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  2. Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is A Really, Really Bad Idea? Military Combat Veterans. “How to stand your ground when an aggressor is trying to kill you — that’s not something that comes naturally to people.” https://www.buzzfeed.com/verabergengruen/combat-veterans-think-arming-teachers-is-a-really-really But yeah, let's teach kids the way to deal with the problem is to charge single file at the guy with peanut butter sandwiches. Class president gets to be front of the line. Just as the "arm the teachers" nonsense is theatre to distract from the idea of gun control; this latest shit from Saorsa is nothing more than theatre to distract from how stupid the arming teachers idea is.
  3. carrier landing

    answer to the caption: Not the one you just pushed.
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Fuck Jack.... not you too In the latest Raw, Witty announced to the driver and on watch crew that "I have no problem putting the bow down to go fast". Coming down to Akso's line seems right.
  5. because he's still there and has a substantial though minority approval rating .
  6. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Exactly. It’s just boating. It’s not like anything could go wrong.
  7. Kaiger's interesting boats ...

    Hobie-O-Jeebus! Where do you go from *that* as a first car? My first car was a Lada, with Armstrong steering and a broken heater (stayed on). The rusty old Golf I moved-up to was a big bounce in high school credibility from that.
  8. While not a lifelong student of martial arts my knuckles have withstood many an impact.
  9. One with a sense of humor. BTW, as asked, jam a PB sandwich into the action and see how well your AR operates. The foam insulation would be better but they tend to put it in lower pressure cans to help control the flow better. As a defensive weapon the pressure should be increased. I would recommend the use of nitrogen due to environmental concerns.
  10. Simple school measures

    Well said mate. The mental health check should include looking at what they post on Internet forums. This would take a while with all of happy jack offs accounts.
  11. ATN Topclimber

    Sounds like a much better setup than a threaded pin. Do you hoist a line to climb with the halyard? New version (mastclimber) has a cutout so the halyard can be used alone.
  12. So that is your latest is it? Arm all teachers & students with a peanut butter sandwich? What lunatic asylum did you escape from?
  13. With my smart mouth I am just grateful that none of my teachers were packing heat.
  14. It doesn't matter much as long as you get it into the action. Crunchy might be a bit better with the little lumps in it. Since the likelihood of it being required is remote you should suit yourself and go for tasty.
  15. Simple school measures

    Perhaps instead of building a wall the money could be spent on school safety
  16. KFC : No Chicken

    I’d almost try KFC again in honor of that response. Almost.
  17. Explain Cricket

    I appreciate all the responses. I have yet to catch another broadcast.
  18. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    it cannot be done by players since they are in front of the first ranked boat... (cutting the corner at the waypoint didn't pay (that much))
  19. ATN Topclimber

    Had a look at my rig. It has clevis pins with rings instead of screw-in type pins.
  20. boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    I was building on your sentiment (hence the misery-ship/hard-ship tie-in) about the dubious nature of the endeavour, not responding to you directly. Cheerio.
  21. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    i have nothing to do with it... just a spectator...
  22. I think your estimate on the number of people killed is a bit high. Many of those could take a hit and survive. One of the Parkland girls is still alive after four hits. So far the only thing I have recommended arming teachers with is pepper spray and cited the FL law making it legal. In fact, it would be legal for students unless otherwise proscribed by the local school board or principal. I did put a link to amazon for a lot of non-lethal weapons that could be used just to answer the question raised. Personally, I prefer my daily carry Caran D'ache 849 as stated. I have admitted to military service in the AF and a familiarity with weapons. I have not attempted to denigrate anyone's intelligence or bragged about my experience or martial arts skills. The Peanut Butter sandwich is not a joke. Smear one into the action of an AR-15 and it will stop working very quickly. The likelihood of having one to hand in the incredibly unlikely event that I should ever be required to stop an AR-15 from ejecting a spent shell makes it impractical. But, if this happens in a lunchroom it's a possibility. Tuna or Egg salad might be a bit better if the AR-15 does manage to chamber a round.
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