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Technology and the America's Cup

04 April 2017 - 12:23 AM

'While the new class of America’s Cup boat has its critics, Smyth reckons it is sailing’s equivalent of space exploration. “This is my seventh America’s Cup, and I’ve seen more worthwhile design development and trailblazing innovation with these catamarans than there was in the whole era of monohulls,” he says.'


This from Suzanne McFadden writing in Newsroom about Core Builder Composites, Larry Ellison's super skunkworks company based here in Warkworth.  Here at least is one way that Larry's America's Cup obsession has had a positive and ongoing effect. 




Warkworth and the world’s first flying cars
It’s a chocolate-box riverside town, known for its friendly ducks, pretty beaches, rich boatbuilding history and a backdrop to Kiwi TV dramas. But could Warkworth also become famous for playing its part in the genesis of the world’s first flying cars?