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In Topic: Sailnet forum gone?

21 June 2015 - 11:14 PM

Well, that's too bad, I always enjoyed the wombat's posts here. There is some dissention in the ranks, but cross-forum aggro is a little disappointing.


Thanks Ish, I always throughly enjoyed CA as well and yep the cross forum aggro is a bit sad really.


Nonetheless I stand by what I said in previous post.


Neither Snaggletooth nor Bigpowr were ever banned from SailNet nor was Perry ever threatened with same.


Such it is and I fully realise I'm never likely to win a PR war with the guy, so as far as this is concerned I simply give up.




In Topic: Sailnet forum gone?

18 June 2015 - 02:38 AM

What you guys think of Sailnet and it's moderators/moderation is entirely up to you but for fucks sake can you possibly stick with the truth.


Last year I had to cope with Mr Perry lying through his teeth about being threatened with a ban from SailNet. Supposedly it was me doing the threatening. Never happened. He was never threatened, never even warned but somehow bullshit seems to have a life of its own.


Now, we get the Snaggletooth crap. He is not banned from SailNet, he has never been banned from Sailnet and as far as I am aware has never been threathened with being banned from SailNet.


Same goes for Bigrpwr. Crock of shit.


You know it really is paranoia when they are only out to get you in your dreams.


Of course Sailnet is not everyone's cup of tea and after the recent site update (nothing to do with the moderators btw) it has been something of a shitfight but compared to CF it is positively under moderated. A thread was removed tis true (moderator) and to be honest I'm not sure why though I could find out, also there is some kind of inane banned words, insert astericks, list (nothing to do with moderators) and personally I wish it was not there. Other than that I doubt very much that in recent times any of you who also post over there have been subject to moderation.


Oh well ... never let the truth get in the way of a good story what ?


ps - Dabnis did get a temporary ban that has now expired. His posts are already appearing. BrentSwain went for a holiday as well, he is also back and posting.