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In Topic: Olympia to Port Townsend by sail & oar

29 June 2014 - 06:24 AM

That's the spirit! Teach yer kids teamwork, exercise, and the satisfaction of a job well done! They'll not only thank you for it later, they'll be less likely to get child-onset diabetes than the typical fat little fucks jiggling around in the back of their parent's speedboat.

Untitled by jameswmcmullen, on Flickr

The biggest challenge right now is finding ways to schedule boat time between swimming, dance and soon Soccer etc. The 28footer we have is 30min drive and to go places of interest via boat from the slip is an all day trip to get there. I'm pretty sure I have a higher probability of getting boat time if I had the ability to do 55mph to points of interest then splash a boat for the local water adventure. Also easier to plan a camping or family vacation trip where the boat tags along and gets used during the vacation vs - the boat being the actual vacation in the case of the 28footer. Wife doesn't want to sell the big boat though she likes it...... We met racing sailboats..
So finding a way to get us to a social event like say the Port Townsend sail/Oar folks show off the boats take people out for rides and talk about all the fun cool stuff they do would need to happen to sway the other half that there may be a better boat option we would use more etc.
Any tips on that front very much appreciated. She's very competitive and likes to sail so thats not an issue. The challenge is understanding a boat type and the use which she has never really experienced before given all her back ground is college racing, NY big boat racing and SF U20/lake and big boat racing. The 28footer before kids we did lots of little mini overnight trips today thats translated to camping and vacation rental house trips with grandparents in play so mom and dad get a break from the kids occasionally.

Having raised one set of kids already (2 in college & one who just graduated from college) and being back at it again with a 6 yr old, I can tell you it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the kids activities. But, just like none of us are likely to get picked to go race in the America's Cup, 99.9% of kids doing dance, soccer, swimming or whatever, aren't going to the Olympics, go pro, or become the next lead ballerina either. What's important from any of those activities is the life lessons they learn. Teamwork, perseverance, that hard work pays off, etc. those lessons and many more can also be taught on a boat. So you just prioritize boating at least as highly as the other activities. Not because you're being selfish, but because it's as good for them or better than those other activities. Plus it done with the family which has benefits to itself. Soccer, dance, and swimming are not family activities, though the may be heavily dependent on parental involvement (esp swimming!)

Plus when they grow up, what they'll remember is the times on the boat with you, not some random soccer game on a Saturday morning...

There's a great book called "first you must learn to row a small boat".


In Topic: Different angles on each tack

29 June 2014 - 05:48 AM

Star with basics. With a magnetic compass go head to wind...note wind direction. Fall off on a tack. When up to speed and close hauled Note heading. Tack and repeat. Finally go head to wind again to confirm no substantial wind shift. See what your tacking angles were. If they are the same, it's an instrument cal problem. If there different by more than a couple degrees, there's a probably a rig tune issue that needs to be sorted first...

In Topic: Catalina 275 Sport - New Boat for 2014

27 June 2014 - 04:40 AM

I didn't see where you said, did you order it with a genoa, or the standard 100% self-tacker?

Looked at the manual today and the genoa is a 106% adding 30 square feet of sail area over the self-tacker.  Good chance I'll save my beer money for buying beer than a second sail that will hardly add any performance.

I dunno, how much sail area does the self tacking jib have? When figuring how much sail area you gain, you can't go directly by percentage increase in LP (say 90% to 106%) because roach shape can have a significant effect. The self tacking jib probably has some hollow in the leech. The 106 could be much fuller roaches, esp if it's got battens...20% more sail area in light air might be well worth some beer money...esp if it's a lighter weight laminated sail...plus at 106%, it will still be awfully easy to tack. Timed right, you might not even need a winch...

In Topic: Dock is too short - need better technique

28 May 2014 - 12:56 AM

Good to know, thanks.  I understand the importance of getting way quick to establish flow and then allowing the rudder to do its work. I wonder if I have enough sea room to do this, as there isn't much room beyond a boat length between the two dock splines for me to turn, and start backing down. At present, moored bow-in, I back out and to starboard, making an L-shape turn before heading forward. My dock spline is  just to the right of  the apex of the burgee in the image below.



What about spinning the boat around by that crescent shaped beach right near the inlet and backing all the way to your slipway and slip.  Plenty of room & time to maneuver and gather speed in reverse out there.  After that, you're in reverse with speed on the entire way until you go to neutral approaching your slip, and from there can drop it into forward to slow / stop boat where needed.  Also allows you to use Mash's bow spring idea off the stern where you are, vice from the bow, where you aren't....

In Topic: fordeck hatch help

14 May 2014 - 11:05 PM

I used life caulk to recaulk my rebuilt foredeck hatch (same as yours). It's been 3 years now with no leaks...