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What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, except bears.

25 June 2014 - 09:43 PM

Ok so you hear that bears wont eat you if they think you are dead already.

So that makes it sound like at the sight of a bear, you can drop to the ground and pretend to be dead and you will be safe.

Im thinking that the bear wont be that stupid. He sees you standing there, then he sees you laying as if dead on the ground.

If I was a bear, I think I would sink the claws in or try taking a bite at least, and see what happens.

Its a bit hard to continue to pretend to be dead while your leg gets chewed off.

Imagine laying there having your leg chewed off, and thinking oh fk, that was a stupid idea. Now I am well and truly fkd.


Im thinking that pretending to be dead is just stupid. Not going there in the first place, or Running like fk or shooting the sucker seems to make much better sense.