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Melges 30 converted to Melges 32

20 March 2017 - 09:37 PM

Looking for experience and advice.  I'm looking at a 1999 Melges 32 for sale, was told it was hull #1 converted to a 32 by Melges, 32 mast, inboard removed, 32 bow sprite, and I believe 32 keel.  I'm worried about a couple things, I really want to do more one design and traveling but hearing the Melges 32 fleets in the NW US are on the decline, and wanting to hear how easy the boat travels, mainly how easy is it to setup and tear down time and effort wise.  I'm assuming I would need a hoist/crane for the mast?!?

Also worried about crew size requirements, could be tough to find 7 - 9 crew on a weekly basis, is this still expected for the 32 or was this an artifact of the runners and bow sprite on the 30?

Also wondering about wind, my weekly races will have wind averaging 18 - 30 with higher gusts, my crew prefers heavy wind so I know the crew will be fine wondering if I'm going to be happy with this boat in consistently heavier wind.

Are parts and sails going to be as easy and ordering for a Melges 32?

And finally the really tough question, price?  I'm not seeing much history on 30's converted to 32's.  I'm seeing like 1 or 2 listings over the last 5-10 years of 35-40K and one for 25K, anyone have any idea what they are actually selling for?