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Good old Datamarine/DMI instruments

28 July 2014 - 05:13 PM

Depth S200DL. I'm getting the MSD/18.8 of death. The boat has a gravity switch (2 transducers) and I get a blink of 11 before the 18.8 when I connect either independently or both. The display is very dim. Uncovered for some time. 


We're looking to avoid a short haul to replace transducers. Do any of you know what to expect to see from these in terms of volt/resistance when functional?  


I've already sent an email to DMI. I read that they're pretty good... 






Troubleshooting Yanmar 2GM guages/senders

04 July 2014 - 04:45 PM

So while I'm patiently awaiting rain today I decided to do some research on our gauge cluster. 


I have an older (or at least less popular) cluster that holds tach, temp, and oil pressure. Not the lights that seems to be more prevalent. These are also wired to an alarm. 


I'm looking for two things. 1, test voltages from senders. (I think they're 5VDC to 12+ but I'm not sure) and 2, A way to rule out faulty gauges. 


The engine overheated due to a small coolant leak that I have to also troubleshoot. The alarm works, but the gauge does not. Oil is ok, and the tach is sticky.