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In Topic: Keep extender thingy- keel prosthetic

15 January 2017 - 04:48 PM

there is considerable evidence benni DID NOT DO IT RIGHT the first time
personally I favor a stronger flange type keel hull joint to spread the loads
then the narrow existing inside row that has failed on other boats by them and others

They did on those mid 80s boats. They were well built....it is the newer firsts with the pan liners and bulb keels that are of question

In Topic: Help me find my next boat?

15 January 2017 - 04:27 PM

Your right, of course.  But then neither does a J/97, J/109, J112E, J/120, J/133, C&C 99, C&C 115, etc, etc.  Still fun to sail, still fun to race even with other displacement boats in my experience, and besides, OP says nothing about racing.  He says mostly shorthanded daysailing, hanging the hook, cruising the ICW...and an aso is easy to handle short handed.


Plus if you're racing in a PHRF fleet, in medium breeze, where a sport boat can't get on a plane, it struggles to sail to its rating too...I race on a FT 7.5 now, and owned/raced a J/109 for 4 years, so have some experience racing planning and non-planning boats with aso...

In Topic: "Anarchy"

15 January 2017 - 03:57 PM

I'd take it as an honor and compliment too.  Only a guy with an inferiority complex would be upset by this...

In Topic: Help me find my next boat?

15 January 2017 - 03:53 PM


Got the go ahead from the wife to look for my next boat and I'm open to some suggestions.  I raced a bunch when I was younger, but now all I want to do is day sail, spend over night on the hook and maybe head down the ICW to the Keys if I'm feeling adventurous.  To give you an idea of what my tastes are my previous boats included a Soverel 33, Express 37, and Beneteau F405. This time around I'm looking for something between 30 and 34 feet LOA, less than 6 foot draft,  good performance, and a decent interior.  Oh, and max budget is $20K.  I'm located on the ICW in North Carolina so am hoping to find something between Maryland and Georgia so I can deliver it home on its own bottom.

Right now my short list includes a bunch of J/30's, an S2 9.1, and some 80's vintage C&C.  What I'd love to get is a Pogo 30 (wouldn't we all?), but that ain't happening on this budget.  I'd love to find an Olson 911s or Capo 30, but what few are out there are way above my budget.  Any suggestions or leads you guys might have?


What does a used J105 or J92 go for?  If all you want to do is day sail or sail short-handed, my suggestion if if fits in the budget is to look at a used Aso design boat.  If the interior is workable, the J80 as someone suggested.  All the boats mentioned so far are very old and dated.  If you can squeeze the budget, I would try to go for a bit more updated design that is easier to shorthand.  To me, there is nothing more painful than going downwind with jib and main only.  Nails on a chalkboard....


Having owned 2 of the boats on his list (Santana 30/30 and S2 9.1) and having also owned a J/109, I agree that the ideal answer would be an Aso design boat.  In the case of the OP, I'd say a J/97 (but would need a shoal keel)....but as the OP has pointed out, they are all beyond his budget.  


While he might find a J/80 for close to his budget, he likely can't find a J/105 - and if he does, its probably a little scary.  Plus if his intended use includes cruising the ICW and hanging on the hook at night with his wife, a boat with standing headroom, and a private head will serve those needs much better.  Happy wife and all.


As I owned the S2 9.1 after the J/109, and thought the J/97 would be a perfect boat except for cost...(money was paying college tuition for multiple kids at the time), I also always felt that the 9.1 was pretty close from a capabilities standpoint when compared to the 97, and that retro-fitting a J/97 style sprit and adding an Aso would make it a great (cheap) J/97 replacement.  In fact from looking at rig dimensions, a J/105 chute should fit almost perfectly...assuming you added the right length sprit...  I always wondered how hard it would be to find a salvage 105 to get the sprit from...and then do a proper thru the hull install, just like J/Boats.  I know, measure about 100 times before cutting that size hole in you hull...Plus I never actually did it  :rolleyes:


I know the 9.1 still comes with an overlapping sailplan, but in NC, the summers are known for light wind, and so having a light air overlapping genoa would be an advantage over a non-overlapping sailplan...

In Topic: WW II Warbird porn

13 January 2017 - 03:08 PM

One of the challenges of History is the judging of peoples actions within the bounds of historical content...you can't judge someone from 80 years ago  based on what you know and think today.  You have to judge them based on what people knew and thought at the time...


I'll bet 80 years from now, people will look at us, and in some cases and some situations, wonder what we were thinking, and condemn us for doing/acting the way we do.  That's been true throughout history, and is unlikely to change today or in the future.