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  2. ice9a

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    So, she has 'split the difference' before . . . . I wonder if having a 'fragile' mainsail will affect this choice . . . or not. Likely going to be a hard upwind above Hawaii no matter.
  3. Navig8tor

    Drip Drip Drip

    Is that not Obstruction? Asking for a friend Have a feeling the smartest cabinet ever assembled is about to do something really stupid as they fall over themselves protecting the Don.
  4. DFG


    I just spent an hour trying to get all the old pink stuff out of the water tanks for the coming season. An old salt in the adjacent slip says they never use the pink stuff, rather they buy the cheapest vodka they can find and use it for winterizing the fresh water tanks. Does this work?
  5. Bull City

    Galley equipment

    I use a M&P for making a garlic paste with salt or anchovies, or herbs. And for grinding coffee beans when the power is out. I ordered some Peugeots and I'm looking forward to trying them.
  6. See Level

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    Auger from the lower sink drain down, that's where the clog is.
  7. MultiMacGreg

    The Nacra 5.0 In Very Gusty/Shifty Winds

    The abrupt "bang" you wondered about was you mast rotating under load. It was hung up on something then let go. How do you normally control rotation?
  8. Maxx Baqustae

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Holey sheet! My friend, Mike Pope, had a 33 called Vatican II. I don't know if he's still with us but he was a good friend with Poncho too. Seems a little odd there would be two Vatican II's in our area. I'm sure you can resurrect it as a C&C like that are pretty tough.
  9. barfy

    "Interesting AC Facts" YouTube channel

    Thanks for that. Apparently it was all on account of the lifting gantries flapping in the breeze. I really should put them together into a mini doco, rather than discrete video responses in a debate. It was in the OR thread, then we got moved...
  10. Fakenews

    Only the Best People

    Well the story reports that he guessed at the phrase getting as far as real estate.... but not the owned. That would indicate his ineptness IMHO given his job.
  11. TheDragon

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    She should be okay this time, as long as she gets around before Friday.
  12. Well, the best outcome is as you say, removal ( not really repurpose), of a legacy polluted storage facility. That's great for the future in Auckland. And what is possibly ironic is that the defender is based only 2 blocks from the concrete pad that they challenged from last cycle, and they didn't take the cup to a submissive tax dodge country and extort them for whatever the market would bear. . And don't even think of comparing nz,s and Aucklands support for their national team.
  13. Maxx Baqustae

    Cleaning soiled inflatable

    I worked with a guy that worked for Aquapro NZ and does repairs and reconditioning inflatables on the side. He uses Toulene and I have done so myself since. After polishing and protecting it I use a product like Amour all but better. But the name actual name of the product escapes me at the moment. Has good UV protection too.
  14. RumLine

    NYYC One Design
  15. Mike G

    Only the Best People

    So now the news media is going to focus on the misunderstanding of the word/sentence, and not the part about Carson being unfit for the job. Oreo jokes all around, fuckers. THAT is one of the problems with the media these days.
  16. JL92S

    New imoca boats

    Juan K design that got butchered by Juan K
  17. IPLore

    How many challengers will there be?

    In answer to the OP. Three.
  18. Forourselves

    How many challengers will there be?

    Nothing about this has ever looked good to you, the boat is crap to you, the venue is too far away from Europe to be viable, the TV coverage will never be as good as Stan Honeys live line, all skippers are liars, Bertelli is Daltons poodle, Dalton is Bertellis poodle, and you wish everything bad for AC36.
  19. fastyacht

    Adding a Reef

    Dude, have you reefed a dinghy successfully? I have. It's not that hard. You just have to take care of the problems as I've written above. This is not rocket science. "Dinghies generally aren't for reefing." <<<< I should make that my signature. That's funny and I like it.
  20. Mike G

    Drip Drip Drip

    "I will give you stuff you already have the right to if you stop being mean to the guy that's breaking the law?" THAT is their bargaining chip? DOJ offers House Intel some Mueller materials if Schiff drops Barr threat
  21. European Bloke

    Adding a Reef

    I refer you to my post above where I point out it doesn't work, but you drivel on about putting the reef in properly. When you reef a yacht you also reduce the size of the headsail. When you reef a dinghy you typically don't. This results is chronic lee helm, making the boat at best unpleasant and difficult to sail. Dinghies generally aren't for reefing. There's a lot of shit in this thread. Take much of it with a large dose of salt.
  22. yl75

    New imoca boats

    lol, any source about that ? Like foils didn't exist before 2014 or something ..
  23. Doug Lord

    Gitana 17

    Gitana 17-The Facts--english subtitles-only avail in French before now-posted 4 hours ago: ---" position yourself at 90 degrees to the wind with a skate wing pushing you along and the boat flies." (Guillaume Verdier refers to the lifting foil on the daggerboard as a 'skate wing'.) ---Regarding speed(38-45 knots): " None of us, not even Race HQ could believe it." --- When disaster struck Gitana 17 was about 30 miles ahead of the next closest Ultim.
  24. Oceanconcepts

    Galley equipment

    I expect those Peugeot mills will keep going many years as well, I've only had this particular pair six years. In my experience the cheaper mills weak point is usually the shaft or the attachment of the burrs to the shaft or the head. The burrs on the OXO mill, for instance, are ceramic and will likely last near forever, but the shaft attachments and supports are molded plastic or stamped metal and will eventually wear and fail. As with many things, it's harder to find products made with quality and longevity in mind, rather than only price.
  25. mustang__1

    Adding a Reef

    lee helm was caused due to more sail area (center of effort, CE) in front of the board (center of lateral resistance, CLR) than behind. Can be rectified with more mast rake.
  26. Great Red Shark

    Niki Lauda DTS

    Like all the best, he was a real rider too.
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