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27 May 2016 - 08:34 PM



^^As the reporter uses the very outdated term "AC48", which was replaced by the AC 50 and then AC Class last year, his research and intelligence (not intellect) may be slightly suspect with his "B" development rating.
I will give in to the "who knows who is where" as far as leading the development race, but a B may be slightly generous at this late date.

A  year is plenty of time considering all of the one design components of this cycle. I think a B is very fair at this "Early" stage
If it was simply "Naval Architecture" and all that mattered was delivering a fast boat and foils, I would agree. But I have still got to beleive there is a reason why OR, BAR and AR have invested so much time, energy and money in the develoment of hydrolic control and pumping systems.
OR and AR already have nearly 18 months practical development time in this area and are still working on refinements.
That is difficult to duplicate with ETNZ's limited time and resources.
They are arguably better or on par with those three in most areas, but in that one seemingly important area, they are not.



In this article Richie seems to be agreeing with you . 


He is pretty much explaining how NZ lost AC 35.


I think hes just a bit negative but who really knows . 



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27 May 2016 - 05:24 AM

local guff.

I think Grants mom did a very nice job with this article . :)

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23 May 2016 - 02:59 AM

Regarding Race 13 above, once the wind did kick in the way they'd been expecting, wasn't there a second race on that same afternoon, a very good race?

Yes.  The abandoned race has no number; it was an attempt at "race 13."  The real "race 13" was the second race that afternoon.
OTUSA won by 1 minute 23 seconds.  It was the largest margin of victory in the finals.  All the other deltas were under a minute.
Spithill missed the hook.  ETNZ won the start.  Read: "Dominant start."  Jobson: "Brilliant."  But OTUSA only 3 seconds behind at the first mark.  The rest of the story from Wikipedia: "Team New Zealand were slightly ahead and tried to cross in front of Oracle who had the starboard tack advantage. Spithill had to evade the Kiwi boat, and gained a penalty for the infraction. With the boats still close heading into the leeward gate, Barker fluffed his lines, and Aotearoa ended up being forced to jibe twice in quick succession. Oracle sped away to begin the third leg leaving the Kiwis almost dead in the water. That was effectively the race, and Oracle confirmed their third point by 1:24 at the finish. The New Zealanders' largest defeat of the Cup to date brought the score to 3–8."
Here is a link to the failed crossing attempt.
FWIW, in this case, "the winning foils" were on OTUSA.   :mellow:

I think you hit the nail on the head . That two jibe maneuver at the bottom mark was the beginning of the end for ET . It was also the first time you could hear the " lady grinder " when they turned back upwind after being almost dead in the water .

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20 May 2016 - 07:07 PM





Sad that the US West Coast, once the pinnacle of performance sailing,

Never was. That would be Australia.
Yep, it was Australia that introduced to the sailing vocabulary the word "sled".
And Santa Cruz CA that made the word a reality. :)

Evolution SC 70 .One of the most successful sleds of all time .



I was being facetious.



My bad we need a facetious emoji  :) 

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20 May 2016 - 07:04 PM

While you west coasters were sledding, us New Englanders were yachting.   :ph34r:  :P  :rolleyes:


Don't give me that happy horseshit LOL 


I spent 28 years on Long Island sound. 


I'll trade sailing year round for brushing snow off the deck any time :)