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  2. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Battle for Hong Kong

    I think it’s a belief that freedom matters, crashing headlong into a reality that, no, it doesn’t.
  3. Willin'

    Sailing downwind

    I'll file this under 'How to dispose of an unwanted, obsolete old sailboat for free while getting a ride in an awesome helicopter, being given free CG coveralls and getting our picture on SA'. WFD!
  4. Waynemarlow

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    As the top 1% of earners in the UK now account for more than a third of income tax paid to the government then there's an awful lot to say that Brexit would not be a good thing for them as they are the group most likely to see their incomes drop with Brexit and almost certainly the tax laws will be tightened on the likes of Google Amazon and Apple which has been using the Double Irish Dutch Sandwich loophole to minimise tax in the US, which is now being dismantled and is now going to be further hit by the digital sevices tax proposed to square up the present unfairness of offshoring to likes of Ireland and the Netherlands taxes on profits being made in the UK
  5. The prosecution finished by dropping the case.
  6. Mismoyled Jiblet.

    Flynn exonerated, apologies from the left?

    Oh. The transcripts show he didn’t lie? Do tell, lying Shitstain. betcha rubbbed one out last night at all the race baiting on Fox. Fuck, your gal Laura even got Mark “nigger, nigger, nigger” Fuhrman on.
  7. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    Death, and end of the Romanov's
  8. Abbo

    Australian Sailing

    The Magic's were certainly not the most enjoyable boat I've ever sailed but had some great fun sailing them. Very close racing and a great bunch of blokes.The support from Dog and the factory was just above and beyond. I remember a regatta in Manly in Brisbane with some pretty extreme conditions and a few masts broke. The factory loaded some rigs onto a trailer and drove through the night from Mona Vale to Manly and both boats sailed the next day.
  9. And now we have information that indicates he is not guilty, both the prosecution and defense are in agreement and the Court of Appeals is looking for answers.
  10. Cal20sailor

    Twitterer In Chief

    With his ability to put deals together, he'll probably end up in Leavenworth.
  11. Liquid Illusion

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Hello all. I’m looking into the Pulse 600’s at the moment (seems like I fit the category of sailor: 46 yrs, slow on the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows...but I still have a hankering for going fast) I’ll be towing the boat home rather than storing it at the club and I’ve been trying to get some specs on trailers for it. Can anyone help me with that info please? thanks in advance Brett
  12. Saorsa

    Battle for Hong Kong

    May 24th?
  13. hump101

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Interesting question, because the law change post-dates the existing agreements with these countries. Not sure how it will be implemented. Edit: According to the UK Institute for Government "Typically EU VAT directives do not apply to members of the European Economic Area (EEA)". Can't quickly find a reference for income tax.
  14. jacrider


    We have a bank of 4 6V T105's. On our first cruising boat, we went through 2 sets in 14 years of seasonal cruising and hard use. On our current boat, we put a new set in when we purchased it as the bank that came was shot. That was 8 years ago. Same seasonal use, however we now have solar panels, so the bank is getting topped up regularly. I check the water levels once a month. The yard takes them off for the winter and charges them up once a month. Pretty decent performance/value in my mind. That being said, when we went to put a house battery in our VW campervan, I did go for a AGM as it seemed an easier solution. No water levels to maintain as it is not conveniently located. That's only 2 years old, so no long-term experience yet.
  15. BobBill

    Craigslist Finds

    Dub the name "Venture" comes to mind...a 70s drop keel boat...and as I recall, kinda different.
  16. BobBill

    Craigslist Finds

    Alan +1...and serious racers know about the rigs, so just sail it and smile...
  17. Clark +1...much prefer the easily stored (brailing) crabclaw outrigger simplicity (Marchaj). Of course I have a slight prejudice...they work. But must admit, lowering larger crabs like mine need jacks to try to keep sail out of water astern. One thought. Unlike sailing canoes, proas likely allow extended use...sailing canoe use might end at age 50 give or take a decade. Right?
  18. Willin'

    Board building, composites question

    Zackly what I was gonna reccomend. There's a reason surfboards have longitudinal stringers!
  19. Sean

    “I can’t breathe” Part 2

    Recommended reading from the ACLU - Excerpt - "The president’s latest suggestion that law enforcement or the military should literally murder protesters is, unfortunately, no longer shocking. President Trump’s response ignores the fact that the inherent problem is not the reaction to Mr. Floyd’s murder. The problem is Mr. Floyd’s murder."
  20. Are we at the point where Vlad says "President Trump........ tear down this wall........." Or do we need an economic collapse first.
  21. phill_nz

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    most of that plus thyme .. the most used of all i have cajun spice chinese 5 spice all spice cayenne pepper more buit i dont feel like getting up and looking whats in the spice containers atm best thyme and cajun spice ohh and a big bag already made up of KFC mix ( with a few of my mods to it )
  22. You can get Yale cordage from Hamilton Marine, not sure they have covers though, and Bainbridge, sells to wholesalers... Yale’s Poly cover is fantastic, but they aren’t really in the marine rope business anymore.
  23. Saorsa

    On being a Liberal

    Not really, the driver was less at risk than if he had tried to stop a knife attack.
  24. DtM

    I hate Yacht brokers

    Where is the OP? He/she has gone very quiet.
  25. bmiller

    Catalina 22: the Seagoing Corolla

    Interesting, so your parents had the forethought to put you on the list. I imagine that's a common practice in those really difficult areas?
  26. LeoV

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    See your point; Retaining access and not paying the tax in the country of profit, that is a no no. Outside the EU UK can be a bigger tax haven then it already is; In such circumstances, it seems foolhardy for the European Union to grant financial service providers in London equivalent treatment to providers who operate within the Single Market and are regulated under the common rulebook. Put simply, this gives the fox full access to the hen house. You are right that that would be a reason for Brexit for the rich.
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