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Today, 11:24 AM

That is one part of it and the other part which just as unhelpful is the definition of recreational vessel in each of the uniform state laws.

Namely a recreational vessel is a vessel used ONLY for recreation.

So not state recreational vessels either.

Also the regulation is only for para 7(5) and not the whole Act.


The starting point of the issue that we where asked to solve was whether a yacht carrying sponsorship logos on the sails and hull for which it received payment was a recreational vessel under the state laws and if not a recreational vessel then a commercial master was required under the state laws.

That then lead to the safety gear issue.

In Topic: Sydney to Hobart 2016

Today, 06:42 AM

Be a great demarkcation dispute between the MUA (the waterside workers)and the AMWU (the textile workers).

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Yesterday, 09:37 PM

Clean, not fishy, there is a 'sole purpose" test for a recreational vessel presently.

A few of us have been is discussions with the authorities over the last few weeks trying to solve that and other regulatory problems.

As for the Workcover issue most states have adopted expansive definitions of a "worker" so even putting a crew member up in the hotel room is likely to be caught now

Of course your boat insurance generally will not answer a injury claim by a "worker"

it is a minefield presently.

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01 December 2016 - 11:55 PM

Never met that many so called "pros" that actually deserve to be paid  to come sailing with me.


Anyway easy to fuck over the pro boats this year.


World has moved on by legislative change.


Definition of recreational vessel has changed and the moment you have a sponsor logo on the boat the boat is no longer a recreational vessel and you have to carry all that nice heavy commercial safety equipment as mandated by AMSA as well as being in survey and have a commercial master.


Then there is the WorkCover issue now as well.


Hope the owners are out there trying to get that cover.


Of course this will be lost in the hype.

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01 December 2016 - 05:06 AM

We can start a new thread - Epic Easings at the CYCA in the three weeks before Hobart.

It will outlast the cockroaches!