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Yesterday, 08:19 PM

I get where Caca is coming from, he wants something modern and fairly clean he can bounce around the Caribbean with his wife and daughter, he's not looking to do what El Jefe did.  


Maybe a nice fresh water boat from the Great Lakes?  They are generally lightly used, stored for the winter and don't suffer corrosion issues. Enjoy the Great Lakes for a month or two, head down the barge canal late summer, into the Hudson for the fall and then down to the Caribbean for a winter filled with sun and rum?







In Topic: Jenneau, Dufour, Beneteau?

Yesterday, 05:29 PM

Location, availability of docks, regulations, inventory of boats, local economics....  around here there are tons of open slips.  You can be a member of our yacht club for a pittance if you are young ($20 a month).  I don't think we would own a boat in some of the locations mentioned but sailing on the Great Lakes is very inexpensive, much like all our other living expenses, around here a dollar goes a long way.


Here ya go, buy it, dock it for $1k and winter store for another $1k,  







I am paying $1800/month for a slip in Rhode Island for a 50 footer. Dockage is expensive around here.


oof, that's starting to get a bit steep.  Are there many open slips?

Absolutely. Location matters a bunch on price and could determine how long/wide of a boat you can afford to keep. In SE QLD a slip that size costs as much as a modest house to rent yet slips below 10m can all cost the same.

Nice boat!


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Yesterday, 04:03 PM

Guess it depends on where you are, there are slips that can be found for substantially less then what has been quoted here.  We lease 75' on this T end, in a yacht club with very nice facilities.  We can move it to another location with a similar dock for about half the price but we like this location.




This is currently lying behind us, nice guys, we brought them a bottle of rum Sunday night.


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Yesterday, 02:10 PM

I like dinghys for racing, keel boats for racing and keel boats for cruising.   But the intended use yields very different boats, it's fun to plane when racing, not so much when cruising for a whole host of reasons.

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Yesterday, 02:06 PM


Denni is onto it.

I tell my clients that LOA is cheap. It's the stuff that goes inside the drives cost up


For my money that woman/man/neither is hideous.  Classic case of over compensation.


Thanks Bob.   Obviously you understand if anyone!   The mooring fee argument is a somewhat valid one but in the interests of being objective, I actually checked my local situation and small boats under 10m cost the same/similar around here.  So there is very little if any objective financial reason to have a short fat, expensively fitted out boat compared to a longer more easily driven boat with a more sensible fitout.    Kim probably would have balked at a 63 footer if he did not have his own dock!




Kim just built a custom 60 footer, I don't think the expense of renting a slip would be a hardship for him....