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  2. Bus Driver

    The decline of American cities.

    We appreciate it.
  3. cianclarke

    Better broaching for singlehanders

    Cheers for the reply - reinforces that I'd love an NKE system on a boat some day. Of course, all this seems like no replacement for stay on the fackin' boat..
  4. eric1207

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    Mostly deflated, just so there's no pressure acting on the area. I probably cleaned & rinsed the repair area real well and let it dry in the sun for most of the day or more. Maybe tried to work the glue into the hole with a toothpick or something. I've heard denatured alcohol is good to prep/clean the area but I don't recall using it myself and am certainly not a pro nor have much experience, so again, your results may vary. I've only done this for a couple for pin pricks but I heard the superglue idea from an inflatable manufacturers rep so I go with it. So far so good.
  5. I'm out...totally divested of Baltimore.
  6. This may change if the economic impact is prolonged but for now this seems more like 9/11 than 2008. A friend took me a long to the first fine wine auction in New York after 9/11. The room was empty and stuff was either pulled from the auction of sold pennies on the dollar. I went to the next auction (1 or 2 weeks later) with my pockets full of cash (actually payed down credit card). Everything put up for auction sold way above expected price. First came the shock then came the life is short view. The let's get on with life (and how else can you take your family on vacation while maintaining a safe bubble) price bump may go away if the economy really tanks.
  7. apophenia

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    Another option for bombing around the west coast maybe all the way out to Hawaii is the Olson 25. It is much wider than the Moore and therefore more spacious and with a cockpit that you can sit in or on. There are also a small handful of O25s on the market on the west coast. The two in the Seattle area would probably be easy to import, you could buy both of them and new sails and still have money left over from your Flicka budget. Which means you can stay at nicer hotels and eat better cuts of steak when you are tied up. Alternately, Ballenger will sell you a new mast, rigging, and chainplates so that you can turn one of those hulls into 90% new.
  8. Bus Driver

    The decline of American cities.

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I fully realize this will likely result in you saying I support the re-election of Sheila Dixon. You'd be wrong. But, it's a chance I am willing to take.
  9. So let me see if I have this right. ILCA bailers are screwless but ILCA sailors are screwed. Laser bailers are screwed but Laser sailors are laughing all the way to the bank.
  10. badlatitude

    Tiananmen Square

    I know that video it was filmed at Project Veritas sound stages.
  11. Rasputin22

    Colregs ignorance

    Was that you on page 35 of the 'Way out Guide to Coming Out"? No? Oh, I guess you are talking about that stretch of the ICW between Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. Looks like you are almost to the new Saunders Yachtworks on the North side. The pushboats like to tie off to the big pines along there. Coal mostly there days heading to the big powerplants over in Florida along the West Coast. Great yarn about that route in a book called 'How to Build a Tin Canoe'.
  12. Major Tom


    Meranti is a very vague timber classification, there are more than 80 different timber species classified as meranti, what you forgot to mention is that okoume is recommended for use where weight is critical, so I can almost 100% guarantee you that every competitive marine ply boat built in a class where it is hard to build a boat to minimum weight has been built with okoume ply, and most of that would have been sourced from Holland, France, Israel or Greece, although the timber comes from Africa.
  13. kent_island_sailor

    Who are These Guys and What are They Doing in America?

    PJMedia? Yet another fact-challenged reich wankfest
  14. Dog

    On This Season of Riots

    Dude...There is no lied about it.
  15. Black Water (Or whatever Erick Prince is calling them now)
  16. As more cops across the country continue to riot, the hand of municipal leadership is asserting itself . This is a start. We need to see entire police forces fired and forced to re-interview with a citizen's panel. And then given a mandatory no-gun probation period of 3 years. This move by the Mayor of L.A. is meager, but it's something: No budget increase and additional cuts for the thugs in blue. I've never seen much use for cops, myself. I've dealt with two home intruders (once by getting my dog on him and the other time with a pot of boiling water) and it never even crossed my mind to call the cops. Here is a video of brave police destroying water bottles and trashing a city-approved medic station. Protect and serve! The last week has really shown that cops are the bad guys. It's disheartening they lack the self-reflection to realize this. Sure, there are a few enlightened departments, like that Sheriff in Flint, but he is an outlier. But even as a few departments stress community roots, NYC and Minneapolis have embraced their fascism. The only responsible thing to do is the bleed their funds dry-- make them beg for coins for copy paper and assure that their departments are so broke their patrol cars break down.
  17. BravoBravo

    Tiananmen Square

    New Undercover Video Blows Lid Off Antifa Domestic Terrorists
  18. badlatitude

    What Needs To Be Undone Post-Trump?

    Make a note, call Willie Nelson and schedule a weekend with Joe.
  19. Max Rockatansky

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    @eric1207 thanks. —and, inflated or not?
  20. kent_island_sailor

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    I wouldn't dive into one of those at gunpoint
  21. Raz'r

    On This Season of Riots

    Look at the doggie dance! (your inability to read a 2 axis chart is not my problem.)
  22. Max Rockatansky

    Colregs ignorance

    @Rasputin22 I think you might recognize where my pic is
  23. Dog

    On This Season of Riots

    Speaking of supporting claims how about supporting that claim of a spike in Covid cases in states that have opened? That's rhetorical...there is no spike.
  24. Raz'r

    On This Season of Riots

    Why don’t the Right to Life people advocate for the Native American right to take back their land? if you can answer that, you might be able to understand why BLM doesn’t organize marches re: black on black crime.
  25. New Undercover Video Blows Lid Off Antifa Domestic Terrorists
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