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In Topic: Trump blocks select media from news confrence

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Next week it will be ceremonial book-burning.

How can anyone believe anything the Orange Hitler says any more?


“I love the First Amendment; nobody loves it better than me. Nobody,” he said.


Nobody is Trump's tell phrase.

When he says it, it means everybody.

Nobody knows the military better than me. Nobody.

Nobody reads the bible more than me. Nobody.

Nobody is smarter than me.  Nobody.

In Topic: Good Little Americans

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

In Topic: Good Little Americans

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

So who was the Einstein who realized the flag was a Russian flag?  Someone in the audience or someone from the fake media covering it?

In Topic: What's the matter with Kansas?

Yesterday, 07:56 PM



Not really - because looking for a reason to suggest a causal relationship between the incident and the party plurality of the state in which it happened is specious - it doesn't help at all, and THAT's the point.   You want to point out that Trump's rhetoric may have emboldened some ignorant SOB to act out?  Yeah - that's a valid discussion.  Saying that someone's less safe in a "red state" because it's a "red state" isn't. 




Its a Red State because there are more people emboldened by Trump than a Blue State.  More mouth breathers makes it less safe for those who aren't mouth breathers.

In Topic: So, how about these Town Halls?

Yesterday, 07:26 PM


Typical 'free speech' shoutdowns.



Stupid fuckers can't draw a crowd or elect a president on their own.


Yeah.  They lost.  They should just shut up and take whatever comes their way.


Fuck 'em.



Majority of Americans voted for the loser. Just a few hundred thousand in comb over country gave us Trump.