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29 August 2006 - 03:42 AM

How ever carfull you are water will always get into your fuel tank. The best way to de-contaminate your system is to get right to the bottom of the tank after the fuel has had time to settle. NB The fuel feed does not go to the very bottom of the tank. Access can be difficult, but if poss use a pump with a flexable tube, with a piece of copper pipe at the end. You can then hear the pipe as it reaches the bottom, and this will also help to keep it there. Pump the sludge out and when you think its clean, pump a sample into a glass and let it settle. You know about Cleaning and replacing the fiters. After replacing all the 'O' rings, not all are obviouse. Beware, you might have to clean the lift pump, and if choose to remove it, make sure the arm goes back on the same side of the cam. After you run the engine up and you think it all ok. Its poss to still have some air in it, so give it an extra bleed. Be carefull when cleaning the lift pump as damage to the seal can cause the fuel to get into the oil. This is another problem alltogether. your then be asking how to stop the engine.   Hope this is usefull .