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In Topic: Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

Today, 02:39 PM

You guys are just screwing with me. What's next a hidden "Void Ho" video??


Check your list of ignored idjits. It will show him as banned. It would be nice if management would take a shovel to PA and clean that place out. I am taking a one year sabbatical from there just to see if anything changes.



In Topic: Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

Today, 04:04 AM

I mean its hard work to keep up with this shit.............and this isn't even the wine or single malt stuff...........




Smart move hiding the Glenlivet behind the Jack Daniels. It will throw off the amateurs!





In Topic: 20+ Firefighters Killed

Today, 03:56 AM

Damn. Its a hard enough job here with the codes we have. I can't imagine 3rd world buildings and going in after 4 hours of fire exposure. A sad and tragic day.



In Topic: Los Angeles Chargers

Yesterday, 05:38 AM

Lotta good beaches and surf spots between hell-a and San Diego. Lots......never mind where they are are.......

You need to let everyone know so they can start moving!
Cuz we sure as hell don't want them...


In Topic: NFL 2016

Yesterday, 05:32 AM

Jeepers.....now seachickens will lose their 2nd round pick? Didn't they already lose the 5th round for something or other?

Yep, for excessive contact drills without pads last year. They were trying to keep the players from escalating so they had them practice without pads and two guys came to blows. Dumb.
This loss is even dumber. How do you not report an injury??
All in all a less than stellar season for my Hawks. Sad.
But, there's always next year!!