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Fatal Bass Boat collision in Socal

01 August 2014 - 06:02 PM




Having been passed too close, by one of these low profile bass boats doing rediculous speeds while sailing the U20... All I can say is I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Sad day for someone's family.


Hope they tie the speeding bass boat driver to a large anchor and send him to the bottom.

Honda 2hp 4stroke -- need help!!! pulling carb and cleanin

24 July 2014 - 08:30 PM

Ok so luck of the draw I need to get this thing running for our Trip to the lake next month. It was tuned up full package thing in 07 and has been run like 3 times since, all the gaskets and such are like brand new still looking at the one's I can get too.


The issue is that the carb is mucked up need to just do a typical clean job but can't seem to sort out how to get the damn thing off given the plastic outer / lower section appears to be a single piece that sits down over the top of the entire package. Right where the fuel bowl is there is a small section that seems to slide out - but the bolts that hold it in place are wedged in under the damn big plastic lower section.


Anyone know where I can find a manual to diss assemble this thing? I can't imagine the carb being that hard to access given with all outboards you pretty much end up having to do a little cleaning job at some point when they refuse to run at the least opportune time.


By the way it does fire on the first pull but due to the lack of fuel making its way through what is probably a fouled jet thats pretty much the extent of its run. The last time I used it we did run it dry before storing, and it also fired up and ran like a champ on the first pull. The spark Plug is dry and clean basically new. Engine is clean no rust or leaks. So my plan was just pull the carb spray it out clean it up a little but....

Not my content but great Texas 200 videos worth a look

27 June 2014 - 04:45 AM

This guy did a nice job with his video work. Fun videos to watch



Time for a fun thread SA needs one. Lets talk Raids!!!

20 May 2014 - 08:36 PM

Ok fooling about the other night reading the inerweb and I find this cool looking boat.


Bay Raider 20



Now I'm in the US where we really have not seen any fun well built good looking tradditional looking craft in a long time.

So I like this little rig!!!


One thought though. With all the Zebra mussle and invasive species stuff going on in the US lakes how in the hell do the inspection folks handle water ballast tanks? Do they just give you a blank look when your honest and tell them you have water balast tanks and then tell you sorry your not going into my lake? Or do these cool rigs have some smart inspection port / ports of some sort to help with this?


Freaking hate the invasive species issue I can only imagine some of the great places I liked to go as a kid will be destroyed by these bad critters before my time is up.




So lets talk RAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! I soo want to do one in the SF Bay Area even if it means thumbing a ride on some cool little rig.