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21 November 2009 - 12:35 PM

Just passing this along in case you didn't get the email. There is a new sheriff in town for the ILYA Bay Week and he's actually looking for input from participants, past, present and wannabe's. The following was sent out in an email. If you are potentially interested in this regatta, why not (honestly) answer the survey, provide your comments, and send it to the chairman. Here was Bob's email:

They did a  survey about 4 years ago give or take a few.  Either the other end of the lake has a majority and holds completely different views (not so probable) OR ..... they took the results, taped them together and hung them from a roll in the can of the Round House; never to read them again  (most probable)

Hopefully they use the results from this survey to return this event to what it once was...and then some