sailing and the IOC are not involved with this ?
  17. Sean

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    Um, no. It would not have passed through Congress. We would still have unfettered market plans with none of the benefits of what’s left of Obamacare. Pre-existing condition? Sorry, you die.
  18. mikewof

    No carb low carb diet

    In Mongolia, they have a saying that "Breakfast is for me, lunch is for my loved-one, and dinner is for my enemy." I avoid dinner whenever possible, it's a ridiculous meal. My breakfasts are loaded with carbs and fat, my lunch is loaded with protein, and my "dinner" is usually a cup of coffee, or a shot of tequila and always a lot of water. I lost 40 pounds just skipping dinner, and I learned how to do it from a Sailing Anarchy post about two years ago, the Anarchist wrote "just eat less! I skip meals all the fucking time!" Who was the guy who wrote that? He had good advice.
  19. Talk about shooting your self in the foot when your boat is up for being replaced for the Olympic class
  20. Zonker

    Gunboat 68

    Nope. Heavier than I guessed. My board was about 200 lbs. I'd guessed the GB one would be 400 lbs. At 600 lbs you'd probably have to round up a few other sailors in a marina for the 1/2 hr job to get it carried down the dock and into the case. Balance it on its side on 2 dock carts. I'd invite everybody that helped over for sundowners and a few snacks that evening. If the boat is at anchor, get a truck with a typical extending boom crane like a Hiab to lower the board across the tubes of a dinghy. Hell just lower it into the water if you can't get the dinghy close enough. If it floats, tow it to the boat with the dinghy. If it's got so much carbon it's a sinker, tie a few fenders to it. Thankfully because these boats don't seem to be breaking off boards that often you will not have to spring for the case of beer and a few appies too often. Somehow I managed to move a 350 lb diesel from a trailer to inside my boat with 2 guys. I was above, hoisting it aboard using the mainsheet tackle. Friend was below, holding it away from the topsides. We are not talking huge weights here, just long and unwieldy. Ever seen a big mainsail being taken off a racing boat? Same story; bunch of guys and you all try to walk at the same speed. I do think a skeg in front of a saildrive or strut is wise if you are going long distances. If you're more the local racey type, leave it off to save drag.
  21. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Paul Krugman - Republican Abdication

    No foul - we all do that on occasion. I even get and agree with the point that Jiblets was trying to make, even though he chose a poor example.
  22. mad

    Brexit, WTF

    Again a site from an overseas supplier, US this time. Does your local supplier grow within poly tunnels year round for his crop? Why do feel the need to try and belittle people who don’t agree with you? I’ve not, and I’m not having a tizzy. I've just asked you some polite questions about your use of news feeds and your hands on experience etc, to absolutely no avail. How would you like to see the economy being sorted in order to raise the minimum wage to a reasonable level? (You can set the level) I’d be interested to hear your plan to fix the agricultural and lower level manufacturing industry in order to formulate a better wage structure? And if you have a moment? Your view on fixing the NHS and broken law system would interesting. I’m all for discussion but it has to be a 2 way process without derision. Can you offer some reply without the petty name calling and derision? And maybe answer some of the questions previously asked.
  23. Sean

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    That’s the thing right there. He sure acted guilty. Maybe he though he was. Trump and his circle of sycophants walked right up to the line but, according to Mueller, didn’t quite cross it. There was enough smoke there to justify an investigation. I have no doubt Mueller is correct in the letter of the current law; I would suggest the election law might need some revision. Knowingly accepting electoral help from a foreign power and not reporting it should be illegal imo.
  24. Thanks @VWAP. Ain't no going back now. Its gonna be whatever it will be. Interesting times to be a Laser... uh I mean an ILCA dinghy... sailor! If LPE's response is nothing more than offering club Lasers at a 20% discount... I think they are toast. Can't imagine many will opt for that path.
  25. us7070

    Gunboat 68

    done right.., they don't bang or move around at all they are raised and lowered with winches - powered in my experience
  26. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Warren tosses her Bribe into the ring

    Of course. I've always thought that it was a good idea to understand how to start, steer and stop your boat before ya untied the docklines, but, hey - I'm sure some folks do OK just figuring it out as they go.
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