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Tactics advice, please

18 May 2016 - 01:23 AM

I am on the last leg, to windward, in light and shifty winds. The pin is closer, so I tack for that end of the finish line. Now I am on starboard. Getting there, albeit slowly. But when about ten boat lengths away from the pin, a header. Now I can't make the pin end anymore without tacking. Another boat is a few boat lengths behind me, also on starboard tack.

To make the finish line, I decide to tack, but the other boat has gained on me and hits me in the stern. My fault, and I do my turns. The other boat continues and just makes the pin end without tacking. I went from first to 4th; ouch!


My question to this audience: what should I have done instead?

Let the other boat pass me (how?) and take second?