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In Topic: Gallup Daily: Trump Approval 36% Disapproval 57%

Today, 01:50 AM

Not much political capital. And it ain't gonna gat better. Loser bigly.

In Topic: Is Trump a(n unwitting) Chinese agent

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Trump is a witless idiot only marginally smarter than those who voted for him.

In Topic: Trump and GOP fail to pass Trump care. Trump blames the Democrats.

Yesterday, 11:16 AM

Private hospitals keep old people alive (like MY mother) relieving the burden on the public system.

Don't take this the wrong way.... but why are you keeping your mother alive if she can only survive in a hospital?  Does she have any quality of life or are you keeping her alive just because you can?  
IMHO, if hospitals are the "only thing keeping old people alive" - then we are doing it wrong.  And this has proven to be if not THE #1 cost driver to the US system, at least one of the biggest cost drivers.
Sarah warned us about death panels.

In Topic: Can a POTUS be sued?

Yesterday, 03:38 AM

Why not her?
She's a lawyer.

Hubby knows a lot about suing a sitting pres.

In Topic: Gallup Daily: Trump Approval 36% Disapproval 57%

Yesterday, 12:35 AM

Trump's rating now lower than Obama's ever was.  And no forecast for improvement.