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  2. Swimsailor

    A GOP Congressman Finally Reads The Report

    Yes, they should definitely get on board with impeaching Trump.
  3. Crap. I've never done that well, that I can recall. VALIS wants me to conduct some "open circuit" tests on the panel, which I will do.
  4. olaf hart

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    You should be getting around 30 Ah or 360 watts a day on average, the rule of thumb is between a fifth and a quarter the watt rating in Ah per day.
  5. LeoV

    Brexit, WTF

    Her plan was almost the same as the conclusions of the amendments of the MV3, except to loose on CU for Lab. But who knows what is in the WAB exactly... Not a bad plan, it only took to long. That angered voters and in that vacuum dove TBP in. A pity she played tough Brexiteer in her first months, the EU would agree to all and would pay for it. edit; Steven Swinford (@Steven_Swinford) Hearing that the Cabinet discontent is being fuelled by the draft version of the WAB Ministers are being given the chance to see it in a reading room today Suggestions that it goes significantly further than what was agreed - or what ministers thought was agreed - in Cabinet...
  6. Importunate Tom

    Danske Bank - now we are talking real money

    As proof of guilt justifying seizure without trial? Yes, unfortunately. And the cash can be scattered around your luggage. There are training programs to help teach cops to loot more cash. They don't train them to forge documents to seize cash (I hope) but it does happen. Sorry, I could go on but I know that the drug war's cash cow is a boring topic. Just triggered. I'll go work in my yard.
  7. Steam Flyer

    Danske Bank - now we are talking real money

    Whereas pallet loads generally get waved right on thru "Steal a loaf of bread, and they hang you. Steal a trillion, and they make you king......" -DSK
  8. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Danske Bank - now we are talking real money

    Shouldn't we ask instead where DID all the $$ go? Trump, UK, ??? Might be an interesting answer.
  9. Zach

    105+206 = Hot Pot

    Something you may want to consider, is not reusing your cups until they have cured and lining them up in a row so you can verify a cure for each batch. Depends exactly what you are working on, but keeping the mixing cups in a row on the bench is handy if you have an issue with cure of one small batch. I quit using the yellow pump handles when I had to cut up and throw away a laminated 16 foot douglass fir deck beam that kinda cured. The other twenty or so did fine... On small batches I'll use a dram/1 oz cup to pour out the hardener, and a graduated cup to measure out the resin, or just use 209 and mix a bigger batch. Dram cups are four cents a piece... Sheathing a hull and the mixing guy mixed 5 parts resin with 1 part resin on a half-over lapped middle layer of 1708 8 feet long draping from the shear to the chine. Had a mixing table, and a wet out table passing rolled up cloth up to the hull on pvc pipes up to the staging guys. I think the description of grinding off a cured layer over the top of a not-so-cured layer 8 feet long out of biax makes someone look like they are covered in pillow stuffing. You get a partial cure at the parting line of the one under it, and you get a full cure of the one over it. Found that one grinding the next day and damn near left the walk board when the pad sander found hit it. You can take a pocket knife and go over the area, and listen for the sound to change. The temperature at cure can be a big difference to what rockwell hardness you've reached by the next day. There is a point where you save time sanding by waiting for a more full cure than what the clock says should be done. The sunny side of something cured, a spot that was in the shade not quite there yet. The knife will make a different sound if you stroke it cross ways to the blade, and dig in if you've got a real under cure, before a sander snatches your wrists out. It'll also let you know if you've got an air void... or if you are going over foam core, whether or not the core was wet out enough or if you've got a dry bond line.
  10. Fakenews

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    At least he had to good sense to buy a Beneteau 44.7 and not a J28 (voted worst J Boat ever). But then again he wanted to sail and not sit at a dock which the J28 excels at.
  11. Importunate Tom

    New Jersey Going Nutz?

    Wow, who knew that New Jersey grabberz were TeamR? Or at least aligned with the TeamR view that rights are for rich people?
  12. Importunate Tom

    Incest and Rape

    You're not kin to Bruce Jenner are you?
  13. torrid

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The one clear thing is this mess going back ten years is LP owns the Laser trademark in its territories. To my non-lawyer mind, that is legally more significant than any of the convoluted contracts involving five different parties.
  14. I like that US News categorized this under "best states."
  15. bacq2bacq

    Incest and Rape

    Apparently, the science was settled some time ago...
  16. A guy in the Chesapeake

    Plastic on remote islands

    That's terrible - and while recycling/eliminating new waste is something we should strive for - I'd be interested in hearing ideas about how to best clean up this mess.
  17. Earl Boebert

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    And now on to the hard part: shock, vibration, and fatigue testing. Cheers, Earl
  18. Steam Flyer

    VR Flight Sim - OMFG!!!

    Remember, strictly one-design. You do NOT want to get involved with lobbying the Rating Committee on this sort of thing....... -DSK
  19. J28

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Porter found a female who could overlook his appearance and became a doctor. Her income allowed him to play Mr. Mom and eventually become the America-hating Limousine Lefty - the Fat Fuck, the Cruising Cuck.
  20. Raz'r

    Drip Drip Drip

    Uh, no. They said the “legislative purpose” argument from stressing was bogus. Nice foggie deflection try. Fail.
  21. Lark

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    Be careful Guy, that sounds dangerously anti Republican. “Greed is good. Wealth defines value and is proof of Jesus’s endorsement.” I’d hate for a single rant to alienate you both from here and your chosen party.
  22. IStream

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Hopefully it's something simple like a bad MC-4 crimp.
  23. d'ranger

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    The big problem I had years ago in an old house was the tub - it's hair that never disintegrates and that is what the hose down the vent pipe finally cleared. I don't remember what the problem was but an auger/snake couldn't get to it no matter what I did. good luck.
  24. rgeek

    Brexit, WTF

    Her current plan carefully addresses each of the concerns raised against her previous efforts. It rather casts those against it as hypocrites. Whether she will leave with some sort of intellectual satisfaction from that who knows.
  25. us7070

    inflatable sailing ats

    there has been quite a lot of progress in inflatable watercraft in the last few years. i think it started with inflatable paddleboards, where the drive for stiffness improved the technology considerably since the first inflatables. we now have pretty good inflatable windsurfers, - where the demands are arguably more stringent. These boards are easily capable of planing. Certainly, the loads and torques imparted by having strong forces in three locations - mast track, footsraps, and fin.., place quite high demands on the stiffness of the board. not so important for catamarans, but planing windsurfers need sharp rails, for good water release, and they have devised a way to put hard rails where they are needed, and keep the deflated package small.
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