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Yesterday, 02:03 PM

I am your father, Barry.


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Yesterday, 01:57 PM

And some are interested in BENGHAZI!

In Topic: The Coming ObamaCare Train Wreck

Yesterday, 12:50 PM

I've worked for 3 fortune 100 companies, and now a Fortune 500.
Every single one of them asks if the spouse is covered at their place of employment - and every single one of them makes them ineligible IF they are covered elsewhere.
A question.  Why the concern about open enrollment?  In the 26 years I've been in these large companies, each of them had a mandatory open enrollment period, and if you didn't sign up during that time, you were shit out of luck till the next year.  How is the ACA enrollment period any different than the standard practices of the insurance companies.  In fact, I'd bet you would see each and every insurance company drop out of providing insurance if there wasn't an "open enrollment" period that defined when folks could sign up.

The issue I brought up is if you get laid off and need Cobra short term you can no longer do that. You have to stay on Cobra until it expires or the next open enrollment. Unless you get a new job that provides insurance you are stuck with the high cost rather than access to the market place. That is a change from the past. Seems like another bone to the insurance lobby.
If you are laid off, you don't need to wait for open enrollment as you qualify for the significant event exception. So you have a choice to go the Cobra route or the exchange.

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18 April 2014 - 11:46 PM



Well Tom, if you went to Nevada in 2007 and saw White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns and some balloons in Albuquerque, I'd say I doubt if you've been to any western state because those cities aren't in Nevada. They were part of the Confederacy back in 1862, so maybe you got the year mixed up when you went.


OK, so I didn't spell out the whole itinerary. Flew to TX and saw some bats, flew to Las Vegas and rented a car, drove all over the place, mostly in New Mexico. The whole thing, including Texas, looked like a desert to me.


I'm sure there are bats in Texas but more likely you saw the bats that are an attraction at Carlsbad Caverns, which is in New Mexico. As far as the rest of your itinerary, flying to Las Vegas and driving all over New Mexico seems like a lot of unnecessary mileage. But I will agree the whole thing does look like desert to me too.

Funny how there is a state between Las Vegas and New Mexico that is also a renowned desert state.  No mention of the deserts of the Grand Canyon State.  Seems geography is not one of Tom's strong suit.

In Topic: The Coming ObamaCare Train Wreck

18 April 2014 - 11:41 PM

Single Payer would make COBRA go away.  Not needed.