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02 September 2016 - 09:18 PM

There is an archived thread asking where is "Defiance" but you can't reply there so here is the new thread

For those of a certain age, Defiance was the boat you always wanted while for others it was an iconic boat of the early 1970s which gave rise to a whole class of production boats.

It is certainly a boat of a different time and place.

Sparkman and Stephens design built by Doug Booker for his father in 1972.

Timber construction, small cockpit, masthead rig and comfortable fit out.

Maybe Phil can post some pics here.

So last week in a lapse of judgement I decided to restore Defiance.

With the help Peter Kerr from Deagon Slipway (who I definitely recommend) I had done this with the motor sailor "Marion de Fresne" as few years back and enjoyed doing and got great use out of the boat over the next few summers so I knew what I was getting into.

The story was that after 2009 people lost track of the boat but I had later seen it in a long term hardstand in Queensland.

I had heard that the marina wanted to redevelop the hard storage area and where clearing out all the boats.

Defiance was the second last boat left.

A bit of investigation also disclosed that if it was not moved in three weeks for the redevelopment work  to begin the boat would be cut up and scrapped at the dump.

That could not be allow to happen.

So track down the owner who since 2009 has lived overseas.

Do deal.

Relaunch yesterday after 7 years so  I hope it is still afloat this morning.

So it is generally in good shape save for a few  issues.

Small amount of planking to be replaced around a skin fitting, rudder is full of worm and there are various spots of rot in the cockpit floor and foredeck.

Paint work is crap and the cooling system for the engine is all pulled apart but it a Lister with only 500hrs on it.

So plenty to do but all the bits are there.

So the aim is the Hobart Wooden Boat Show in February but time will be tight.

Stay tuned.

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