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  2. Not even close. I have to assume (since I've never had a lynch mob at my door) that he has so many more levels of fear and hopelessness to feel before he can understand.
  3. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    Minneapolis police don’t like Trump? Didn’t appear at the rally? Didn’t sell “Cops for Trump” T-shirts’? Or are you saying it wasn’t murder? That Minneapolis police haven’t violated people’s rights and broke the law for the past week?
  4. When the new IOD 95 class rules came out, we started to build a plug to the new rules since the company we had bought was a bigger supplier of the old rules Optis in one european country. We still have some of these boats in our club. We pulled a mold from an old Opti that was known to be the closest in shape to the new rules boat, and pulled a plug hat we started to finish to the rules. There were no other builders that already that had a mold at that time. I can just tell you that it was very difficult to build a plug, then a mold and then a finished boats that measures. It´s easier today due to new resin systems. We stopped since we had too much developement work to do on other boats at that time, but I had a deeper look into the system. I can tell you that there is close to nothing to increase the performance of the finished boat, so all current Optis are very identical, and you can win with boats from every builder. Tolerances a very tight. Optis stay stiff for a long time, so you can use it for a long time. But Opti parents like to buy brandnew boats, love to pay a premium to buy a boat that they believe might be a tiny bit better. But that´s far from true. The latest trend is to use old style woven roving at 0/90° instead of +-45° biaxial knitted fabric which is allowed under the rules to make the boat a bit softer and more flexibel - crazy idea for Laser sailers...... The class currently has 30 builders wordwide from small shops that sell only locally without dealer markups to bigger international builders that have a dealer network. Seems to work quite fine.
  5. I have an unused tracfone, which runs Android. It is now only a handheld device, I let the Tracfone account lapse. Using wireless at home, I downloaded and installed the Open CPN port to Android, and a mess of my local NOAA charts. The phone has a built-in GPS. At home, the phone nicely locates itself. At the marina where the boat is kept....ditto. Friday night I sailed up to SF and sure enough, when stopped, the app pinpointed my location down to within feet. But Saturday evening, when the fog closed in and I was coming back from the Farallones, I had to boot the device FOUR times for it to display where the boat was. I could pop up a little window that displayed lat/long and course and speed...all of which made sense, but no little boat icon. The fifth time I started it up, POP, there's the boat icon, easily 4-5 miles north of where I knew I was. I started it again...POP, there's the boat icon, fifteen miles SOUTH of where I knew I was. Does anybody here have insights as to what's going on? Is the Adroid port of Open CPN anything like dependable?
  6. solosailor

    Black Widow / Hard Bottom Paint Application

    You will certainly need more than 2 coats to be able to sand/polish.
  7. Grande Mastere Dreade

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    local (national chains) died on their own.. you can sell only so many fenders and cup holders to the power boaters in north texas...
  8. He bunkered on Friday, and that damage happened yesterday, no?
  9. Marcjsmith


    Dear bartenders Please don't be offended when we ask if there is any alcohol in the drink you just made remember we've been making our own drinks at home for more than two months...
  10. Sol Rosenberg

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    How do you know you haven't? Did you check voter registration at the riot?
  11. Dog

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    No it didn't
  12. Lol, the nihilist - praising US protest just last week - gets so angry at the thought he’s not safe from the mob.
  13. Rain Man

    Testing the Supreme court's integrity

    Last time I looked at this comparison, taxes in Canada were only slightly higher than the USA. The main difference is what the tax money is spent on - in Canada it is health care and education, in the US it is the military. In addition, health care costs in the US are significantly higher than in Canada while the standard of care is more or less the same. If the US wants to have universal health care like Canada, it will have to shift money from the military budget and get costs under control, otherwise it is not feasible without raising taxes. In Canada I pay about 20% income tax (federal and provincial) and then 12% VAT on most purchases. Education up to high school is free as is health care, though we do pay for drugs. A national pharmacare program is in the works to take care of the latter problem. We have a government pension plan and old age security. When I receive these in three years they will amount to around $1800/month, based on contributing to the pension plan at the maximum rate for the 39 years I was in full time work.
  14. Donnie would claim he was sent by the Gods and before you could say Maga he'd have them signing over half the Amazon to him, we don't need that Jules
  15. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    It takes one word to get the nutbags frothing. and it’s good to see op, expert on the rise of Hitler, is still a dipshit.
  16. Alan H

    Some people aren’t getting it

    I've now seen this asshat and his buddy a couple more times. They've STFU about Covid when they're in hearing range and we're ignoring each other. Works for me. I hope he goes to his barbeque and they all catch it and wind up sick as fuck for a month. If a few of them wind up in the ICU, it would be just fine with me. Dead? No. I don't wish that on anybody.
  17. BravoBravo

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    I was in Lafayette Park in 65 peacefully engaging with blacks about the Civil Right issues of the day . In my lifetime since then I cannot recall a single time when conservatives/ Republicans rioted On the other-hand it is the MO of liberals and Democrat's.. angry mobs intimidating any and all in their path.
  18. Amalfi

    cover for dyneema

    You preferred approach--- checking, you mean something like: Take a lower cost double braid, splice the core with the dyneema, and bury the cover into the dyneema, and you target the splice point to be in the clutch zone? I've done this successfully when I was given a bunch of bare dyneema, worked well, and you get your choice of favorite tail covers.
  19. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    And then the police, furious they were held accountable, have repeatedly shown their contempt for the citizens they serve with a campaign of terror and violence in Minneapolis. Slowing your cruiser to randomly pepper spray peaceful protesters, firing rubber bullets at media, targeting unarmed protesters are the tactics Republicans decry as “3rd world repression” or “authoritarian violence” unless of course, aimed at their fellow citizens.
  20. Grande Mastere Dreade

    the mouse that roared

    i heard nasa was sending up a specialist
  21. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Shameful, inexcusable behavior

    MAGAts started this off with murder and have been running amuck with incendiary violence in Minneapolis. But then, you like racist police violence. It’s what you want memorialized and institutionalized.
  22. I have a different view. Sailing, swimming, horseback riding, running, walking, bike riding, weightlifting, skiing and driving a car are all activities. They do not become a game (and maybe not even a sport) until there is competition. I just went for a run this morning - not a game and not even a sport in my mind. I sailed my Laser on Saturday - first time this year and it was blowing hard so I just blasted around the lake. Not a game and not sure if it is even a sport. It was fun and it was exercise, but no race = no game.
  23. mikewof

    Battle for Hong Kong

    That would be the part of your law school education which you apparently slept through, the "self-evident" part. Tell ya what Clean, I'll give you that part of your missing education, and I'll only charge you one joint, way better deal than your law school ... "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
  24. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Not generally speaking unruly

    Authoritarian police violence is like viagra for you sick old fucks, I agree.
  25. Sol Rosenberg

    Antifa begin to show it's colors

    Antifa was working behind the scenes on that whole Obamagate thing. They're in it up to their liberal pencil necks, those violent snowflakes! Hey bullshitters, when you finish saving the children from the basement of the pizza parlor with no basement, can you do a raid on Antifa headquarters and shut down their leadership for us?
  26. Panoramix

    Dinghys on very small keelboats

    I've seen some in use for years... So that was probably bad luck for yours! Small boats are cheap and easy to maintain, extremely easy to handle, forgive many mistakes, it suits some people. There was this 69 years old German lady who came to Brittany and bought a Muscadet to sail to Tahiti. She made it (the blue boat)... I am not sure if it is hers but by the way this is the kind of dinghies people use on small boats, no need for a big RIB when you draw 4 feet!!!! Some Muscadet owners were a bit annoyed as they try to keep as many boats as possible locally. May be the boat is for sale over there, buy it for cheap there (plywood boat, it is crap) sail it back and sell it for good money in Brittany. Probably not the most profitable enterprise but you will have fun!
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