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In Topic: Inflatable Rib as a Tender....

Today, 04:52 AM

Why not a nesting hard dinghy?


In their spare time, I'm sure the kids are going to want to take it out and swim off the thing - and drive it.  I'd much rather have inflatable tubes around the boat so when (not if) they run into something I'm not forking out money for a paintjob repair.  Plus, when you're on mooring I'd be much less worried about damage with the dink in the water tied to the stern.  I don't want to have to put it back up every time we aren't using it. 

In Topic: The Zombie Fleet

Today, 04:49 AM

First in, last out I guess.


I presume the experienced people stay away late in the fall so they can get to their boat in the winter and can get launched before July? :D


I'm betting they're using a crane, and that it takes a week to get them all back in.

In Topic: This is complete Crap - please speak out !!

Today, 04:44 AM

The Vice President of the Lake Pilots Association has written a very good editorial about the subject you can find here:




The main points of the editorial are essentially that the organization was very much informed of the pilotage requirements on the Great Lakes, that the estimate for pilotage sent to the festival's organizer was far lower (192k) than what the organizers are claiming, and that while the organization is nonprofit, the Tall Ships festival will bring in considerable revenue for the participating vessels. 


Pilots are well compensated because the job they do requires decades of training in order to perform safely and effectively, and people who are qualified for this job are few and far between. While it is very easy to shout about the unfairness of this process, especially when it is difficult for the accused to respond without looking bad, the fact is that the claims the organization is making are simply not accurate.


Better get the waders out.  The pile of shit is growing deep REALLY fast.  Decades of training eh?

In Topic: And this is how I picture Sailing Anarchy's court case going....

28 July 2016 - 04:37 AM

It amounted to a string of insults - suck my giant dick was the most common.

In Topic: Inflatable Rib as a Tender....

27 July 2016 - 03:04 AM


Friends of ours with 3 smaller kids (15-12) do just fine with a 3.1m RIB and 18 HP Tohatsu. The parents are fairly light so all up weight is low enough to easily plane the boat. Really a 11' RIB should be easily enough for 5 people.


PVC or Hypalon? If you keep the boat inflated in davits without a cover, the PVC dinghy will not last many years. Look at Defender.com  - they carry a huge selection of inflatables. Picking a well known brand will be good because there are lots of cheap Chinese PVC boats flooding the market.


Davits? Cover? 30 foot Yacht? sorry doesn't compute.



Not unusual at all.