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In Topic: Looking for a 33-35' R/C

29 August 2014 - 03:45 PM

In addition to the boats already mentioned, what about a C&C 33-2, or a Frers 33?
Just as quick as the C&C 35s, but a bit smaller and hence less expensive to slip/maintain/buy sails for...
Still big enough to jump over to Bermuda with a good weather window...

I came close to buying a Frers 33 before I bought my current boat but decided I wanted to dry sail and so passed. Now it's probably more sporty that what I want....want to carry a bimini and dodger without looking like a dork.

>There's a Holland designed Ericson 33 as well, almost bought one on 2 different occasions...

I've seen those online but not in person. Look really nice but very rare.



Yeah, a Frers 33 with a bimini would look dorky...but then I think most boats with a bimini look dorky  :rolleyes: ....practically speaking I get why folks have them, but...


Not sure how many of the Ericson 33s were built, but your right, they are pretty rare, and finding one in good shape is tough now days...

In Topic: Why did bloopers die

29 August 2014 - 03:40 PM

The old saying was, "We gained a half a knot when we put the blooper up" which inevitably was followed by "We gained half a knot by dropping the blooper" 


Truth is the blooper came into play as IOR masthead boats with high aspect mains approached hull speed downwind and started to roll.  The blooper was more a stabilizing sail, than an add speed sail...and in reality as the old saying went, never really added much in the way of boat speed (or stability and control downwind either for that matter), needed more crew to deploy, and if/when things went pear shaped and you had the blooper up, added seriously to the carnage and recovery time.


Choking down on the chute, or better peeling to a smaller chute was just as fast and less complicated than flying the blooper...


Plus as was mentioned as IMS boats downwind habits needed not the blooper, they went the way of the dodo and dinosaur.


But they were a ton of fun!

In Topic: Looking for a 33-35' R/C

28 August 2014 - 09:42 PM

There's a Holland designed Ericson 33 as well, almost bought one on 2 different occasions...

In Topic: Ior boat a sym or sym spinn

28 August 2014 - 09:38 PM

I don't disagree that to do well he needs crew on the rail upwind, esp in a breeze. But he needs that either way. Sym or assym. But with the assym he can get away with a somewhat less skilled crew than a Sym needs...or at least less of a percentage of the crew needs to be as skilled.

Not trying to say the assym will magically make the boat faster or better, just maybe easier...

In Topic: J/109 Hull Delamination?

28 August 2014 - 08:33 PM

Anyone know if the J/109 keel fix applied to the 2006 boats?  I know a running change was made, but don't know when (what hull number)...


Some pics or additional info would be handy in helping.   Was keel fix ever done on this boat? (either post manufacture or during build) What do you mean by the keel is sagging? How did you discover the issue? 


How long have you owned the boat?  Are you original owner or did you buy used.  Was the boat every grounded/damaged, etc. 


Just trying to ferret out the rest of the details so the group can help give you better/more informed answers.