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In Topic: money wins!

Today, 07:07 AM

How about taxing the higher spending entrants and create a cash prize pool across the class...say top 10% finish in the money? Amateur teams pay the standard regatta entry fee and teams with pros pay an additional 30% of both practice/regatta expenses into the pool.

This will create more competition for everyone. Happy trails.


Yeah, that's the ticket.  Let's socialize sailing.  Jesus H Christ.

In Topic: Where's Vernon ?

Yesterday, 12:50 PM


Why don't we agree on 3.141592654...


Fits this place better...


I'll go with 1.34




In Topic: Super Bowl - Fucking obnoxious = Wooooooooo

Yesterday, 11:35 AM

I noticed it too.  I have trouble believing anyone could really keep doing that for the entire game - I suspect it was some of the 'canned' air noise the studios pipe in to make everything sound better at home.  Wanted to beat whoever created that noise.  Wooooooooooooo.


We've got one at the local tigers games - he sits near the radio booth and whistles (the loud two finger whistle) non-stop when the opposing teams are up.  He's been asked to move, but somehow he keeps ending up next to the radio booth.  When I hear that  mother fucker start up I turn off the Tigers.


Oh... and that halftime shows was good, right until Beyonce showed up.  Stay classy ya ass shakin' trailer trash.

In Topic: money wins!

Yesterday, 06:55 AM

yes, rich guy wins. but isn't it time to start to have transparency about how much is really being spent?


Sure.  You can start.  Explain stuff like where the money for the SA AC challenge went.  Then start posting up all the free stuff / price reduced stuff (including boats) you've been given for pimping it.  Then tell us how much you get for whoring out to companies and posting glowing BS about their products.  Then explain how money wins when you get new boats and sails then beat up on the local FT-10 fleet.  Cause transparency is good.


Go ahead.



In Topic: Kiteboarders v ISAF

03 February 2016 - 07:58 AM


There are more than a few kiteboarders who disagree, obviously.  You don't think the way the IKA slid under ISAF's umbrella was suspicious?

Is it obvious? Take a swing by http://www.ifkitespo...membership.html and tell us which national organisations have signed up to the IFKO. As far as I can see, it's secret.



You do not understand.  It's SUSPICIOUS