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Today, 12:26 AM

Dicko was/is competent as a sailor, just not as a leader or even member of a team as far as I can see.
Silly thing is that whenever I've seen him interviewed, he always seems very likeable.
I guess it comes down to the heat of the contest and the effect it has on some people.

The heat of " battle " in sailing can really change someone and I would bet that every regatta has their fair share .

I will pass on sailing with those known " screamers " and personally I tend to believe that a quiet boat / crew is a fast boat as well as much more pleasurable one to spend those long hours on.

In Topic: Anybody Going To Watch Real Match Racing This Week?

Yesterday, 11:01 PM

Is he as corrosive as big brother?

He's actually quite professional and has managed to make a nice living here for many years as a pro . He has run many different programs with some of the top So Cal teams . Reading up on his Ficker success apparently his match racing skills are up to par . I have only done off shore and bouy events with him . He's one of the many " funny talkers " that have done well here .

In Topic: Anybody Going To Watch Real Match Racing This Week?

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

A local kiwi transplant won the feeder series Ficker Cup which gains him entry into this event . His last name might be familiar to some , Scott Dickson

Baby Dicko or brother of Dicko?
WetHog   :ph34r:
It's his younger brother . He's been in the So. Cal area for at least 20 years now . He was my crew boss on a whitbred 60 .

From this past event

" Dickson is no stranger to Ficker Cup racing, and it showed. From 2000 through 2007 he owned the event, winning every title except for 2005. His second-place finish in Ficker Cup 2016 scored him a berth in last years Congressional Cup, where he sailed his way into the semi-finals and finished fourth among the field of international pros. His lucky charm this week was his father Roy Dickson, a legendary New Zealand yachtsman who faithfully watched every race. "

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Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Signed affidavits from the Pope and Donald Trump or it didnt happen... 8)

Well the guy with the red hat is a Peter Isler DC' former tactition and the gentleman in the forefront trimming is Bill Trinkle president of a Dennis Conner racing and they could vouch for me or closer to home you could check with Kevin Shoebridge or Mark Crusty Christensen I ground for them on the TP 52 :)

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Yesterday, 07:42 PM

They are out at it today . I see one matched pair going thru some side by side speed tests
but they are a bit too far out to see who it is . A few solo players as well .