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Today, 12:54 AM

Awesome, many thanks. I will definitely be trying to get out and try some adventuring (except for the putting  a boat back together :) )



Too bad. This week is centerboard fairing! So much fun. So. Much. 


Have a great visit. 

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Yesterday, 05:44 PM

I live in suburban ATL.

The aquarium is really good. Lots of good restaurants bars in little five points. Downtown Decatur has a good scene as well. Chai Pani in Decatur has great Indian food. Braves game at the new park might be good. Hiking at Chattahoochee river and Kennesaw Mountain. Rent bikes and ride along the Beltline. For a longer ride, the Silver Comet runs from west of town all the way to Alabama.

Or come up to acworth And help me put my boat back together!

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Yesterday, 03:00 AM

We had our water line burst a few years ago. According to the meter, it put 150,000 gallons in the ground near our house in a short period. Never saw any evidence of it anywhere. Good luck.

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21 April 2017 - 12:33 PM


What's that cat-ketch?  Looks pretty sweet for a shoal draft cruiser.

it's a Presto 30. They're very sweet. But.. offset companionway  :ph34r:


And no one is making them any more, alas. They had the misfortune of trying to introduce them during the worst of the recession. But a very nice Rodger Martin design and possibly my perfect boat. 

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20 April 2017 - 03:32 PM

Norse Horse: The "See More" link at the bottom of this page is grayed out. https://r2ak.com/2017-full-race-participants/