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Search has commenced for Dads next car.

15 April 2014 - 11:00 PM

Father Inlaw has told me to start looking for his last ride. He's getting up there slowing down not really the picture of health and of all the cars we test drove the only one that he climbed into and just seemed to click with was the Mercedes SLK 350. WAY back in the day and he still talks about this car - he had a yellow 68 Vette. He likes that long nose and sorta glove like cabin and the SLK the second he sat in it he was grinning like a Teen age kid who'd just seen his girlfriend nakid for the first time.



So here is the list!! No older than 06 preferably 07-08 must be White in color with the Neck Scarf option.

I've seen some super nice single owner listed, third car super low mileage examples but so far they have all been the wrong color!!!! White seems to be a rare find for this car. No dealers only buying from owner/sellers must be 100% stock no mods with proper maint docs etc.


We are in the Bay Area but will consider traveling for the right car. Anyway I know a bunch of you sailors are car nuts too so if you spot something interesting drop me a note. I'll be scouring all the usual places but you never know with this type of car what might pop up on a local listing some place.


Found this seems very fitting of SA "Mongol Rally"

23 January 2014 - 11:47 PM

If my kids were older I'd rally some SA types to do this event



I'll need to wait a few years or hear about some SA types that go do it