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In Topic: Another incredibly bad AUS Challenge

Yesterday, 01:26 AM

Apologies if this was already posted but I found it to be very interesting . If four teams won't step up to challenge they will cancel the entire event ?

The New Zealand Herald notes how a provision in the Protocol says a challenge will not be accepted by the Defender until there are at least four challengers. With Team Australia’s withdrawal and a French challenge unlikely to get off the ground, it leaves only four teams – Team New Zealand, Artemis, Luna Rossa and Ben Ainslie’s British syndicate – capable of putting together a campaign. Should they lose another challenger, there will be no event.

In Topic: Another incredibly bad AUS Challenge

17 July 2014 - 01:43 PM


^ Wing control systems are still wide open. That difference played a quite big part in the AC34 Match races..

Indeed it was. That is a challenge to develop from scratch. Disregard my previous comment. ;)
Was thinking primarily about OR's self-tacking wing. vs ETNZ's, who almost capsized and almost pitched, both on account of handling difficulty with their wing.
That self tacking wing really helped when OR ate shit with boat 1 didn't it.

They sure did .

And then they won the cup with it :)

In Topic: AC35 Where Will It Be?

16 July 2014 - 03:46 AM

RG re-prints Stuart Alexander's piece but adds his own oped. Unfortunately he gets this part very wrong:
"No reason was given for the non-selection of San Francisco."
If he'd read the very first sentence of the letter RC sent to SF Mayor Lee, then perhaps RG would understand the reason that RC gave, very precisely. It was all about Time.
One of my issues with that given reason is that RC or anybody else did not start that SF process sooner, perhaps in the immediate aftermath of AC34 when the iron was still red hot. Losing SF is a truly massive failure, if it happens (yes, I realize it probably will).

They also seem to miss the point that in this case it isn't so much RC' s choice that they are not allowing SF the privilege of holding the event SF in the form of a variety of spokespeople have expressed the fact they dont want the AC at all.

They have been there , still have lots of T shirts, and done that.

It's entirely possible that RC , through back channels , got word that SF would refuse the offer and sent the letter telling SF they were out of the running to save a little face?

In Topic: AC35 Where Will It Be?

14 July 2014 - 03:43 AM

Reasonable comparison but should include wind metrics.
Original link, for anyone with an aversion to the butt: http://m.utsandiego....17-americas/2/?
edit, reasonable case in a general way though:
Normal conditions call for steady afternoon breezes of 8-12 knots on San Diego Bay, perfect conditions for the 62-foot catamarans that ride on their foils at 7 knots. Not only will the new Americas Cup courses fit perfectly on San Diego Bay, the shape of the area would eliminate the need for the out-of-bounds barriers needed in San Francisco and in Bermuda to keep the boats bunched together. Weather in Bermuda is far more variable.

Both SD and Bermuda are VERY light air compared to SF.  SD is certainly _NOT_ superior to Bermuda based on wind conditions, as far as I can tell.  Saying it doesn't make it so.  And San Diego Bay is just too damn small.

Add the usual kelp fest that is racing in SD and foiling is going to be much more rare than hoped for .

In Topic: Competitor Meeting Called

12 July 2014 - 02:39 AM

Why maintain a one design format?
An evolutionary F45 series that counted for some kind of potential Match points could greatly benefit all of the ultimate AC62's.
Bring it on.

Apparently those with actual skin in the game do not agree .

At the very least it would lesson the gap between the JV and the Varsity , something the marketing guys would be against in a big way. By knocking the boats down in size they have already given a lot away . They will not want to see the gap between the practice races and the real deal any narrower .