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It's been a lengthy and slow recuperation.....

12 March 2014 - 06:38 PM

The scars on the wrists have all but disappeared, as have the rope burns around the neck...but alas the psychological scars will take some time, or at least that's what my over-charging shrink has got me believing! The night sweats still appear regularly as clock work, as are the nightmares, waking up screaming "Appeal PI49!! Appeal PI49!"...for a while, the loneliness in the padded cell provided some solace and insulation from the harsh realities of what happened in that beautiful summer day in SF....better take my pills before I relapse...


The lovely get-better-soon card and Toblerones from SWS was a beautiful touch, as were the flowers and cards from Ian Murray and Stingray. Staff at the asylum have only just told me about Tom Ehman's doll holding the Auld Mug which he brought in personally, but he was evidently side-tracked by one of the male nurses...thank you for all your kind thoughts.


The doc reckons I shouldn't be looking at anything to do with the AC for another 2 years, but as my wrist and neck massage nurse says, if it slips out jump straight back in, so here I am...all part of the recovery process of course.


Nice to see all the usual psychopaths keeping this asylum open in the face of all the closures around the country.


AC35, here we come!  :P