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  1. Team EnVyUs will be making their competitive Rocket League debut at the X Games tournament on July 14.

    The FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational was announced in June, bringing together fast cars and extreme sports to fit into the By Games identity. Explode League is the first esports title at X Games since Call of Duty was played at the event in 2014 and 2015, which makes this a milestone achievement not only for Rocket League, but for esports in general.

    EnVyUs will be joined by several heavyweights of the Rocket Group scene, with Gale Force, G2 Esports, NRG, and more ready to face off at the event. Competitors will battle each other from July 14 to 16 for a chance to win their share of the $75, 000 prize pool.

    The teams will be split into two groups, each featuring two NA teams and two EU teams. Both groups will feature best-of-five double elimination brackets, with the top two teams advancing to the best-of-seven knockout stages until a winner is determined.

    FlipSid3 will certainly face Selfless in the opening matchup on July 14 in 1: 30pm ET, with all eight teams playing throughout the day. On July 15, viewers will know the four groups left standing in order to duke it out within the semifinals before the event concludes on This summer 16.

    All Back button Games Rocket Little league matches will be streamed on ESPN3 and FACEIT's YouTube channel.


  2. Christmas Day lunches in Sydney are traditionally a special affair with immediate and extended family coming together to celebrate the holiday, exchange gifts, drink and make merry! But preparing a multi-course feast befitting a great annual celebration is no mean feat, especially for the family members on kitchen duty. Why go through long and laborious preparations to churn out a lip-smacking Christmas Day lunch, when Sydney gives you great options dine out and enjoy the day with the entire family?

    Here are some Unique X’mas Day lunch ideas ranging from a cruise to dining at the zoo in Sydney.

    Pier One Sydney Harbour


    Treat yourself and your family to a splendid fine-dining experience at Pier One that offers a carefully crafted multi-course menu that includes exquisite dishes from around the world. If your palate isn’t for exotic dishes there are simpler offerings available, but with the Pier One twist thrown in. Dine in luxury, catch up with family and enjoy superb views of the harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Christmas Day couldn’t get any better!

    Taronga Zoo



    Spend Christmas Day having lunch with the King of the jungle at Taronga Zoo. Don’t worry you are not on the menu for the day as the lions at Taronga prefer fresh rabbit, beef or roo meat! You will enjoy the same royal treatment with a delicious fare of steaks and roasted pork belly finished off with moist puddings and custard with fresh cream. If your kids are fussy eaters, there are also specialised menus as well: chicken nuggets and yummy jelly with ice cream for dessert. Head to Taronga Zoo for a fun-filled family Christmas Day lunch in Sydney.

    Christmas Day Lunch Cruise on Sydney Harbour




    Wine and dine while cruising on Sydney Harbour relishing the good food and views that come by you. Celebrate Christmas Day with a lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour on a paddlewheeler that exudes old world charm, a contemporary catamaran or an elegant glass vessel that treats you to roving views of the harbour. Have a multi-course feast complete with a selection of freshly prepared meats and desserts to choose from. As there are only a limited number of seats are available,you better plan in advance if you want to experience a Christmas Day lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour.

    Gowings Bar and Grill


    Craving for some wood-fired meats and rotisserie fowl? Make the most of your Christmas Day lunch at Gowings Bar and Grill with some traditional lip-smacking fare that everyone in your family will enjoy. If meats are not your fancy andyou yearn for seafood, you can choose from a selection of crustaceans cooked just the way you like. Experience fine dining the traditional way at Gowings, a decent spot in Sydney to have your turkey on Christmas Day.

    So, take off those aprons and dine out with your family for a change! Cheers!

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    We have been asked so many times about how we set up our boat to sail across oceans, that we thought we'd make a video about it. It was just our thought processes and not necessarily the gold standard. However it has provided us with as stress free an ocean crossing as you could hope for. I hope it helps others who are thinking of dropping their lines and sailing across oceans. Cheers.


    new sail ocean thumbnail.jpg

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    Ok, its been over three years since my last blog post.  That's beyond laziness and firmly in the worthless category.  Having said that, the third time is the charm right?  I think it is....

    A lot has happened in my life over the last 3+ years.  I lost a parent to Cancer (Fuck you!), transitioned from private sector employment to the government sector (paid more for less work!) and I have slowly watched my oldest daughter start the process of becoming a woman (Help me Jesus!).  There has been more taking place in my life over the last 3 years, but those three things are the most significant life affecting moments.  Its been a rough three years to say the least, but I am looking forward to starting a new and it begins with this blog entry.

    More significant to this blog is what has happened in regards to the America's Cup over the last 3+ years.  Lets see, Uncle Larry Ellison and Cousin Russell Coutts decided to take their Oracle TEAM USA to Bermuda, of all places, and defend the America's Cup.  That right there was a gut punch of significance to me as an American America's Cup fan.  Although American didn't put the America in the America's Cup, it was the home of said Cup for 130+ years.  At no point should a defense of the AC by an American team ever take place outside America.  Simply absurd and the final straw forcing me to end my support of Oracle.  After that decision I lost a lot of interest in the AC.  Sure I kept track from time to time on what was going, but I never watched more than a 30 second clip of any of the ACWS events that took place leading up to AC35 and became a ghost on ACA.  When the LVC started in Bermuda this past May I started paying attention but it wasn't the same.  OD boats and Bermuda, not very compelling to me.  Luckily for  me, I hope, ETNZ whooped OR-BDA's ass and the Cup has been pried out of Uncle Larry's semi-cold/dead hands.  And with that a new era in the Cup is hopefully born.  We shall see.

    Speaking of this potentially new era of the Cup, as I expected, Kiwi fan boys are slobbering all over themselves on ACA with any and every bit of news that ETNZ produces on their much deserved victory tour of the Underworld (New Zealand).  The latest dribble of drool is about ETNZ letting average folk, commoners, actually touch the Cup.  Oh boy.  Reading about that also jogged my memory about what happened around the turn of the century the first time the Kiwi's brought the Cup down to the Underworld and shared it with the commoner's.


    Ah, yeah, I'd just assume ETNZ and the Kiwi authorities be a bit selective about whom touches the Cup while it resides, temporarily, in the Underworld.  All joking aside, ETNZ and their fans deserve to celebrate however they choose.  Its just tough for a guy like me who subscribes to the saying "Act like you've been there before" when it comes to sports.  ETNZ and their fans have been there before but you wouldn't know it based on their current euphoria.  Crazy.

    Now for a bit of venting on a personal level.  Primarily in regards to the fact that I am the sole male in my house.  My lovely wife and two daughters are the best things to ever happen to me, no question, but man is it tough being the only one in the house that pee's standing up.  Especially considering the fact that my oldest daughter is in the initial phases of blossoming into being a woman.  Luckily for me my wife gets the brunt of my oldest's wrath but I do get the collateral damage.  The current issue that threatens to end the world according to my oldest is she is getting tiny pimples on her face.  I made the mistake the other night of making a smart ass remark about her new friends and my oldest decided to Jimmy Superfly Snuka me off her top bunk bed.  After that I knew this shit was serious.  The oldest is demanding Proactive, and I am ready to buy her a truck load after she Snuka'ed me, but my Wife is preaching patience and I am forced to agree.  All the while my youngest is obvious to anything not involving her iPad and won't eat anything accept mac-n-cheese.  That's a topic for another venting moment right there.  I also forget to mention the cat is also a female, needed around $500 worth of teeth removed from her head and recently has started to try and sit on my head while I sleep for some unknown reason.  Regardless, I am truly blessed.

    Well that will do for right now.  I started this late in my work day and I need to start wrapping up my so called work so I can get out on time and miss traffic.  For those who have been blessed like me and had to endure rush hour traffic on the DC Beltway you know why its important to leave promptly when the day is over.  I will say I feel confident this won't be my last blog entry for another 6 years or so.  There is so much to talk about, like dumb ass Trump and his equally dumb offspring and the details of AC36, there is no reason I can't shoot out blog entry's on a more consistent basis.  Especially considering I am a Government employee now, I have a lot of free time during my work day.  No promises though.  

    WetHog  :ph34r:

    Whats on my IPad song of the day:




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    Choate 27 sailboats seem to attract a lot of heated conversation and I am not sure why. I am currently racing on one (Jessie's Girl) as skipper. I picked the boat from several lists of best PHRF boats for the money based on research of the boats and research of the NOAA database of wind speeds recorded on Lake Murray for many years. Some people feel the Choate 27 has a gift rating in light air but that has not been my experience. Yes, we have won quite a few races and we do seem to have an edge in light air. Of course, in the really light air when we are the only boat moving the race committee will postpone the start, shorten the course or abandon the race. We are also a very experienced crew. I have raced on that particular lake over 40 years. I have experience on J-24s , Soverel 33, Hobie 33's, Hobie 16's, SORC, one design and many other types of boats. The bottom of Jessie's Girl is cleaned before just about every race, we have new composite racing sails built by a local sailmaker and have upgraded the rigging. If we did not do well I would wonder why. Even with all of the above being true it is still our opponents mistakes that allow us to win. For instance, in our next to last race a Capri 25 corrected to one second slower than us. He lost that race at the start when we had a great start and he didn't. If you are never over early you aren't even trying to get a good start. The same boat lost the last race to us on the down wind leg. We owe him time and he was ahead of us 3/4 the way down the leg. He must have felt we were covering him and we may have had a little coverage. His response was to heat it up to weather. I knew when he headed up I had him. Sooner or later he had to come back down and by the time he did we were clear ahead well before the mark and the whole time I had right of way. If he had just maintained his course there was no way I could pass him and he could have covered us back to weather. I just don't think the Choate 27 has a gift rating. In the hands of good sailors, and they have been raced by some of the best, with better than average prep work and a sail locker full of sails they are hard to beat in a division were they are one of the faster ratings. We leave most of our sails on the dock and use a sponge to get the water out. If you want to win, prepare like a winner, sail like a winner and accept that every dog has his day and sometimes it will be you and sometimes not. When people tell us that we only won because we have a ratings beater I just smile and agree with them. They don't want to hear the truth and I am not educating my competitors for free.

    Capt. Bill

  4. blog-0509175001427136697.jpg

    After servicing my Yanmar 2GM changing oil, filters and belts, I noticed a leak on top of the injectors. After some research, I found that it is easy to replace the bolts and gaskets, and that removing them won't affect the injectors. It is a low pressure return pipe that ends open in the tank, so no high pressure involved. I also change the pipe.


    These are the replacements pieces:

    (qty) YanmarModel Description

    (1) 105311-59500 Fuel return pipe

    (2) 101147-59810 Bolt

    (4) 23414-080000 Gasket


    Here are some pictures:


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    It's great to have a newsletter/sailing magazine called Anarchy Sailing, as true anarchy does live the life of freedom. What better way to express freedom than being out on the water, free (sort of ) and with a crew that voluntarily interacts, exchanges, cooperates to help each other.


    What I'd like to know is what the level of awareness is regarding what true anarchy really is. A wiki search on the term shows about 12 schools of thoughts on the subject.


    more later. it's late.


    feel free to comment. It's anarchy!


  5. blog-0742442001404186186.jpg

    When's the last time you waved at someone?


    Palm forward, all fingers extended wave.


    I was just reading a thread about "My motorcycle is best because...", actually it was more like," your bike sucks because..."


    Wah, wah, wah


    I've been fortunate enough to own three vehicles in my life that consistently drew waves, thumbs-ups, and smiles. I bought two of them not knowing this phenomenon exsisted. The first was a '62 bug, the second was a '86 jeep.


    The beetle is probably a no brainer. Everybody loves bugs. Well at least the thought or memory of a Volksie. They're so different. It dosent matter about their shortcomings, everybody waved and smiled.


    The CJ might catch a few people by surprise. Jeep people wave at jeep people. My old AMC was green and tan, rusty, loud and fun. We were going out one evening and hit a patch of ice from an overpass and flipped over a fire plug landing on our roof. Walked away. Had it towed to the house where after sitting for a year was pressed back into service, by chopping the top to look like a mini pickup, buying a new windshield frame, and putting the seatbelt through the door handle/pull to hold the doors shut. Good Times!


    The third one was exspected. Moto scooter people wave. A lot.


    The best one was when I was on my way home just after I bought it. A buddy of mine had demonstrated his fantasy wave technique. His wife loved him enough to ask him to get any sports car he wanted, just please don't start riding a big, fat, powerful, Barcolounger in your mid fifties. He complied and is happy. His demonstration, however, started me thinking.


    How would I wave? Who would I wave to? When would waving be inappropriate? Am I putting to much thought into this? When's Jepordy on?


    Leaving the divided four lanes of Rt119 onto the narrower two lane I looked ahead and saw rounding the corner a Goldwing, as I recall, decision time.


    But the die was already cast. It was as if this rider, knight of the highway, knew my dilemma.


    On cue, he saw me, rose from his saddle, STOOD on his pegs, and using his shoulder, elbow, and wrist WAVED!


    This wave reminded of leaving grandmas house, dad leaving for work, or maybe a freight train passing at a crossing. One of those waves.


    As he came closer he didn't stop. I could also see him smiling a just-won-the-lottery smile. My first wave. Thanks whoever you are.


    I wave at all motorcycles. Waved at a riding mower once (He started it). Wave at "The Company" guys, they don't wave back. Don't wave at scooters, trikes or an ekirt, that's a trike going backwards, I will return one though.


    My wave? Ok, I'll concede this to the silly department, but I saw a poster of Steve McQueen throwing a victory sign, palm forward, fingers down. Below the bars, bikes only. Everybody else palm forward, above the bars, Amish included.


    Yes it's juvenile, it's my "Waving Game". I don't care.


    If I wave and they don't wave back, well, maybe they're having a bad day.


    I'll wave harder.

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