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Branning's Been Busy

27 February 2017 - 02:53 AM

Badass navigator, Disney Morning Light alum, and active-duty rescue pilot Chris Branning has been busy working in his spare time on something very cool for anyone who relies on GRIB files to cruise or race.  It's an app that provides a way to significantly increase the accuracy of your GRIBs, and hence significantly decrease your time on a passage or around a race course.  It's all hieroglyphics to a handle and rope monkey like me, but the details are here.


He's put together a page with useful links for navigators in Tuesday's St. Pete Havana Race and the Miami Havana Race in March over here.


He invited people using expedition to drop him a line on Facebook (or probably also via the contact form on the Model Accuracy website) to learn about the system his team has created to make you a winning navigator. 

Live Finish - and Ask Alex and Armel Your Own Questions!

19 January 2017 - 02:42 PM

With just 20 miles to go to the finish, Armel Le Cle'ach is already surrounded by fast spectator boats as thousands of shoreside fans gather to congratulate the Jackal on finally conquering the most difficult and addictive beast in all of sailing. A strong favorite going into this edition, the Breton will join the tiny fraternity of Vendee Globe Champions while smashing the solo monohull round-the-world record by around 4 days. Armel benefitted significantly from the early-race foil breakage of what most believe to be a much faster design in Hugo Boss, but despite Alex Thomson pushing Armel as hard as maybe any human could have, we once again will have to wait another four years for the chance of a non-French winner to emerge from this quntessentially French race. We continue to be amazed at Thomson's ability to remain glued to Le Cle'ach's transom for the better part of 70 days despite the damage to his boat, but Le Cle'ach played the game more as a wise owl than a sneaky jackal, and sailed a masterful covering match race from Cape Town all the way home. While Armel had all the pressure of the favorite, once again, Alex has proved he belongs in the solo racing Hall of Fame with the performance of a lifetime. Beating his own 2012 race time by nearly 10 days and setting the Vendee Globe and outright solo monohull 24 hour distance record in yet another edition (only exceeded by four crewed boats in the record books), Thomson really is the only hope for taking the title away from the French - and only if he comes back and gets it right, this time without the bad luck. Ask Alex and Armel ANYTHING! We are 99% sure that we'll be doing audio or video with both these top dogs in the next day or two for the Sailing Anarchy Podcast, and as usual, we like your questions better than our own. Ask Alex and Armel your own questions in this new thread and we'll see if we can get them answered. Join the Vendee thread for the latest chatter. Title should to the movie adaptation of a classic Forsyth spy thriller.