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03 February 2017 - 07:34 PM

I am a group 3 because of my business.  I am classed in the same group as Jimmy Spithill.  Really?  This pretty much knocks me out of crewing on any amateur only event.  I am talking about going sailing and not getting paid.  Disqualified. 


I think it should be performance based, and the rules should account for those who are paid a daily rate to sail vs. those (me) who work on boats, race boats, occasionally coach crews, etc.  I think it could be a simple % of income.  If you get say 80% of your income to SAIL (not sand, sew, splice, etc) then you are a 3.  If you work in the industry, you could be a 2.  That way each class can set rules on how many pros, Minor leaguers, and amateurs can race.  If I built Bats and Gloves and was a batting coach for a local farm team I should not be classed the same as A Rod.