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In Topic: Jeeps??

20 August 2014 - 06:09 AM

this guy will be looking for a nice one


28min ago 

SAN DIEGO - A Sig Alert has been issued after a vehicle overturned on southbound state Route 15 near Ocean View Boulevard.

The rollover crash happened just after 11 a.m., and the California Highway Patrol says at least two lanes are blocked due to the response.

The CHP says a white pickup truck hauling boxes possibly dropped a box onto the freeway, causing a black Jeep to roll over and come to rest on its roof. The truck continued driving away, possibly unaware of the dropped items.

According to the CHP, traffic is backed up at southbound SR-15 at state Route 94.

No injuries were immediately reported.

Why is this the Jeep's fault and not the driver of the Jeep's fault?


Maybe the driver missed high school physics and went to photography class instead?  Relatively short narrow wheelbase with high center of gravity.  Makes better off road, makes more likely to roll over on road.  No real surprise there.  Its not the Jeep that's dangerous, its the driver.


Any bet he was following way to close, or was busy texting or reading emails or generally doing something other that paying attention to driving his relatively high center of gravity vehicle?


But hey, it's much easier to blame the company (Jeep/Chrysler)...

In Topic: Stocton Bank Robery Hostage Shot 10 Times

15 August 2014 - 01:52 AM

As far as I know they shot 2 of the hostages and dumped them out of the car... at least 1 maybe both of them survived last I heard.
Yes I read the part about the bad guys firing over 100 rounds. The cops fired over 600. 

When you have people shooting and dumping bodies out of the car I think a bazooka is letting them off too easy.

Really ? Even when you know there's someones wife/ mother/daughter in car.  

 I think that the cops did everything they could to end it before it got much much worse.

I agree with the "did everything they could" part.  600 rounds is impressive.  
It's the "got much worse" part that worries me.  It can't get worse that the cops opening up on civilians.
The decision to start pumping rounds into that car sealed the remaining hostage's fate.
Crash, you seem to be pretty defensive. Are you a cop ?  If so, I'd like to hear what kind of fire arms training cops get these days.  Are they trained to try to identify their target ?  Try to get positioned so the background is safer ?
Are they taught that's it's acceptable to open up on a car like in this case, and the Dorner  case.  
As far as I know, unless the women that were shot and dumped  die,  the number of people actually killed by the bad guys is 0.

Not a cop. Former Navy Fighter Guy. I know the budget for training me was a lot bigger than then budget of any police dept, esp in the case of a city like Stockton that is bankrupt and by necessity having to trim everyone's budget. And even with all that great Navy training, I'm not sure the first time I got shot at, I reacted as coolly and professionally as I could have...

I do remember the words on a Carrier XO that said "most guys don't get up in the morning and decide they are going to completely fuck up today. Most are good Americans trying to do their job as best they can"

I apply that logic to the Stockton PD in this case. I'm not saying they couldn't have done things differently and gotten to a better outcome....

But I wasn't there, having to make decisions with partial info while being shot at...so I think we need to be a bit more circumspect when we criticize them from the comfort and safety of our living rooms.

In Topic: Stocton Bank Robery Hostage Shot 10 Times

15 August 2014 - 01:20 AM

News reports I listened to in Stockton just a couple days later said the had an AK47

In Topic: Stocton Bank Robery Hostage Shot 10 Times

14 August 2014 - 11:10 PM

This incident seemed to be so over the top. The cops made a decision to sacrifice a hostage to stop what they thought might happen.  I didn't see any reports of anyone being shot by the robbers as they drove down the street. Looks like they picked the wrong favorite on that bet.


Yeah... I heard the cops say something to the effect that they had to "act"  (why don't they just say - start blasting away) because they thought the bag guys might do something really bad.  That logic pegs my WTF meter.


I was hoping someone in the vast SA knowledge base might know something about current police training wrt  firing ones weapon in a public area when people are around.  This has gotten a lot worse in the last several years... didn't used to hear about so many by standers getting wounded/killed.  Cops seem to fire a lot of rounds in a situation where they must know they're going to have misses. 

This is really the worst kind of Monday morning quarterbacking. 


Have you ever been shot at?


Has it ever been your job to protect someone else even at the peril of your life?


The overwhelming majority of Police Officers never fire a round in anger.  No matter how good their training is, it can't completely prepare them for how they are going to react when under fire.  They are not combat troops with lots of experience being under fire from the bad guys.  So its completely natural, normal reaction to fire all the rounds you have the first time you're in that situation.


The hard thing to decide in all of these cases is what would have happened had the police taken some other course of action.  As we have no "control group" that we can let go and see what they would have done, there is no way to know.  In the case of Columbine, the police we heavily criticized for not immediately rushing in and trying to neutralize the gunmen.  In the Stockton case the bad guys had automatic weapons and had shoot two hostages and dumped them out of the car...really, you should just let them go? 


Until you walk a mile in their shoes, its too easy to sit back from the safety of your den and say it should be done differently, and shouldn't they know...

In Topic: X37 or J109, this is the question

14 August 2014 - 08:34 PM

J/120.  Cheaper than a J/109, faster, more room.  For cruising, especially offshore, I can't see how you would choose the 109 over the 120.  Ours is quite set up for offshore cruising and we've put in about 10,000 miles across the Atlantic and West Coast to Hawaii in the last 2 years.  For a two person cruising boat it is really hard to find a faster option that isn't twice as expensive or more. 

Have to agree with Roleur here.  Owned a 109 and for coastal cruising and going round the bouys, probably a better boat than the 120.  For Offshore cruising, or distance racing, the 120 is the ticket hands down.  Only negative is as its a 40', you'll pay more for sails, slip, etc when compared to a 109.  So cheaper to buy, more expensive to own.