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In Topic: money wins!

08 February 2016 - 02:23 PM

And for something positive.  Shout out to the third place boat which had a father sailing with his two daughters plus one cat 3.  

In Topic: Race Officer app

05 February 2016 - 08:53 PM

I used this spreadsheet once to calculate range and bearings from marks to the  RC boat for a modified trapezoid setup.  

Had upwind, more broad reach, downwind, tight reach and then upwind finish.


Start is at "S" .    Finish is at "F"

Finish is to leward and to starboard of the start line.  Used in regatta that sailed  laser, radials and 420's on the same course.  


You put in wind direction from RC  start  boat and how long you want the first weather leg.   All the mark boats ping the position or get the position of the start boat.  Then they can use their GPS to get the range and bearing back to the S boat which tells them where to drop their mark.


Not necessary for straight W/L courses but when there are a bunch of marks and you get wind shifts it makes it easy to move things around quickly without guessing.


Here is a diagram of the course.  https://www.dropbox....pazoid.pdf?dl=0



Here is the spreadsheet.  I created the spreadsheet via brute force since I forgot my hs geometry. But if you are handy with sin and cos and all that  triangle stuff it should be easy to modify the spreadsheet.  



Column F, G and H have all the info.  Other stuff was just used in the calculation and for reference.  


I searched long and hard for something like this but did not find anything.    Easy to run on your phone with the pocket versions of excel.  

In Topic: Solar panel anarchy

05 February 2016 - 02:03 PM

I agree with everything two have said.  One comment I have is I think the sailing community should get away from talking in amp hours and just move to power or  (kwh) for everything.  


The rest of the world is already there.  Automotive electric battery packs and solar arrays are always quoted in actual power, not amp hours.  


Especially confusing for the "dummies" when in the same post we talk about watts for solar arrays and amp hours for batteries.  I use the word dummies tongue and cheek but really there is a reason the rest of the world just uses watts or  kwh as the measurement.


Curious what everybody things about this?





The problem with these sorts of threads is there's too many experts and knowledgeable people out there. It becomes confusing for dummies.


 Just do it, put more on than you think you need to cope with shading and  degradation of the panels over time.

I repeat. said the electrical dummy, I put 400 watts on my boat ,flexible , lying flat. one Mpfhhh whatever controller capable of taking 500 w so it isn't stressed

 the old lead acid batteries.

 Freezer direct wired, extra freestanding fridge freezer. When we leave the boat  the freezer stays on , it has been running for 4 months and needs defrosting.

When we're on the boat  we run that extra fridge through the day to keep the booze cold, just got off it after a month on board, never need to start up in the morning to run the old compressor fridge. Lights , stereo, 2 led anchor lights all night. Shit I even use the anchor winch if I feel like it , and sail off anchor like the good ole days.

 Having to run a motor for no other reason than a compressor fridge is a PIA. I hate it, Its noisy and a nuisance ...and I also firmly believe that my motor hours would be down by a quarter or so if it hadn't been used that way over its life. And all those at anchor motor hours are bad hours too, no load to speak of on the engine ,diesel 101.. run engine with load on.

 Its a ketch so something is always shaded and its biased , for various reasons I have more to stbd than port.

I have one pic


 dodger ones stuck down and back ones on the bimini just tied there for now . Thats going to be rebuilt so its temporary but I yam thinking I'll 'hinge' them so I can  tilt  the appropriate one on passage, make the most of the evening sun.



 works like a dream.



We have lived aboard since 2009, cruising in the tropics mostly. We probably average 100 a.hr/day. consumption, but it is higher when at sea. We have 500 watts of solar panels on a stern arch (catamaran). Battery bank is ~450 a.hr. My wife is often sitting at a computer for 8 hrs/day when writing.

I would say we average 1 day per month when we have to run the engine for an hour or so. Basically when we have 3+ days of very overcast weather. Partial cloudy gives us enough power for the day. On sunny days we are often fully charged by noon.

In summary, solar works for us.

In Topic: Removing Hydro-Turf

02 February 2016 - 05:36 PM

Goo Gone does the trick.

In Topic: My newest project

17 January 2016 - 12:08 PM

Stil floating.  I think the boat is close to 150' but with nothing to give prospective on the hull it is hard to tell.  Last I heard Derecktors is looking for a buyer and if not and they are tired of waiting it becomes scrap.


IMG 4994
IMG 4997
IMG 4995

Yeah Jose,


    Ask Derecktors how that worked for them on the Hemisphere build!


    They moved it out of the main building to start CAKEWALK I think it was. They had 2 x 3 rows of 40 containers on either side and then put one of those Big Tops on the top of the containers. When the shit hit the fan and the law suites started they used the fact that the boat had not been under a roof for two harsh winters as contrary to the contract and got a big award for that (and other issues!) 


     Not the first time they have left big nice yachts out in the cold. I wonder what ever happened to this one?