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In Topic: The Whitehouse has a new web page. All of Trump's promises

Today, 12:42 AM



It seems some pages which used to be on that site have disappeared.  You know, covering topics like Civil Rights, Climate Change, Healthcare, and LGBT issues.

If it's not there, he doesn't have to address them, Right? Might be a good thing about a few of them, then again, might not!
Might just kick the can down the street.
Isn't civil rights and lgbt issues covered in the same documents? Maybe they are just consolidating. You know, a statement like "NOBODY gets special treatment"



Does everybody get the same treatment?   like marriage rights?  

In Topic: Anyone Else Listen to Inauguration Speech?

Today, 12:40 AM

The speech translates well into German.  A little harder to follow in Russian.

In Topic: Anyone Else Listen to Inauguration Speech?

Today, 12:25 AM

Good speech, just enough "trust in God" to piss of the left.


That God stuff scared the shit out of me.  Mostly because I know Trump doesn't believe.

In Topic: When is a "Protest" a riot?

Today, 12:24 AM

Those protesting are Red Hats demanding their Wall and Lock Her Up.  Trump has disappointed them.

In Topic: Four Hours In... Not 1Promise Kept

Yesterday, 11:45 PM

Czars will probably also be in vogue.