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13 January 2017 - 06:53 AM

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Also were we not discussing the 'fairness' of ACDUH putting on practice races for the privileged few in Bda. a month or 2 back? Are you sure there have been no flacks in a competitive situation?
Certainly having JS bearing down at you at Warp9 might throw off the choreography required to achieve such a thing....[/quote]

So true and nobody does it better :)
Didn't seem to worry Alinghi, Oracle lost that start....and the next one. That was a 100% failure rate to Oracle for that AC cycle.
Does it matter to lose the start if you're sailing a rocket ship?
That was not my point. If boats were equal who would have won the Cup?[/quote]

On equal boats the only award Alinghi would have won was the distance travelled award .

They couldn't sail in a straight line if their life depended on it .

In Topic: AC50 Boat Porn

11 January 2017 - 07:42 PM

Unfortunately the only porn involved is going to be the paint scheme.  Everything else (except for the foils, of course) will look identical.  I'm having more fun looking at the 12 meter facebook page(s) right now and the various designs from 1987 than I am anticipating the AC50s.  Huge loss that this is not a design contest between nations anymore.  I digress.

The only really noticeable differences will be the paint jobs and they will mostly be stickers anyway .


Of course there will be those that will get off on a two degree difference in foil angle so there is that .

In Topic: Team NZ

11 January 2017 - 07:41 AM

Also were we not discussing the 'fairness' of ACDUH putting on practice races for the privileged few in Bda. a month or 2 back? Are you sure there have been no flacks in a competitive situation?

Certainly having JS bearing down at you at Warp9 might throw off the choreography required to achieve such a thing....

So true and nobody does it better :)

In Topic: Oracle Team USA

09 January 2017 - 05:27 AM

B.S. Ainslie was always going to enter this cycle. If it was the difference between winning and losing the Americas Cup, Ainslie would've dragged his team to Auckland (probably kicking and screaming) but he would have come to NZ. His long term goal (and it is a long term goal) is to win the Americas Cup, and if it meant he had to come here first, he would have come. When a guy like Ainslie sets himself a long term goal, he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. The same can be said for the guys at Artemis Racing.
Even if they had've scrapped the 62's, and gone with the 50's, but still had the qualifier in Auckland, We would've had Oracle Team USA, ETNZ, Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing, Ben Ainslie Racing, and probably an Australian challenger out of Hamilton Island, the majority of which would be running 2 boat programs. Thats a potential of 12, yes, 12 AC boats on the water training at once, or a minimum of 11, and thats without Team Japan and Team France.

Wrong, even Ainslie struggled to find sponsors after the 34 Cup was finished. He would have never gone to Auckland just for the Qualifers.
Ainslie had enough funds to hire top F1 designers, build a brand new custom-built Eco-friendly permanent Base in Portsmouth to house 3 of the worlds most technologically advanced catamarans, crewed by some of the best sailing talent in the world today, all while flying around the world competing in a world series, as well as campaigning an academy team in the Extreme sailing series. Like I said, all the cost-cutting stuff was non sense. These guys had enough funds to do whatever they wanted. They would just rather take the "preferred road" instead. Ainslie wants to win. And if that means coming to NZ, then so be it. If he was struggling to find funds, he would've withdrawn like Australia and Mascalzone did.
Mind you that LRBAR was never created just to win the AC. BA has created a whole Business. His Team has created a whole new level of economic growth in the UK and especially in and around Portsmouth.
Do you know him that well to proclaim that he wouldn't have withdrawn had the Qualifiers and the Playoffs & Match been held in two different venues? No, you don't.
You're doing this all from your "New Zealand Glass House Perspective" as always and some other ETNZ Trolls on the NZ Thread doing it as well.
Do you really think one of the most decorated Olympic sailors of all time is going to fold his tent because he doesn't want to go to New Zealand!? I may not know him personally, but I've been involved in sports long enough to know that if you're at the top of your game, like Ben Ainslie is, and you set your sights on winning something as important as the AC, you do whatever it takes to win, including going to places you may not want to go to compete. Ben Ainslie has been winning his whole life, He doesn't know how to lose! There's no way he's going to say "Well if I have to go to New Zealand, I'm out" Sportsmen like Ben just don't work that way. Ben always was a starter, anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves!
Agreed that winning the cup is by far number one in Ben's wish list which might have been the very reason he might not have gone .

There have been several valid reasons among them the down time lost in transit , the time spent during the actual event itself and the added expense of the circus in general .

The penalty would have been a bargain in comparison .

I think that the argument that not only Ben but the rest of the teams would have made the same decision is a solid one ,

In Topic: Artemis?

09 January 2017 - 04:46 AM

There's something else that's obvious in this picture:

Your little red line is off , by a LOT .