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Today, 01:59 AM

Big Boats coming in 22 days. AC sailors for hire???

How they can still call it he Big Boat series still is beyond me . No maxis , no sleds and at most a handful of 50' cruiser / Racer's if that . It should be renamed the " medium size and smaller series " or just " Big Boat Lite " :)

In Topic: News from SF Embarcadero...

18 August 2014 - 03:34 AM

I don't necessarily think that they did have the say. But it most likely get at least talked about during the two competitor meetings so far, would be very strange were that not part of the discussions.

Point is cooter told frisco to get fucked challengers had no say in that at all.


Actually it was SF that turned down the " offer " 

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18 August 2014 - 03:31 AM

Floater +1.


DL, I dig your thing and your thing with foils. I like the fins too, but...


I watched ( the races and was even going out (have fam in Rafael), but when I watched I was more into the foils and gear etc and not the race, was just too fast for me to settle in.  I just never zeroed in to the fine points of tactics plus as in past. Old fashion? Maybe? I do like old stuff.


To each his or her own. Maybe slow is best?


Simple is almost always best in the beginning and always later on!


I like and appreciate the techy stuff, and use carbon almost exclusively now, but I prefer less tech in this venue. Too much, too fast? Maybe?


Guess I tend to like my AC contests like it has been, save one other goofy race, as in past. Not to take away from our win etc, but it is just me. Ellison, as an aside, just turns be off anyway.


Sailing, IMHO, is "smelling the flowers." This is it, so why short it out? Just me and my way of looking at it. Am sure a few are of same mind.


Not a rap.


"I yam what I yam!" It is what it is!



Actually stop in at almost any yacht club where people actually race and you will see that the majority, not the few , will be in your camp. 

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16 August 2014 - 08:03 AM

I've sent the SF Chron a note asking why they have not looked into the GGYC membership response to the AC venue being shopped
It seems to me that the news that the City has lost the event has overshadowed the fact that the defending yacht club's home waters are SF bay, so how can the venue be shopped? Why would the defending YC GGYC defend the Cup on SDYC's home waters when we know it can be done in SF successfully. Just wrong on so many levels.
I know I am grasping at straws here, understanding what LE/ RC are trying to do, not keep sinking millions into this for the sake of advancing the sport and the event. But theres principle here I feel that I'd like to know what the rank and file of GGYC feel about it. 

Maybe they did and it turned out (off the record) that the GGYC members weren't interested in footing the bill and were fine with the thing going elsewhere?
That could be, we haven't seen or read that yet though.

The opposite side of that coin is that we have seen little if indeed any complaints from the GGYC membership either .

We have known for a couple of months now that SF isn't happening and as yet there have been no cries of dismay from the little club on the point and not even one Larry effigy burning so far .

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14 August 2014 - 04:38 AM

Aside from a fucking big Autoclave, what would Airbus have to offer Oracle?

PEOPLE employed by Oracle have designed successful sailing wings for 45', 72' and 120' (90') boats. As far as I'm aware Airbus engineers have been involved in the design one average C class wing.




So we have determined that Oracle uses employees to build their wings , out of curiosity who to the other teams use if not employees ?