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17 July 2012 - 11:15 PM

Pretty insane to see the NJ hold off Equationbud until 20 NM to the finish. Some pretty sick sailing from Bora and the boys, could easily be another overall win.

NJ has had a wonderful race so far and hopefully with somewhere around 5 miles to go they can hold on for the overall. While on the surface it is very impressive that they were able to hold off Equation for so long... unfortunately we've all begin to recognize Equation as a boat that underperforms. Once again congrats to the boys on NJ as they've sailed a good race so far!

Also, don't forget the boys on denali^2 are doing very well.

That's not a fair assessment, last year they had a broken rudder, this year they had tactics that had them out of the money. Both NJ and Windquest took huge flyers up to Port Austin before they headed fro Tobermory. Equation was on the rhumb line with a lighter backing breeze. I'm thinking that Windquest sailed a near perfect race and NJ just followed them online.

You're mistaken if you think we just follow Windquest around the course- not only did we have a pregame plan on banging left but we led them there (Windquest gybed to follow us). If you saw our start youd understand that we painfully hedged left to get there while everyone else played rhumb. Sure there was one last gybe in shore at the thumb - they showed more pressure still but wouldnt you use the biggest tell-tale on the lake too? Furthermore, we had no Data from the thumb until Cove Island and little from there to Bois Blanc due to connection issues. You don't win 3 Mack overalls straight following people around enough said. Very fun race in all and saw parts of the lake I haven't seen in 18 years of sailing this race- congrats to the flag winners.