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Roller furling options, 2014 version.

19 February 2014 - 10:29 PM

It seems there are some relatively new options for Genoa handling. A lot of trickle down tech from big offshore programs. The conventional wisdom of just go with Harken is being challenged. Searching the forum shows conversations from 5-10yrs ago.

On a 30' 1980s frac boat that does beer can and short distance racing, what's the opinion for furling equipment? Looking to do short handed work, and please don't suggest hanks - a good option, but that's not the topic here.


The new(?) Facnor Flatdeck options are intriguing but there is so little information about them out there it's hard to tell if they're any good.


Facnor RC series? Blend of traditional and continuous line. The STG series got poor reviews from the Tiger crowd.


Karver lists a KFx structural furler, but again, little info.


Want lightest weight and max leach length, something traditional furlers were never great at.


No intention of roller-reefing; it's all in or all out.