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In Topic: What are you entitled to?

Today, 03:18 PM


One not mentioned!

If you have a condition that the chances are you are gonna die, imminently, and there is nothing that can help you medically,



Yes, agree. "When you want to, & how you want to."   "Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson, please prepare for duty"



With your shaky aim, its a good argument for high capacity magazines.

In Topic: Time for Trump to be person of the year

Today, 03:16 PM

He certainly is.  And its not because he's popular.

In Topic: How will you feel when Ivanka Trump is the first woman president?

Today, 02:25 PM



If this weren't a sailing site, I'd say I'd motorboat those fun bags.

What made you think we're interested in your erotic predilections?


Pretty funny coming from a guy that is constantly jerking off over images of the Trumpette.



Not constantly, I have a few hours between cycles.

In Topic: Reichsparteitage

Today, 02:23 PM


I would like Trump to answer unscripted questions.  I don't think he can.


Oh he CAN answer them. But it's going to be a monster cleanup job every time he does. 


But what will get ugly is if he gets called on his lies, to his face, by a reporter. I definitely anticipate him storming out of a press conference, if he ever starts having them.



Oh to have Sam Donaldson back.

In Topic: trump saves more american jobs

Today, 02:21 PM



 The 747 is more than 30 years old, is this really the best face we want to put forth to the world?


You made Trump your President and you're worried about how the world will perceive the appearance of a perfectly maintained 747?




What's the service life of a regular 747 - 50,000 cycles or something? It would probably take a century for AF1 to hit it whatever it is.



A 747 is good for around 100,000 hours and 30-40,000 cycles. The 747SR, the short-range version built for the Japanese domestic market, has a beefed-up structure and landing gear in order to take even more cycles, as they make a lot of cycles every day, instead of 2 or so per day for usual 747 users.  I am pretty sure AF-1 trumps (pun) that with added structural engineering.. 


Then again, these are planes flying every day....  AF-1 does what a trip a month?



Should they upgrade the avionics and defense systems?  Or are they just as good as the day they were developed 30 years ago?