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In Topic: How do you get Junior Sailors in your (adult) sail program?

21 November 2015 - 11:36 AM

This can't work for every club/program but we has worked for us.  We have a dedicated boat j105 that is just for the juniors.  They get to sail together and get experience doing all the jobs.  (How often do juniors get to helm big boats.)  They are getting the skills needed to make them sought after crew when they turn 18 and age out of our junior big boat program.  We had about 28 kids in the program with about 15 making up the core group.  All races they have an adult abroad for coaching.  Sometimes they just take the boat out and go for a sail with no adult aboard.


The past two summers juniors with no adult supervision have taken the boat on the YC annual cruise.  This included multiple overnight 100+ mile delivery's at the beginning and end.  Anchoring overnight, something most of the adult members of the club don't like to do!!  Net net they have gained the confidence and experience to handle the boat in all conditions.  They are part of the adult program, although sailing on their own boat.  Kind of like the front page picture of the all girl crew a few days ago. 

In Topic: Gunboat DTS

20 November 2015 - 09:01 PM

I'm back.  Did I miss anything?  By the way the boat is working great.  All this bashing China for the problems is really wrong.  There are 6 60's built in China sailing.  How many 55's are sailing?  90% of our problems were related to the original design and not the build.


Just had an awesome sail down to the Carib.  Took a little longer due to Kate and hanging out in Bermuda for it to blow by.  Not a bad place to stay.   During our time there we got the double secret tour of the oracle base.  Funny thing was during the AC event Tucker Thompson said he was not allowed to take any pictures inside.  Well the local rasta guy who shows us around could not care less. We took lots.  Also our new best friend Jimmy did not seem to mind either.   


IMG 6946
The rasta guy was not the best photography.
IMG 6942
The white think that look like a wind vane is a wind vane.  It looks like a toy and is fashioned out of styrofoam and is super light.
IMG 6939
This is me.
IMG 6937
These are just a few of the rudders.  They had 10's of them.  Also 10's of board stacked up.
Base is amazing.  Like a kid in toyland.  Moths galore.  Little foiling 20' cats.  Ribs to die for.  Work spaces to do everything.







I'm waiting for Robolex to chime in


Does his Gunboat even have Wifi?



Of course.


I think he's enjoying his boat and the sun too much to chime in here right now.


In Topic: Chapter 11 for Gunboat

20 November 2015 - 08:09 PM

Slight correction.  There are 6 of the 60's sailing around right now.  With all what has been written about China being so bad they actually got boats built, out the door and sailing.   Yes there were issues with the boats built in China, but 90% of those issues were related to the original design and not with build quality. 



I remember when GB were the darling of the sailing world, back when the 60s were the new hot shit. PJ had the first boat designed and built ostensibly for his own personal use and then, as serial entrepreneurs do built a company around the idea. Then the boats got more hi tech (the all composite fwd crossbeam pelican striker for example was a work of art far beyond anything seen on a cruising cat then or since) and ambitious (GB90 which was a super yacht by any other name). But the boats were selling, the first gen/gen 1.5 boats have been fairly popular for $2+ million pieces of kit and I'm sure the owners who've bought them have got enjoyment (cruising and racing) and $$$ (chartering) out of them. At the same time GB built up a pretty extensive building facility in SA.


Then came new generation of boats and a change to a new building location. In hindsight China was a mistake. How many western companies have tried China? How many in the sailboat world have been successful? McConaghy seems to be, can't think of anyone else. Then came the move to the US. All this time meant the new boats weren't ripping off the shelves: so far there have been 3 new 55s, one 60, and no 78s? I see the webpage has some new models but those look pretty vapor-ish. So all this friction and no boats coming out the front door. The G4 is a technological tour-de-force but I see as much market for that as I do for 200mph trackday minivans.


I find it a bit surprising the owners of Toccata planned to do all this with it but have decided to go motorboating instead. AFAICT they're accomplished sailors unlike maybe Rainmaker's owner but they've decided to go away from a sailboat altogether. I think that has more to say about the idea of an older couple sailing a large sailing boat by themselves day in day out than it says anything about the GB55 itself. i will say though that the GB55 smacks more of a tropics boat than a "high latitude capable cruiser" which has been become very much the word among the hardcore and wannabee hardcore (i.e. wannabee like Beth&Evan or Jimmy Cornell etc). To be honest  I think GB's difficulties come from trying to do too much: making high performance luxury cruising cats was never going to be a huge business. How many boats total have GB sold? Can't be 20, yet they've gone thru three different building locations and i don't know how many designs. All that churn costs money and I think in the end that's what's done them in. Too bad a lot of their partners around the world have been left with a bad taste in their mouths.

In Topic: List of all Gunboats built

20 November 2015 - 04:43 PM

That is a dam good list.  Fault Tolerant was Golden Gun launched 12/13.  Currently for sale.  I have good information the owner wants to go bigger.

In Topic: secret's safe from the front page - Ask Alex Thomson

26 October 2015 - 09:39 PM

Yes wind did make it a little hard to hear but not impossible.  All in all it is always great to hear what these guys have to say.


No chance of a walk through of the boat.  Top secret?


Alex is a great ambassador.  Do the French just not give interviews?


When Alex was in NY getting ready for his record attempt across the pond I think two or three years ago, he welcomed a group of juniors aboard and spent over 2 hours showing the boat,  showing his routine and just welcoming us aboard.


Funny thing was he showed us how he does routing and as an example did a route across the pond about when he wanted to go.  The result of that test route was a record which he got a laugh out of.  And then he ended up setting an actual record.  


Not much head room down below on these boats.

IMG 1782
IMG 1784