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In Topic: VOR Lorient Stopover

14 June 2015 - 11:50 AM

In Port Race live now.
Edit....actually, the 20 minute countdown timer to the race is live now.


In Topic: ...Team VESTAS WIND...the resurrection thread.

30 May 2015 - 07:42 PM

Where do you stand on Donfeng and the other boats that have swapped out crew?

Strangely, I don't have a problem with it so long as the Skipper and most of the key guys/girls have done it. Mapfre just OK

The VOR is not a 'round the world' race, it's an 'ocean race', built as a series regatta. Unfortunately for Team Vestas Wind there are no discards :-)

In Topic: VOR Leg 7 Newport - Lisbon

28 May 2015 - 06:08 PM

Keep in mind that they're somewhat hindered by sponsor commitments, commitments to land-based activities, etc...
- They needed to interview the Brunel CEO.  I would have preferred to see Alvi, Abu, and DF fighting for third, but if your company paid for a boat, and that boat has just won the leg, then they need to interview him when the time is right for him, partly for the personal relationship and mostly to provide the corporate exposure that was paid for.
- They needed to show Brunel and MAPFRE celebrating their wins (that magnum was huge!).  Again, would have preferred to see the battle for third, but once the crew is ashore, they need to go ahead and have the celebration as soon as the time is right, before local spectators wander off and before online viewers log off.  Again, partly because the timing is right for the crew and mostly for the corporate exposure that was paid for.
- All other sports coverage has commercial breaks.  In most sports, there are well-defined times when this can happen, so that it's convenient for the viewer.  It also gives the commentators a chance for a potty break.  Not the case here.  Marathon coverage for however long it takes to arrive.  At some point, they'll need a break.  Timing could have been better, but the timing probably never seemed right, so eventually they just had to go.  Such is life.
In other words, dealing with coverage of something other than what I wanted to see most at that moment is pretty much the same as dealing with TV commercials during other sporting events.
With that said...  I agree that it would have been really nice to put more attention (and footage) at various times on the battle for third and fourth.  I also think SCA Corporate would have appreciated a helicopter shot and/or RIB getting out there to show SCA bearing down on the fleet at 13 knots while Abu was still parked.  False drama because SCA was destined to hit the same hole, but better for the sponsor if their boat is actually seen while the others are still racing, rather than being an afterthought that gets attention after everyone else crosses the finish line.  (With that said...  I went to bed at 1:30 AM Central US Time...  maybe they started showing SCA 10 minutes later)

I can speak to this with some expertise.   I ran a firm which specialized in media production packages.   My firm won technical Emmy awards for our work including at two Olympics and for NASCAR.
Given the budget, and the resources reportedly available, the coverage could have been considerably better.
What I do not understand is why VOR does not use a split screen or knock-out box.   This is regularly done in similar large geography formats - Road Rally, Cycling, even Golf.   The Main Screen can continue to be very same, semi-chaotic coverage mix of on-board/periscope/dockside etc.    Whatever they are doing now.   BUT... 20% of the screen space in the lower right or lower left can be locked on a tracker or virtual eye.   
Zero marginal cost increase.
On the actual deployment of resources and coverage.    One long range lens camera on a high point (Bridge Top, Table Mountain etc) robotic or human operated would vastly improve coverage at a cost which would be the same or less than a rib crew.    Nearly every finish has a fixture where this would work, and the 65s are big enough that even given atmospheric haze with a 5-7 mile shot would not diminish the ability to follow the action.
If anyone at VOR wants to discuss.    Feel free to PM me.

This is interesting, VOR.

In Topic: Sailrocket 3 - The Offshore version

27 May 2015 - 01:20 PM

Starving for news!

In Topic: VOR Leg 7 Newport - Lisbon

26 May 2015 - 07:31 PM

Mapfre brought their boat out of class without telling, which is about the worst you can do in an OD series, and were only penalized two points.

From that point of view even a one point penalty for going against an empty TSS lane seems very harsh for DFRT and Mapfre. If the IJ feel the need to set a precedent, they can use fines.

Even so, my gut feeling says 1 point.