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In Topic: National Cleavage Day

Today, 01:14 AM

nothing new, the old champagne coupes were sized after marie antoinettes left breast. though they were terribly small...

Sweet Jesus in heaven, spare me!!!! Please don't tell me the history of the champagne flute...

...or the pilsner glass.

In Topic: DIY Automotive Anarchy

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

....and a good job it looks like, as well, from an occasional peek here and there.

Safe travels.

In Topic: DIY Automotive Anarchy

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

 Ignore the torque converter ???



You must have meant to scorn someone else, there.  I didn't suggest ignoring much of anything.




Different strokes.  
Plenty of work room,  My gasket applications don't leak. I don't make special trips to get stuff like that if it's a planned job; i get it while out doing other things in a consolidated trip for self or business.
We like saving the labor cost for 45-90 minutes of work.  I'd rather do plenty of stuff besides change turbo-encabulator oil, too, though having $150-$200* more to spend towards doing them is a material amount to some of us. It's why I do my own boat work as well.... because I can, if nothing else.
If the teacher has decided she's doing it at home, then, good advice can only help her. 
* That's after buying supplies.  My dealer wants around $275 to do this job.

In Topic: DIY Automotive Anarchy

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

A bunch of stuff...

Nice write up.


Thanks.  I write technical instructions for state employees from time to time;  It must be done in crayon so that it will be understood by all employees....

In Topic: DIY Automotive Anarchy

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

Sol Rosenberg, on 27 Aug 2014 - 08:29, said:

Yes, well, we don't want to wear our Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes while doing this kind of work, for pretty much that eventuality :lol: :lol: :lol:

I should have added a step before the test-drive: Go take a shower [alone] and put on some oil-free clothing. It may be possible to do this job and get no more than a tablespoon of ATF on the driveway, self, or the help, though it's also possible for a person to balance an extension ladder straight up while standing at the top. Theoretically.