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King Cup crew opp

12 September 2014 - 07:52 AM

Getting ready for the race tomorrow. At last a day off!


Anyway at the bottom of the race page http://www.dbyc.net/styled-9/styled-18/


There is this note


Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am looking for crew for this years King's Cup to be held in Phuket, Thailand from 29th Nov - 6th December.
We will be sailing in the Classic division on "Ravensong", a 1934 built Colin Archer designed Gaff rigged Cutter Sloop. Her LOA is 49 feet, she runs a Gaff mainsail and 3 headsails and has just completed a complete refit in Phuket with all new timbers and some new sails.

The skipper and owner is my brother, a Master Mariner with extensive Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean crossings.
It is my intention to market this to you as a package, with party tickets and accommodation inclusive.
We will race her with a compliment of 6, with 2 positions already filled.
The price is $3500 USD plus accommodation. Airfares will be for your own account.

Expressions of interest by email asap.


I think it looks like hella fun, but I am not paying that kind of money to race.


Anyway thought I would put it out there. I may meet this guy tomorrow and I'll tell you what he is like for anyone interested


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Sailor missing from Lake Champlain

25 August 2014 - 06:16 AM

Oh oh,



Paging CY Wong...CY Wong, line 3 please.

18 August 2014 - 07:47 AM

For the project I am working on my boss has suggested to contact CY Wong, the GM of Formosa in Taiwan in the '80's, as they built the first boats he sold in HK and SG.


But the boss has no current contact information for him. He thinks he is on mainland China doing construction project management.


Does anyone have any current info on how I may track him down?

Who has heard of this strange anchor

15 August 2014 - 09:24 AM

While working on my historical project here in Hong Kong I came across an ad from Jan '89 for the 


"Flook Flying Anchor"


Has nothing to do with my project just found it 'interesting' not sure I would want to dry one. Seems a bit light to me.


Maybe I can combine it with my inflatable anchor idea. hmmmmm.....


Guest Columns for Yachting magazine

15 August 2014 - 04:04 AM


A magazine I contribute to is looking for a couple of quick (by Monday) guest columns.


It is a yachting/luxury lifestyle magazine.


Columns do not have to be about boats/yachting but should be of interest to high net worth individuals and either apply globally or focus on Asia. (ie no regattas in NA, high cost of labour in UK, or American Politics)


One recent guest wrote about finance - bitcoins in particular.


Insurance? Shipping Yachts? Politics related to Chinese claims in the South China sea? Asian Regatta's, races, issues whatevah.


PM me if you are interested, I also have some sample pieces. It can pay a few $$, put are usually done by ppl who are writing about their own industry for the exposure.


A note from the Editor on the Guest Columns------------------------------------------------
The Guest Columns are about 700 words and basically the writer should just imagine that there’s a room full of yacht owners and write down what would be said to them about a topic that applies to them directly in the industry, or as high-net-worth individuals. 
Will need a head shot and brief bio of the writer and company at the end, with URL and email contact. 
A high-res main image that relates to the topic would be great, but we can also source one if necessary. 
It’s an ongoing thing, so if not in time for Sept/Oct we can always use them in Nov/Dec and beyond.