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  2. Cal20sailor

    Floriduh Man

    A native being a full-blooded Seminole? Sorry, but your state is God's waiting room and host to a shitload of idiots. But you do have DisneyWorld so wear the t-shirt proudly. Edit: I'm from the greater Detroit area and we've had a few days in the 70's so not much envy currently. Plus, I sail on the greatest lakes ever.
  3. Henley Hornbrook

    Source for button hatch clasps?

    Might help if you search by name for them , they are technically known as 'Lift the Dot Fasteners'
  4. Sean


    I’ll have to take issue with the bolded part, the report said nothing of the sort w/r/t the obstruction investigation. He strongly suggested between the lines that that our President obstructed justice, but he (Mueller) is constrained from indicting by DOJ policy. As you suggest, Mueller left a tidy trail of bread crumbs for Congress to follow, and a prepackaged case for prosecution once Trump leaves office. Otherwise, “COMPLETELY EXONERATED!!!”
  5. Dog

    The Redacted Mueller Report

    You're making shit up...I called the Russian collusion hoax a hoax. Some people, you among them, have a problem with that but it has the benefit of being true.
  6. Texas (Rush Creek YC) does hold the last male Olympic Gold Medal for the USA.
  7. Cal20sailor

    Floriduh Man

    Florida is to idiots what a yellow light is to moths. They should know better, but they can't help themselves.
  8. Joakim

    Spi Ouest IRC Double

    Probably not or at least depends on the area. Which areas have IRC shorthanded races? There are a lot of big shorthanded races outside IRC. E.g. (singlehanded, no handicap, limited to 450 boats, full in a few days) and (~100 boats doublehanded, local Swedish handicap). Shorthanded racing with different types of boats using some handicap or not is clearly growing in many countries.
  9. braunle

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    I am not joking... in Germany they really work on person over board (POB) for some years now. Guess what... nearly nobody is using it.
  10. jzk

    Climate news

    Here is something more current for you. What temperatures on the graph are harmful to "nutrient circulation?"
  11. Left Shift

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    Well, soon we will learn to call it "agua". So then that expensive bag of stuff hanging off your pushpit will be labeled PITA. Much like Gary.
  12. Olsonist


    There are no gaps in the conspiracy. There's only temporary immunity, political (Congress) or doctrinal (Justice), your choice.
  13. Wet Spreaders

    Wise Words

    Camina Drummer: "All the optimists I know are dead".
  14. braunle

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    Wow! Hmmm thought Scotland working on another election of staying in EU while England is leaving... who knows... maybe it is more important to take care about gender mainstream first. I guess Scotland has bigger problems to solve than gender naming topics. Might be a positiv signal that everything else in this country must be so satisfying that they have time to deal with such minor bullshit. Well, let’s get some popcorn to be prepared watching the self destruction.
  15. shaggy

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    On mine we say "why the fuck's Gary??" Come on, even if ya didn't just see the movie for the 1000th time. Ya gotta admit its funny...
  16. hermetic


    Mueller could not indict the Pride of the GOP because he is the sitting President. His report explicitly states that. Hey look, Mueller failed, because he didn't indict the President! Complete exoneration! mueller failed to lay out conspiracy, hence your post: "You are okay with a bunch of witnesses lying in order to thwart an investigation? A hostile foreign power attacked us. A bunch of witnesses lied, so we will never know the details of how they did it and whether they were getting help here in the US. You are really alright with that? I'm not. I want to know exactly what happened, if only to make sure that it never happens again. What happens if they help the bad guys next time? " what can congress do to fill in the gaps of conspiracy? it has to be congress, because the doj is done with it
  17. mustang__1

    No more "She" or "Her"????

  18. Jules

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    Does that mean I have to sell my MOB equipment and replace it with PITW equipment?
  19. GLAZE

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I am excited to get mine. I am curious about deliveries. In the Vakaros thread, Clockwork had received his and said he was order #150. Then above OMT was #079 and NYBOZO1 is #090. This seems more in line with what they have been saying, a production rate of 2 per day. I just want mine a couple weeks before the M24 nationals. I don't really want to be learning how to use it on the fly that week.
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