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In Topic: Insomnia and Melatonin

15 February 2015 - 03:24 PM

The staying asleep part is my problem as well and melatonin does a pretty good job of getting past that. I try to get physically tired during the day, watch what and how much I eat / drink in the evenings and read almost every night for about a half hour.


The Mayo Clinic link below tells a pretty straightforward story. I've never experienced any of the side effects listed and haven't ever gone 60 days taking it - I usually take it no more than 3 or 4 days in a row then stop until I feel it would help again:



In Topic: Not much scares me anymore. Except for....

21 January 2015 - 05:48 PM

Related to Alzheimer's is the somewhat lesser known condition of Lewy body disease. Dr. Lewy was a research colleague of Dr. Alzheimer's:


"Lewy body disease can be hard to diagnose, because Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease cause similar symptoms. Scientists think that Lewy body disease might be related to these diseases, or that they sometimes happen together.


Lewy body disease usually begins between the ages of 50 and 85. The disease gets worse over time. There is no cure. Treatment focuses on drugs to help symptoms."



My Mom had this in her last few years - heartbreaking like Alzheimers and, for me, a bit harder to find knowledgable clinicians because it's less common (or less understood) and can be confused with Alzheimers.

In Topic: WiFi Range Extenders

02 January 2015 - 03:44 PM

Looking to solve a WiFi problem in my house and would appreciate input for where to start sorting things out. The basics are, I live in a two-story nearly 100 year old house that's fairly sizable - about 7,000 sq. ft. and am currently trying (and failing) to get a wireless signal from one corner on the lower level to a diagonal corner on the same level as well as from that same starting point to the same diagonal corner upstairs.


No doubt horrid geometry and sizable interference potential. House is L shaped and straight line from source would run signal through interior and exterior walls, outside and back through exterior and interior walls. Straight diagonal on the lower level is probably in the neighborhood of 80 ft. w/ the same true for the upstairs except for the added elevation - we have 10 ft. high ceilings.


I have Verizon DSL now which I'm happy to dump but not sure what to pursue as an improvement. Have been looking at Cox Cable as well as anything else that might have potential - this thread has been an eye-opener. Thank you all for the info.


Have a signal analyzer on my phone but am not entirely sure what to do w/ the info it provides me. Would like to pay an expert to come by and advise but haven't found that person yet.


Any input appreciated.



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