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  2. Bill E Goat

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Doesn't even come with a backstay !!!
  3. Glenn McCarthy


  4. basketcase

    Jammer Six has left and taken it all with him

    and some things never go away......
  5. Maxx Baqustae

    Sunset pictures

  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    Dropped a flashlight on a string down the vent stack, absolutely clear from top to bottom. I'm guessing the sink drain is 1-1/2" (don't hold me to that) and when it goes into the wall horizontally, it is connecting to a vertical pipe (T connection) and that vertical pipe is the same size 1-1/2". The drain is not connecting in the wall directly to the vent stack. So I'm guessing the design is something like this?
  7. Monkey

    Car Wreck Anarchy... Diminished Value?

    After getting a phone call saying my car would be ready tomorrow, I actually took a vacation day from from work just to spend one less day in that thing. To be fair, it’s actually a perfectly nice car. It’s average in every way imaginable. I just hate it because it’s awful for someone who’s 6’2”. There was plenty of of room, but everything was in the wrong place.
  8. IStream

    Galley equipment

    The Peugeot 404 was an awesome car. Good looking, practical, reliable, and rally-ready pretty much right off the lot. Fun fact: Peugeot cruelly uses an image of the 404 whenever their web server throws an HTTP 404 Page Not Found error.
  9. Importunate Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    At least Bull Gator and I can agree on one thing. It's a meaningless label that basically means "gun."
  10. blunderfull

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    What not to love about a Seagull? They look cool all cleaned up & attract a little crowd to fiddle with stuff. Minneys usually has a few but they fetch too much peso these days. Someday.
  11. I hear that is actually what the fencing guys are going to adopt to improve their TV ratings.
  12. martin.langhoff


    Yes, mostly reported in , see the calendar on the right hand side. In/around Miami, CABB group - For long distance races, we _just_ had the Worrell 1000 (excellent coverage on facebook). There's also the Florida 300. Steeplechase, Hiram's Haul, and a bunch of other races.
  13. Israel Hands

    Galley equipment

    Actually they were interesting cars - as a small kid I learned basic mechanics on an early-60s Peugeot 403. Weird, column-shift, kinda cool. I think the turn signal was on the wrong side of the column. Then, during the gas crisis in the 1970s, we had a Peugeot 504 diesel. As a teenager I drove the piss out of that car. Great gear ratio, peppy, simple, had a sunroof.
  14. Maxx Baqustae

    Sunset pictures

  15. ro!

    Niki Lauda DTS

    I was there too working on the other Fittipaldi’s team..we used to stay at the Senaca Lodge..legendary parties for F1 mechanics..where the race winner would bring the victory Laurel leaf and hang it behind the bar...they are still there! i was at the ‘ring a year later too but we didn’t know when we left there the severity of Nikis injury...six weeks later at Monza I saw him pull off his helmet after practice and his balaclava was almost totally bloodstained.. i was at Mt Fuji in the winter rain conditions when he pulled in at the end of the first lap where he rightly said the conditions were unsafe for F1 racing.. A giant of a man..
  16. cmilliken


    I chuckled at this over the weekend. Does that count?
  17. See Level

    Looking for plumber whose seen it all...............

    4" down from the drain entrance would be about the right spot for a pipe joint. Maybe the auger is hanging up on it? How old is the house? You want to be careful pushing a power auger down a plastic DWV pipe.
  18. Roller Skates

    code flag "Y"

    Tend to agree aggressively, street/relaxed biking I'm adamant that helmets are a scare tactic to making biking look unsafe. We don't wear car helmets... and unless you're fracturing your skull I'm not sure what it gets you other than feeling safe. Concussion is going right through. Think the main argument for Y is that in most outdoor sports (climbing, paragliding, mountain biking are good examples) our combined access can be ruined by one accident. And while I trust myself - our actions do control outcomes of another. The dumbass falling off the boat in 10-15 with a head injury that could potentially ruin my YC's ability to get a permit... well... that's why we have Y I guess. I hate its implications on my personal choice. But in some ways it gives me a bit of choice too and makes sure my sport stays there. But it is a grey cultural line to be sorted and adjusted. And allowed to be stepped over considering its been made clear. For example, our club flys Y all the time. Nobody has ever been protested for not following it or wearing a bouancy aid as I can remember. And there's a lot that don't follow the rule to the letter.
  19. Steam Flyer

    code flag "Y"

    It's faster to fly the spinnaker; but it's slow to broach/death-roll/shrimp/swoop miles past the leeward mark because you're struggling to get the goddam thing down. In the absence of problems, the kite is faster. Some years further back, racing Ensigns..... boats which absolutely do NOT plane, ever, in fact they kind of anti-plane..... we had a downwind drag race between us flying a kite, and a close competitor, wing-n-wing..... they rounded the windward mark about a boat-length ahead of us. Knowing how it works, I had set the vang bar-taut before our rounding, did the set slightly by the lee and by the numbers, next thing you know we had a roaring stern wave and the rig was groaning under the strain. The guy was tight as a banjo string. We slo-o-o-w-w-w-w-ly caught and passed them. The run was exactly 1 mile, we did our douse-n-round by the numbers, with a 1 boat length lead. If we'd fucked up, we probably would have dismasted or sunk the boat. It was -that- windy, stupid to even hold that race. But we were determined to gut it out. Apologies for the hijack. BTW we were all wearing PFDs FB- Doug
  20. nebe

    Show your boat not sailing

    I posted my boat this fall in this thread when I bought her. St his spring I chiseled away at all the neglected teak . Launching in 2 weeks She’s a 1965 Columbia 31
  21. Depends on whether there will be rum or not.
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