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In Topic: The Surprisingly Modern Tech inside an Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy

Today, 11:31 AM

If i recall my break yesterday and the brief web search, she's in university in that pic.  I'm sure she'd be happy with the compliment.


It beats the living fuck out of the heifer in Post #3.

In Topic: Saw Bridge of Spies last night on HBO

Today, 11:27 AM

I thought he did go full "retard" in Forrest Gump, and that that was kind of the point....

In Topic: Trying to figure this out, help.

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

So is watching this.  With the sound on, or off.



In Topic: Bought Milk? Class Action Suit

Yesterday, 04:57 PM

I wonder cow they got away with that... almost...

In Topic: The Surprisingly Modern Tech inside an Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy

Yesterday, 04:25 PM

Car and Driver article out this week, interesting, turns out those Amish buggies are pretty technological after all ...

The brakes (mentioned in the article) are a good one. That they'd stick more with the drum type, which they can forge and re-line themselves, makes sense. They aren't seeing much speed (read: "heat") at all - and won't see much water exposure unless old Elijah takes 'er across the stream the old-fashioned way.

The move to LED lights and portable shop tool batteries saves weight and recharge time; I'm surprised a little that wheel-driven generators haven't gone far in these applications. I recall seeing 12V bike magneto alternators that claimed half an amp, which is all my toy yacht's running lights consume (unless steaming). A hub alternator would be complex but a simple belt drive..... Old train cabooses had wheel-driven generators and a battery, same theory, even if a lot heavier.

Now, for the inevitable ... how long before this thread has pictures of attractive Amish chicks?

Current ones don't seem to be showing any of their pasture, mowed, plowed or neither. There are some ex-Amish who a single guy might want to meet..