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Need Photoshop help

08 December 2010 - 07:41 AM

My daughter lost a tooth today. She left this note for the Tooth Fairy:

"Dear Tooth Fairy,
The dentist pulled my wiggly tooth and that's why I want you to visit.
And can you prove that you are real.
Not that I don't believe in you.
Love, J
p.s. Say hi to all the other fairys."

So, first of all, that's gold and will be featured at her wedding one day...

But in the meantime, what I need is a Photoshop Jedi to modify a picture of J asleep in her bed (taken moments ago), inserting your typical Tooth Fairy to prove she (she?) is real.

Who's in? This has to happen fairly quick of course... anyone awake to take a run at this?