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In Topic: Ouch.... that had to hurt!

Today, 05:29 PM

As long as we're watching animals hunt for phoood, see how a pike fish finds dinner.

Do not watch #3 (~:50 in) with the children, or with lonly older women unless a stairwell is close by.

In Topic: Well, I can see again!!

Today, 05:08 PM

Looks to me as if you're seeing double.

In Topic: Well, I can see again!!

Today, 05:07 PM

Looks to me as if you're seeing double.

In Topic: What's the best sailing-related career for a young Canadian?

Today, 03:55 PM

So, I want to eventually do some long-distance sailing, maybe around the world, or possibly just extended cruising, but I'm currently without a career, 21, Canadian, and unsure of the direction I should take. 


Any suggestions for a universally in-demand job that's related to sailing?




In Topic: Crowdsource Please - Top 10 Rules for Being A Sailing Pro

Today, 12:34 PM

One more thing about pro sailors if I may:


Why haven't the pro sailors organized a network for themselves or an on-line presence ?    There are plenty of owners who would like to hire coaches for events if they knew who to call or who was available, what their experience level was on their type of boat, their availability, pedigree, day rate, and other expectations of said coach......





It's not the greatest answer to all of those items, although it's a start. Maybe something similar is in your area?



Spinsheet crew listing.