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Cheaply Made Chinese Plastic Shit Anarchy. Safe?

28 January 2016 - 11:55 PM

Hi There Folks,


Quick question for you smart materials science minded folks--

I bought a super cheap shower curtain liner on Amazon (needed to find an extra long one...).  Its obviously plastic, and made in China.  The packaging contains a sticker that says something like: "contains a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects". Shadily, theres a tiny little plain white sticker that is blank, and when i pealed it away, it was concealing text that says "Not for Sale in California" (WTF?).  The label boasts that its "DEHP Free (as defined by 16 CFR Section 260.9©" whatever the fuck that means...


Since hot water is hitting this thing, could that aid in the release harmful chemicals?


Is this damn thing even safe to put in my shower? We have an infant and are typically inclined to go with more organic, high end products.  I stupidly bought this thing, not even thinking that I should have sourced a better quality product, since these things are cheap and fairly disposable by nature... dont want to be depositing bad shit in the tub where my baby bathes...


Perhaps one of you folks smarter than I like Shife or The Wolf Man can advise?




Micro Guest House Plans?

25 January 2016 - 11:36 PM

Yo All,


Thinking about building a little building in the yard that would be a little guest cottage.  Certainly don't want to attempting permitting for this thing, which means to be legal its "projected roof area does not exceed 100 square feet in roof area". can obviously make the living area of a little porch w/ awning (on top / sides) that i could remove if necessary... so basically just a small sleeping area and a tiny shitter. bunks? murphy bed? i want it to be simple and cheap to build, but use real good materials so that it lasts...  i'm willing to spend on a couple nice doors and windows that match the 100 year old main house (just completely gutted it and 95% remodeled), which is craftsman style w/ wood ship lap siding, etc.


got any links to any cool designs or drawings?