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  2. yl75

    New imoca boats

    Btw, Oceanvolt published some white papers on their site, where they claim (range white paper ) : Due to the dc generator always running at top efficiency rpm, would be nice to have some hard data to back that up..
  3. Cal20sailor

    Nancy outsmarts Trump again.

    Just leave the Irish out of it, we've suffered enough!
  4. Point Break

    Floriduh Man has a few....identifying features...............
  5. d'ranger

    The Wall

    And you can be sure of that how? Sorry but this is just another Willie Horton to get the mob riled up. There are lots of murders in the USA, many of them horrific and yet immigrants commit far fewer crimes than citizens.
  6. Cal20sailor

    Floriduh Man

    Please post that bad boy.
  7. Point Break

    Floriduh Man

    Yes..................twice. Once to a cop car.......or as we call them because of their propensity to park in front of fire hydrants at fires - "hydrant locators"........that one was best. I even have a picture of that one............
  8. In all of history, he will go down in history as the greatest asshole that ever lived.
  9. Mark K

    Electric Planes?

    What do you make of this? It's their home base. "No instrument procedures" My guess is they are limited to daylight, VFR ops only. Right in the middle of an effin' city? Probably have noise issues with ops at night, and only a fool would land in a lake in that crowded bit of real estate at night, right? Some drunks probably row out on the thing at night, and the houseboats?? Those folks put up with 750hp radials right outside their front doors at night? Probably not. I.B. Speculatin...
  10. They will find no brain damage, he is simply a 100% asshole.
  11. Think the medical community would be more interested in the extent of damage to the brain that he has been living with for so long.
  12. Olsonist

    Charles Darwin Gun Owners

    Jeff will be by shortly to ask what sort of law would have prevented this guy from shooting himself in the testicles? Guy will be concerned yet optimistic. Tom will say that must have been some good shit!
  13. Cal20sailor

    Floriduh Man

    I'm going to hell but I love these pictures, PB, please tell us you got to do this:
  14. rh2600

    Foil arm testing successful

    There we go! You are on your way! Congratulations... :-) Tension is located right at base where it connects to the hull - in both test breakage videos there was where it it broke. Ballast is in the foils
  15. Tornado-Cat

    Foil arm testing successful

    Back to your theory, do you know where the foil arm tension is located ? do you know where the arm was reinforced ? do you know where the original ballast was situated ? Then you can know if they could keep the same RM with the same arm weight. Theoretically it is possible, but there is only one scenario to make it possible, and what we have seen in the video seems to invalidate it. Verdier's comment goes in the same direction.
  16. Ishmael

    Floriduh Man

    Depends on testosterone levels, rum levels.
  17. badlatitude

    Charles Darwin Gun Owners

    Man hiding drugs in his anus accidentally shoots himself in the testicles CASHMERE, Wash. (WTVO) -- Trouble snowballed for a man who accidentally shot himself in the testicles and was then found to be hiding marijuana in his buttocks, according to police. The Wenatchee World News reports that 27-year-old Cameron Jeffrey Wilson was carrying a gun in his front pocket on April 5th when it accidentally went off, piercing his testicles and embedding itself in his inner thigh. When doctors at the hospital tried to operate, a balloon filled with marijuana fell out of his anus. Police arrived to search Wilson's car and found a bag of meth, according to the report. Wilson, a convicted felon, was then transported to the Chelan County Jail where he was strip searched -- and another balloon of marijuana fell out of his anus. Wilson was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of meth and possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility. He pleaded not guilty on all charges and awaits his next court date on June 18.
  18. Cal20sailor

    Mikewof triggers!

    Calm down, with Wofsey back and the rumors of Doug Lord reappearing, you have the band together. Nobody can write crap like the three of you.
  19. warbird

    Job Growth Slowing

    Two comments outside PA. Your everyday stuff is bread, eggs, bacon and steak(or some lesser version). There should be tariffs on none of these locally produced items. Job growth will wane as markets realize full employment and it is useless to try to hire. (OR....wages will expand to lure talent to a new job) .
  20. Today
  21. rh2600

    Foil arm testing successful

    Do you want me to prove that the earth isn't flat too? You can't show people what they don't want to see mate...
  22. Tornado-Cat

    Foil arm testing successful

    So you advance theories without being able to prove it. Put up or shut up.
  23. rh2600

    Foil arm testing successful

    That's cool - you've answered my question - you can't figure out how they did it... fair enough... :-)
  24. Treason!!!the United States Congress Voted AGAINST the sale. Arrest him. Try him! Hang him!!! And do an autopsy to see if he ever had bone sours
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