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  2. Willin'

    it'sa pizza anarchy

    The 00 flour blend was going to be my next try. Good to hear a first hand recco. I'd also recently tried leaving the dough slightly moist (per an online recipe) and oddly, liked it hot out of the oven but made for terribly tough breakfast pizza the next AM. And breaky pizza is the best pizza. Just sayin'.
  3. Gouvernail

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    Shameful inexcusable behavior
  4. olaf hart

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    Around ten years ago I lucked on a used Tinker folding RIB, a light three piece folding glass bottom, with hypalon tubes and a storage bag. They are not in business any more, but someone is making a sort of copy as “Folding RIB”. only rated for a small outboard, but we use either a 2.3 Honda or a 2.5 Tohatsu, suits us. it even rows reasonable with real oars. store on foredeck, launch with spinnaker halyard, attach light outboard, voila... the ability to fold easily and store in a bag is gold for the tropics, there is no UV damage at all. its in the blue bag on the cabin top in the pic
  5. Gouvernail

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    Shameful inexcusable behavior
  6. Fakenews

    Not generally speaking unruly

    A gun is not a tool. That’s why I LOL’d. Not going to engage in debating your militia fantasies. Grab your precious and stroke one out in it makes you happy.
  7. Grande Mastere Dreade

    flattening Perfection paint

    well that was actually a hellava lot easier... mucho gracias..
  8. T sailor

    Looking for boat suggestions

    Congrats! I have always liked the ROn Holland Ericsson’s. There is an RH 36 next to my new skip. Still has a bit of a winch farm on it, but for an 80’s RC they are really nice looking boats.
  9. Gouvernail

    Invoking the insurrection act

    Do not let him deflect attention from his killing
  10. So I get a citation in the mail today indicating I ran a red light in Suffolk County NY. There's even pictures to prove it. However I was 207 miles away at work and the vehicle the plate was on is a Jeep SUV. My plates are on a Miata. It appears either the software didn't read the plate properly of the plate was defaced. Anybody else have a similar issue? I don't mind paying a fine for something I got caught doing but I really don't like being shook down by the gubment.
  11. Gouvernail

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths United States 1.85M +21,703 412K 107K +605
  12. Hatin' life

    Not generally speaking unruly

    Ease the sheet and I were discussing firearms and the roll they serve in allowing citizenry to have any significant force in being the 4th branch of the government. que weak argument about not being able to go up against the USA government in 5..... 4..... 3......
  13. Steam Flyer

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    Did they take him Burger King, or is that only for guys who rack up a score? - DSK
  14. Grande Mastere Dreade

    it'sa pizza anarchy

    and i need a pizza peel... the wood cutting board is a little small and kind of thick, it's hard to slide off cleanly.... anyone make a diy..
  15. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    The dumbass who didn’t know ANTIFA were commies now doesn’t understand the relative role of parties in the us.
  16. This is an exact repeat of the 1968 Presidential election year where Nixon "gaslighted" into office off the back of race riots...remember the two black athletes and 2 raised black gloves at the Olympics that year. Only 2 the bronze guy was Australian. The only difference with 68 is Coronavirus has put a temporary hold on conventions that were a magnet for protest back then. Without that mobile outlet to attack the administration as it moves around the country, DC will become the epicentre. That will really fuck with Trump's head.
  17. Reflex Sailor

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    My brother has one of these with a 6hp outboard and is very happy with it - he thinks it does about 18 knots one up and 14 with 2 average size people. You might be able to fit the 275 on your foredeck.
  18. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

  19. Fakenews

    Not generally speaking unruly

    What “tool” would that be? LOL
  20. And by “inner city” warbird means “the blacks”
  21. Saorsa

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Greenwood Oklahoma in 1921? Oklahoma's first Republican Governor was elected in 1963. Newberry 1916? Rosewood FL 1923? Fl elected a democrat in 1877 and didn't elect a republican until 1967. OK, from 1917 to 1921 they had a Prohibitionist. Looks like he didn't have any blacks murdered on his watch.
  22. Bus Driver

    Failure of leadership

    A denunciation. Not from the Faithful. Will those who profess faith choose to follow a church leader or a false prophet? We shall see. “The president used a Bible, the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and one of the churches of my diocese, without even asking us, as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for. It is appalling ...” —Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
  23. Sorry Meli, small/medium town middle America(USA) has some of the better test scores in the world. Innercity school systems drag the whole of the US test score numbers to abysmal level.
  24. Grande Mastere Dreade

    What Are You Doing During Your COVID Vacation?

    potatoe update... going strong..
  25. Shortforbob

    Barbra Streisand - Don't Lie to Me

    Streisand ..?. The only thing that she invokes these days are 60 something old queers in fluffy slippers (No disrespect to said 60 something old queers in FSs intended)
  26. Richard2249

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    Here's a few, during her Australian trials (from Australian Yearbook of Sail '83) - before the black nose, I think that was added when they got to Newport.
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