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Yesterday, 01:35 AM



Mr Farrier I appreciate you have now changed your statement to be 5 boats completed in 2015, as a potential purchaser I asked a very simple question based on your prior statement that 5 were built in 2015 with numbers potentially doubling in 2016. I now see looking back in detail on your very informative web site that of the 5 boats finished in 2015 4 were actually in build for some time longer than the year of 2015. With this being fact established can I still confidently calculate that there will be 10 boats built in 2016 with build #2X likely to be rolled into a container from your factory or possible Philippine factory in the early months of 2017?

A simple yes or no would suffice.


Tony Ellen



The short answer is no. Delivery time could still be plus or minus 6 months, and I will not make any more accurate predictions until I can be sure they are accurate to within a few weeks at least.


My statement about 5 boats being built in 2015 has also never changed. The 2015 result remains exactly as shown on my progress web site. We also probably built three more boats if you want to count all the parts for subsequent boats that were also built in 2015.


Note that while I have counted Number 7 as a 2015 completion, it is only just being delivered next week. It could have been finished and sailing by the end of December but annual summer holidays meant no work for 2 - 3 weeks.  Some key parts were also delivered not to spec,  which has also added to the delay, but it will be test sailed next week, and then shipped. So 4.9 boats for 2015 if one wants to be pedantic, but we do have two more boats very close behind.



No.7 ready to go sailing


Our target for 2016 is 10 boats built, or one a month by the end of the year, but at this early stage it is impossible to be certain. Could be more, could be less. There are just too many variables, and until we get to a more regular production rate, with design fully locked in, and all variables eliminated, then it is impossible to predict future delivery dates accurately.


Predictions without all the data and correct procedures in place can also lead to artificial deadlines, with short cuts or sloppy work  just to get boats out the door, which is something I will not do. Again, the exact same situation existed in 1987.




This describes the current position perfectly, and I can't say it any better now. The only difference is that we have a many more orders compared to back then, so we are not putting any time into boat shows. These can be very expensive, and the funds are far better used for production matters. Boat shows will happen, but only when we have boats and funds to spare. 


Ian Farrier


Farrier Marine

Designs That work



Well done Ian,


under promise and over deliver is a good way to operate.


Good luck with your efforts this year and maintaining your positive spirit.



In Topic: RS Aero 9 Sailing in 35 mph - got to 54 mph after I surrendered

19 January 2016 - 09:15 PM

Looking to be struggling in the tacks.


Suggest use less tiller movement as it'll act as a brake, if going from a reach probably best to go pointing upwind before making the tack too.


Good luck and keep at it.



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19 January 2016 - 01:08 AM

If you're open to considering other boats, definitely consider what fleets exist at your club and clubs that are close, not only will there be a supply of second hand boats from active fleets but also experience in getting out, crews who know which way is up, and a known supply of spare parts and extra sails.


Whether or not it's an I14 depends on what you want, but definitely at least go out and try a skiff-like boat to see what you're missing


Indeed, both the i14 and B14 are skiff like. Much fun with both.

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19 January 2016 - 12:02 AM

i14s had 16 boats at their nationals.


B14 had 24.


More boats, less effort maintaining, and one design would be my preference (and even happy that you can get the sails shaped to your needs, as long as it is within the rules).

In Topic: I14?

18 January 2016 - 09:17 PM

Older i14 is tremendous value for money. If well looked after (not always the case with older boats) then it should be pretty robust, more so than an older 49er!!! There are plenty of guys in their 50s or 60s sailing modern 14s, it really is OK esp for the helm unless you try to go round really small courses under pressure! But if you know how to steer to keep the boat under the rig downwind you'll be fine. Depending on how modern i.e. how small the foils are, you may also find that you need to sail at 75% just to make everything work.

The FD is quick (upwind) but nothing like the i14, the FD is far more gentlemanly and yacht like, the 14 is a really small boat with pretty big sails. As a result some of the hairier moments occur during launch and recovery where you have to wrestle the thing somewhat, and get it sailing quickly to get some control. It is impossible in any breeze to stop and eat your sandwiches.

However a far more charismatic and absorbing (not to mention quicker) choice than the B14 or RS800.



Think a whole lot of i14 sailors went to the B14, with Guy Bancroft being one of them.  


Probably best to ask them for their reasons why the switch