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In Topic: Time to Replace the Frig - Looking for Advice

Today, 07:19 PM

Bob's been happy with Offshore rigs, maybe ask them?


Oh, frig, got it...


Actually, we have a leak in our system somewhere to.  It uses 134 refrigerant, not much, just top it up yourself.  I think I add 2~3 ounces every season and call it good.  Gauges are cheap, there is a service port on top, you will need an adapter for the Schraeder valve, 134 can be bought at any auto store.  Turn it on, watch the pressure (sorry my books are on Joli or I would advise the pressure) and add a very small amount, open the valve for 5~10 seconds then let it settle for 10 or 15 minutes.  I add enough to begin frosting back from the plate.  Takes about an hour to slowly add refrigerant because you DO NOT want to over pressurize.  



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Today, 06:55 PM



What are you talking about?  I can't follow you. Lots of factors determine DISPL boat speed. LOA, beam and displ being the big ones. Sail area is a variable. You want fast then go long, skinny and light. Then find a way to keep the boat on it's feet. One way to gain stability is to add beam and have a long, light and wide boat that when heeled over presents a long, skinny and light boat to the water.


I know you are right that long and light and skinny is fast (so long as righting moment is gained somehow), and Frankie proves that point brilliantly.


I was talking about Kim's comment about the maximum size of boat he could handle. Re-reading my comment, I didn't make that clear. Sorry.


He had suggested LOA as the issue, and I was wondering if LOA was really the critical determinant of "size" when considering the effort required to sail the boat.


My suggestion is that the main constraint in handling comes from the effort required to manage the rig, which need have little correlation to the length of the hull.  Frankie has about 1000sq of sail area, while a C&C 61 is about the same length but has 1712 ft2 of sail (presumably without the genoa required to make her move in light air).  Even if the C&C had small-jibbed fractional rig like Frankie, that 80% increase in sail area would still make for a lot more effort in handling the C&C.


The C&C 43 of the same vintage as the 61 has about the same 100% sail area as Frankie.  The layout of the C&C 43's rig makes it harder to handle, but assuming that it had a handy fractional rig, wouldn't it require similar sail-handling effort to Frankie?  (I know there are many other variables, but we'd be in the same ballpark).


Sure, the C&C 43 has a much shorter LWL, so it would be a lot slower.  Same effort, much less speed.


Actually most of the 61's were rerigged with taller spars, an additional 9 foot was added to Joli so the SA is ~2,000 sq ft.  But that isn't where the effort really lies, the effort is dealing with 65,000#'s of displacement.  It's best to think through maneuvers because unlike Francis we do LOAD UP in a big way, cock ups can be exciting.

In Topic: Cost to professionally apply Awlgrip

Today, 12:08 AM

SDSF, you looking at this all wrong, look at how much your buddy saved not buying a new 30 footer. 😝

In Topic: Cost to professionally apply Awlgrip

Yesterday, 06:48 PM

$150 a foot is fine if the hull is in decent shape.  If they need to do a lot of fairing to make it right it's ($150/ft) probably on the light side.


We like Awlcraft 2000, it has held up well and is easy to touch up, hard not to bump the boat against something hard every now and again.  Also it can be buffed.  


6~7 years old Awlcraft 2000



In Topic: Boats that I would buy

Yesterday, 06:34 PM

Shop around Mr Ed, there are always deals.... someone will be hungry.  If I remember right the 108 was $9k?