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In Topic: SF Yacht Racing Challenge - The Super 12's

06 February 2016 - 06:10 AM

Here is a interview done by our local sailing rag with TE this week.


he is really sold on the 100% rule. 




In Topic: Team France

03 February 2016 - 06:19 AM

i have had trouble with this page and had stopped trying to load it for a while..seems better now that i have a page 9.


^all roped together with no pro in sight on mixed terrain; i'm sure the frenchies know what they're up to :/


Its not like any of the important guys could possibly get hurt. 


Its not like a guy could get his foot just about cut off or anything silly like that .


Let them have their fun :) 

In Topic: Team NZ

03 February 2016 - 03:35 AM

This taxpayer doesn't mind...  8-)


I think its more than fair that NZ finally get a piece of that pie .


Its about time actually as the Callaghan Innovation group already gave " poor " uncle larry a nice little check if not two already. 

In Topic: SF Yacht Racing Challenge - The Super 12's

31 January 2016 - 09:30 PM

Good one Mr Clean :) 

Actually I was just having a poke at him as hes fun to wind up . I am familiar with Aussie racing more than their every day production car but very familiar with the Ute phenomenon . I was in a show here in the states and there was a very fine example on display and I had a nice chat with the owner . He happened to be the uncle of Jamie Whincup a very successful Aussie Super V8 super car driver. I would not be shocked if Atefooterz didn't have a poster of him taped up over his bed to leave his hands free :)


For further thread drift check this short video out of Darrel Waltrip taking a ride in a Super V8 during the Bathurst 1000 on My Panorama one of the more entertaining races of the season every year. 




In Topic: SF Yacht Racing Challenge - The Super 12's

31 January 2016 - 05:50 AM

This happens most any time a new version of a " classic " comes along. When BMW bought the name " Mini "

BINGO! Gotta love American cuture. Paying tribute, giving a nod to something (without consideration [$] ) may just be a bit different ,when what you are trading around is still going. USA corporate style will be to create a bigger show to blindside punters and be lawyered up to  tame the incubent, as enough subtle or otherwise changes from the original will be costly to defend. From the sidelines we call this "Chinese style", that brands like LV, Nike & Sony seem to get miffed about... for some bizzare reason~ :P

Actually BMW is a German company and they purchased the Mini name and are building the car in the UK .
What has that got to do with cashing in on something, rather than paying for the right to use it, as i pointed out above? Feel free to poke ya self in the eye with youre s12 pin, for spruiking lolz!!

Well let's see. You quote my comment about BMW and mini and somehow equate that to American culture .

I know your local idea of a performance car is a hopped up pick up so I thought there might be a good chance you had never heard of BMW . Just trying to broaden your obviously very narrow knowledge base :)