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  2. Varan

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  3. IStream

    Battery Monitor

  4. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    And then there's you who is just trolling for the sake of argument, even though you don't have a good one yourself:)
  5. Hey, that makes two of us!
  6. IStream

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    Hang in there, Savage!
  7. Innocent Bystander

    Lest We Forget

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, Respect. Never forget
  8. Fakenews

    Muslim victims vs Christian victims

    It goes deeper than that with the Joke. I think he’s an incel. Explains a lot...
  9. i'm beyond reproach, Istream...ask anyone!
  10. Tharsheblows

    Does Anyone Know of a Private Bareboat Charter in Maui?

    Nice, and the price is right too! So far it seems like the best way to get out on the water for a couple hours.
  11. Movable Ballast


    The HRC campaign had way more nefarious contact with Russian "informants" via the Steele Dossier than DJT could even think about... What's good for the goose, or does your outrage not extend beyond Trump?
  12. Gissie


    Not overly worried about mercenaries. They get paid, do the job and go home. They don’t have the same emotional baggage to bring back with them. It is a job, end of. Wars were fought this way for a long time. Those that get all excited about the cause and beliefs, different story. The majority of them have made the comment of wanting to be a martyr for cause when they first went. Who are we to turn down their wishes. We could even go Chinese and get the cost of the bullet back from the relatives if they want the body back. Then it is just the wages of the triggerman we would have to cover. May even be able to auction the job off and make a profit.
  13. That depends, have you been a bad boy?
  14. Forourselves

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    As opposed to your position where everything ETNZ have done to date is too dangerous, too expensive and too shit, the teams are all lying or toeing the company line, you can't compare anything any of the teams are doing with test boats to the AC75, but if the test boats are unstable, that means the AC75 is too??? and everything is Malta's fault, but everything SailGP, Russell and Larry have done to date is great for the event, we wanna see faster speeds because the faster you go, the safer you are apparently, you have to give the boats and teams at least a year to show the potential they were designed for?? , and its cheap as chips to compete...smh
  15. Love...his partner lives there.
  16. "Contract switches to" is a clue you're being spun.
  17. Read it for yourself... Amazing how much you and other Trumpies don't care. As for the rest of your questions, I suppose you can blame your own party since they were in charge of everything for 2 years.
  18. Mid

    Lest We Forget

  19. Jules

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    Cuz then someone will think the entire crew went overboard.
  20. fastyacht

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    "in the water" is clumsy and not directly known--you have to actually do the listening thing to that. "overboard" is fucking obvious. Somebody at the landlubberly org that wrote the person in the water thing should stick to tennis.
  21. I have been on the Paragon cat, and we definitely sailed hard!
  22. jzk

    Climate news

    Is that your business?
  23. Amati

    Impeachment? Trump’s conduct is a wonderful thing! Oops! I meant unflattering! (That’s what Senator Lee called it this morning on Morning Joe. I know you’ll agree! ) DCJ’s book is worth a read. And with the Mueller Report, the title is apt.
  24. Importunate Tom

    Ru$$ian $pending

    Hah! Dozens? Meli remarked that Trump himself had dozens of Tweets just the other night. But those dozens were surely why your girl couldn't beat him.
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