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In Topic: Does anyone here support Coutts?

27 July 2014 - 09:24 PM

I think the ac34 was the only time in history we have seen a yacht go upwind at 20 knots but yet fail to finish in time. At that point my interest was lost. 20 knots of boat speed is far from a drift athon.
I have lots of no yachting friends who don't give a toss about the ac nor what types of boat's they use. The only way you're going to get a large amount of non yachties to watch a yachting event is if the boats are sailed by the hooter's girls in bikinis. Put it this way, there is nothing you can do that's going to make me watch, get involved, & become passionate about sycronised swimming it's bat shit boring. Most non yachties feel the same about yachting.
I say return back to big mono's but fast ones not iacc boat's. To me The cats where tactically boring, the course at sf sucked it was far to small and restrictive using only 2 sails )3 on a day where they apparently sailed so slowly they ran out of time) didn't have any excitement, the bulk of the crew where only there for pumping hydros & not actually for sailing. The whole thing was just a bit too far too the extreme for the bulk of us yachties.
Larry rus they're just spoilt rich kids that don't want to give the cup up no matter what inpact it has to the sport

You are not alone in this opinion but a minority around here . The fact that entry wise the AC has set new records for lack of participation in the Americas Cup each round ever sence they added a hull backs what you say in a way that only fools can deny .

In Topic: Team NZ not part of Joint Statement

27 July 2014 - 03:28 AM

Grant is considering dropping the AC altogether.


After reading the small print in the latest protocol and seeing that do to the global warming situation all " ring of fire " christening ceremonies are no longer allowed he just doesn't see the point any more.

In Topic: Alameda for AC 35 campaign

27 July 2014 - 03:21 AM

Just don't even mention SA .


If they check this site out they will see what a bunch of lunatics we are and she will run for the hills .



In Topic: Does anyone here support Coutts?

26 July 2014 - 10:32 PM

I remember JS pinning DZ. too but did the amount of time consumed by it come anywhere close to how far short of finishing that ETNZ came?Am guessing Yes it did make enough difference since iirc then ETNZ was already around the last mark and headed to the line.That re-race of R13 was a really serious blast, it's definitely in the top few best of all of them.

IIRC, 6 minutes were missing for ETNZ to finish in time. Can anyone correct/confirm?

They were less than a mile from the finish line when the time ran out . The wind had picked up at that time and they were moving fairly well but I do not know how long it would have taken them to finish .

In Topic: Does anyone here support Coutts?

26 July 2014 - 09:50 PM


^No, because if I remember correctly (and my memory is bad a the best of times, so excuse me if I'm wrong) that race was abandoned due to the winds becoming lighter as the race went on to the point that it was a drift-a-thon.  In Race 13 the conditions didn't change significantly and if anything actually improved as the race wore on. The boats had decent speed (albeit not great angles at times) and ETNZ was maybe 2-3 minutes from finishing with no issues.  Truth be told, equally to blame was the poorly thought out rule changes that hamstrung the RC and meant that they had to set a course which they probably suspected couldn't be completed within the time window but had no way to adjust during the race because of their inability to move the marks.

Regardless of all the sour grapes, the rules, time limits and course were known to all parties at the start of the regatta. 
If you can't win within the rules, you don't win, simple as that!
I don't believe there was anything in the rules saying the course length (e.g. position of windward mark) couldn't be adjusted for the conditions, as would happen at pretty much any half well run championship. Allegedly it was physically impossible to move. $100Ms on running the event and fixed time limit but the PRO couldn't order the the windward mark to be shifted. Pathetic - and it decided the result.
I think the original plan was for the course to be adjustable as the marks were going to be GPS-guided boats (with media, or maybe VIPs on them?) but after Bart's death they rightfully did away with those in favor of more traditional marks.  The only problem was no one thought about how that would interact with the time limit and we were left with the absurd spectacle of a race starting above Coutts' stated minimum (and strengthening throughout) being called off a couple of minutes from the finish line because the RC were powerless to create a course that could be completed within the TV-imposed time limit.  As you say, any half well-run championship, hell local club regatta even, gives the RC the ability and power to adjust the course to suit the conditions.  The AC? Apparently not.  I don't care how the OR apologists try to spin it, the rule changes had a direct impact on the result.  
the wind actually died about 5 minutes in - and both boats drifted. ETNZ broke free first.
But the real reason ETNZ lost the race? They lost the start and JS (and/or BA) took them way, way, way above the line to mark 1. And kept them there - as long as they could.
OR understood the wind machine was late that morning - and they successfully stalled ETNZ after the gun - classic match race maneuver.
DB wasn't even aware of the time limit. ETNZ lost the start - and that cost.
Perhaps the race wasn't winnable by either team - but it's pointless to blame the rules. Better to understand them before the race starts, and not learn them after it ends.

That's exactly as I remember it .

OR pinned and held them for a longer time period than either team did at any other point during the entire regatta .

There is more than one way to win or lose a race or in this case I guess you could call it get an important tie :)