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I see nothing has changed on SA, insults, abuse, historical inaccuracies and occasionally the lesser spotted insight about the America's Cup.


Totally agree...add to this a bunch of  stupid trolls , chauvinists and ignorant ,and you have the complete story . These guys are armchair "sailors" !



Any sailor hanging out here is arm chairing.


Yeah/Nah!  If you're prepared to spend a few minutes a day hanging out here SA is THE best place to go for current AC news from sources all over the world.  OK, you need to do some serious shit winnowing but SA is the #1 aggregator.  And with more winnowing and some judicious insight it's also the best source for analysis/commentary.

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Yesterday, 04:31 AM

Just for a self centered local perspective,  I think that the AC Village will be quite busy and will have a good buzz about it,  as locals I think we are all planning on getting down there just for the ambiance,  as well as to see the Team bases etc. Personally,  we have 2 days of tickets purchased for Grandstand/AC Village, have 2 days organized on charter boats ( one for J's racing ) and also have purchased spectator flags for the Whaler and the sailboat,  so we are "all in"  so to speak with over $1500 "invested" already,  and I don't begrudge the amount.  This may be a once in a lifetime experience.    The "stadium" on the water is going to be full,  there will be boats around the entire course,  that is guaranteed. Visually it will be quite impressive.  The TV coverage is going to be very good and the beautiful backdrop of Bermuda will add to it.   I am not sure what else people want ?   If you cannot get here,  you have TV coverage and if you are here,  it is going to be a lot of fun.   In SF,  nobody really cared about the event,  from what I have been told, here,  most of the populace is really behind it.   Anyhow,  just my perspective.  


Eh mate!  Just keep it coming. Words, pix and video.  We can't get enough of it.  Gawd only knows ACEA is doing sweet FA communicating of any substance.


FWI I applauded the decision to defend in Bermuda and after seeing your posts and others I'm more convinced than ever.  I have no doubt that anyone who lives there or makes an effort to go to Bermuda will witness a truly historic AC.


And for those of us not there, too bloody much remains unclear.  The technolog exists for mind-bindingly amazing TV and virtual coverage. However past America's Cup defences have shown us just how badly TV producers fail to embrace fresh perspectives.  A simple example: the dick-head director who cuts away from a critical tactical move with great potential visuals only to show us spectators wearing ACEA visors!  Couple that with networks which slap commercials willy-nilly into live coverage. And don't get me started about  banter between commentators that has no relevance to what we're seeing on screen. Or a failure to use Virual Eye to assist audiences to understand tactics.


Here in NZ, the good news is that Sky coverage will be commercial free.  The bad news. It isn't cost free. Subscriptions ain't cheap.

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Yesterday, 03:35 AM

With the chances of damaging a rudder in any variety of ways I am sure all of the teams have spares and will plug in one and be out in the morning to give you guys something to get your jollies from .

If it truly fell off it's more embarrassing than anything of any real inconvenience .


Yes, as jasper noted, someone is buying the beers tonight!


Post on the ETNZ Facebook page from Floridian Talbot Wilson, PR for Bermuda Race and AC Correspondent for Royal Gazette, with his own pix of boat in the hoist and missing one rudder.  He wrote: "somehow the seem to have dropped it in their hauling out process... the diver went down in the slip looking for it."

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Yesterday, 02:38 AM


Video of today

Fuck you Oracle, foiling tack 10 minutes after launching...tomorrow, an eyes closed foiling tack!!



And a very crisp and tidy foiling tack at that, too.

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22 April 2017 - 10:58 AM

The choice this time was apparently to go high-end on the money interests concentrated at the top of the pyramid, after SF's far more pleb accessibility. The Super Yacht revenues could be huge this time.


You're joking of course.


Larry must be licking his lips at the torrent of riches that Rusty's keep-it-quiet America's Cup will bring him.