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  2. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    Is he corrupt and biased?
  3. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    Good luck with that.
  4. Often happens methinks - post race / regatta conception.... Happened several times to guys I've raced with - the girls get them back and bang. Several years down the line they all seem happy with the outcome and are still with their women and families.
  5. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    Interesting. I can see that happening. Not good for the lines, either. I carry rigging straps (similar to a car towing strap, but wider and longer) for stuff like this. They're much cheaper than mooring lines, stronger, much more resistant to chafe, and if you wrap it around the base of a tree, the wide flat surface would do far less damage. I've used them to tie to cement bridge supports and old timber structures (a railroad bridge and an lumber sawmill, IIRC). FB- Doug
  6. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    One thing that Trump and Moore have accomplished is to demonstrate how devoid of substance and principle the GOP and the white evangelical Christian movements are of any principle whatsoever.
  7. I agree it does function well but it's ridiculous that an expensive piece of functioning technology has to be thrown away after 4-5 year. And there are DIY instructions online for replacing the battery here. I'd prefer something that has - A remote control function so that I can set/synch/reset the timer from my wrist without having to sit by the mast waiting for the gun. - Additional buttons for set/resetting the timer on the unit (switching modes in a hurry is too confusing) - Replaceable battery But actually, I'd be more interested if it could link to my phone (below deck) via Bluetooth which is the way my Pebble Watch works with RaceQs on the phone & watch. It has all the remote functions but I have to keep looking at my wrist for the display which I'd much rather have on the mast. I think the most interesting solution would be to have the Tacktick as a sealed waterproof smart display unit and keep the functions in the phone (which has much better app development tools and technical infrastructure) with soft buttons on the unit which can be programmed at will. All communications using Bluetooth because it uses less battery life than WiFi - add a wrist remote to set/reset/synch the timer and you'd have a winner IMHO. The alternative would be do have a unit driven by a low-cost off-the-shelf micro computer (e.g. Rasberry Pi) but battery life might be an issue.
  8. I agree with you on that one. Team AKZO Nobel aren't doing so bad either. I think they are in best position. South is king, as near to the ice gates as possible, is a winning formula.
  9. When Trump sacks Mueller - what will you do?

    Laundering Russian money? where the fuck did you dream that one up. And yes the whole thing is a sideshow
  10. I Study Liars

    I actually originally opened this thread to find out who "Lars" was... An indication that I need to clean my glasses, or my keyboard, or both....
  11. We shall see. I have every confidence that a decision like this can have no end of thoroughly undesirable unintended consequences. It does, for instance, pull the rug right from under the feet of the Sunfish CA in their fight to prevent Laser Performance creating a puppet CA, since it seems the puppet organisation will now be allowed to call their event the Sunfish World Championships too, so we'll have two Sunfish Worlds.
  12. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Oh god thanks.
  13. J/112E

    Peter, Didier told me in Annapolis that the AG+ Carbon Boom was added to J/LANCE 12 (the second one) as a test of AG+'s ability to build carbon components for J/Composites. They're shooting for the Mast business. AG+ makes the custom Aluminum Mast for the 112, and its very nice, light, bendy, and handles Antal cars or bolt rope with no track.
  14. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    That’s the problem then. You’re too smart to be taught anything.
  15. Arm Touching is 'Battery' Worthy of Lawsuit

    Interesting thread, seems there is quite a bit more latent sexual hangups and homophobia than I realized. The things I learn here.
  16. Ian Farrier

    Shocking news! The multihull world indeed has lost a GIANT!!!
  17. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    If you're one of those who don't believe in jesus as your personal savior you can just go into rehab for a week or so and declare yourself saved.
  18. Safety Gear versus Practice

    Why stop there with improving skills...botulisium in the pre-race breakfast food to replicate sea seasickness, hose removed and through valve opened for 5 minutes, water bucketed out but on a fire down below, bowman has to reveal a sexual fantasy before the top mark etc ...membership will go gangbusters.
  19. Yeah, yeah, ANNNDD you have to register it AANNNNDDD buy liability insurance. Unless you don't register it and drive around anyway even if you don't have a license.
  20. J/112E

    I think one of the key drivers for the "low rating" version was to get J/112e J Lance into Class C at the ORC worlds in Copenhagen. And speaking to the crew there (and being on the water), it performed better than expected with limited horsepower... BTW do anyone know if the AG+ carbon boom was retrofitted in the UK, or a J/boats option? Initially, the boat had alu mast/boom. More photos.
  21. The G.O.P. is Rotting

    Pretty much. I see a lot of people around here who look like their parents' best friends/neighbors/boss/... All good Baptists or Nazarenes...
  22. Gun Permit Reciprocity

    I went through the same thing driving through MD and IL on the way to hunt in VA and UT. There have been a few times where Google Maps tried to route me through NJ on the way back from Philly. Thankfully I double checked each time and re-routed within PA, as I would have clearly been in violation of NJ law had I followed the directions which first popped up.
  23. Just landed from the SSL - very expressive.....
  24. Yup. regardless of any breach in governing process, it most definitely is the right decision.
  25. Guess who is using the pro tracker? The suit is Digby Fox the producer for the live show. No Conrad, he is on (soon to be) parental leave.
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