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  2. vesa

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Should Philippe Péché be worried? Apparently he has the same BEAUFORT Self steering gear...FB discussion suggests they may not be strong enough.
  3. Laser1

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Morning chaps! Chay, any good ?
  4. Bent Sailor

    Rand Paul - new tack on Russian hacking - so what!

    Wherein Happy Jack proves he doesn't understand the words he likes to parrot. Dylan can, and does, write posts without insults in them, Jack. Therefore him asking you whether or not you are capable of that is not hypocrisy.
  5. Shortforbob

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    Jack hits new highs in the self delusory stakes. Where did all those yesterdays go? When you still believed Life could really be like a Broadway show You were the star, when did it close? Read more: Odyssey - Native New Yorker Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  6. Sailabout

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    so when you run over someone and their hand goes into the prop guard it will cut it off, in the old days you just got a cut
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    Songs About Sailing

  9. Fleetwood

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    Line will point load the boom much more than webbing. May be a problem with carbon fibre depending on location.
  10. Which one, Anna/Lizard or Lunchcutter?
  11. benwynn

    I Support the Police Unless ....

    Outstanding. Right on fucking cue. Does it bother you that the only one complimenting you is you?
  12. Rushman

    Engine off at start?

    You may be right... It was mentioned but never used in my time on Fineline
  13. Panoramix

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    I still don't get what you guys call "Euro "? Is it the layout, the lack of wood?
  14. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Rand Paul - new tack on Russian hacking - so what!

    No, just curious if he is a hypocrite.
  15. Nailing Malarkey Too

    Brits Welcome Donnie With A 'Trump Baby'

    And what Party is Trump? I like his policies. Not his manner. But, I'm enough of a New Yorker to know his manner is very New York and I can't really argue with success. So I accept the imperfections to get the end result.
  16. Nailing Malarkey Too

    I Support the Police Unless ....

    Very. And, thank you for being such a stark contrast.
  17. spyderpig

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Looks like we are loosing another, Nabil is turning around and heading back to the Canaries. He says he has broken the welds on his self-steering.
  18. random

    Love Olympic triangular courses

    There are good reasons why most classes don't sail triangles anymore. The main one from my perspective is that the first boat to the top mark has a bigger distance advantage. For non-planning symmetrical classes the distance that can be covered in 10 seconds on a reach is much greater than if turning further to go downwind. Rarely do places change on reaches anyway. Triangles reduce tactical opportunities. They suck.
  19. Bill R

    Love Olympic triangular courses

    I like them, but doing the same course race after race is to say the least uninteresting. Mix it up a bit with some other courses chucked in. variety is the spice of life!
  20. random

    I Support the Police Unless ....

  21. benwynn

    I Support the Police Unless ....

    Oh goody dipshit started a thread dedicated to me. Its it oh so satisfying to know I hit a button. And on The Sabbath, no less. The direct references to my IQ. Does that sound familiar to anyone? It pretty much seals the deal for me that you are so insanely infatuated with Trump, that you imitate him. You say stupid shit. Then deny you ever said it. You constantly tell us how great YOU are, apparently thinking compliments count when directed at yourself. (They don't). And now, as expected, you parrot Trump's insults on IQ. I'll need to keep a closer watch on the next stupid shit Trump says, as it will give me a preview of the stupid shit you'll say the next day. Thanks for being a predictable idiot. Now.. Tell us all how smart you are again.
  22. Victimhood. So unfair Trumptard playbook.
  23. Foiling Optimist


    I posted over on the Golden Globe thread on this but I was stuck somewhere without wifi and therefore managed to read his 95 page manifesto as it was already loaded on my tablet. There are some plausible and even good points in it but I cannot believe the lack of testing that led to this voyage coming to an end, particularly the rudders. I guess though, when you build and enhanced drift boat and need to start it away from shipping lanes as you have no maneuverability, you can't really just go for a sail around Sweden or something to see if everything works. I could use the terms "sad" or "ridiculous", but shall go for "unfortunate" instead.
  24. Hapless Jack propagates diarrhea. It's just like bullshit, but without the substance.
  25. Nailing Malarkey Too

    I Support the Police Unless ....

    You like cats? I'm thinking Toxoplasma gondii.
  26. TwoLegged

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Buy a dose of ply and a stash of epoxy, and get @willp14335 to design an epoxy ply hull to fit on top of the keel. Then you will have a boat whose design credits are shared by two naval architects born a century apart. One of the great designers of the mid-20th century in posthumous collaboration with a rising star of the mid-21st century.
  27. benwynn

    The Democrats, Media and Allies have been living in

    See? Trump's a victim. A cunt. We are on the same page. May I get you a hankie?
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